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ALL ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • 5-panel Drug Test Completed
  • Passed Criminal Clearances
  • Authorization to work in the U.S
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Professional Identity Verification
  • Signed ABC’s 1 Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral & Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Genuine Love for Children!

Families seeking a Butler County Nanny love our ABC Nannies like Rena who uses various learning activities to keep children entertained but still learning.

“As a upbeat and caring Butler County Nanny, I have a genuine love for children! Creating a joyful and honest environment is important to me, as I believe in the value of strong family bonds. The smiles and laughter of children bring me immense joy, and that is why I have chosen to be a Nanny over any other profession. With over seven years of experience in various childcare roles, I can confidently say that I truly adore what I do. To me, the children I care for are as important as my own. Mentally, physically, and emotionally supporting them is my utmost goal as a Nanny. Additionally, I am more than willing to assist with household chores such as laundry, dishes, and tidying up after the children. Responsible, loving, outgoing, fun, and cheerful are the five adjectives that describe me best. Incorporating engaging activities into the daily routine is something I highly prioritize. From reading and crafts to playtime and walks, I aim to provide a wide range of learning experiences for the children. Puzzles, games, music, and even occasional outings to different places can also add excitement to their lives. When searching for the perfect family that aligns with my Nanny style, I hope to find individuals who are welcoming, kind, honest, and down to earth. Nurturing a collaborative and supportive relationship with both the parents and children is essential to me. Being part of a family's journey, helping children learn and grow, and witnessing their happiness is an incredibly rewarding experience.”

“Rena, as a Butler County nanny, has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance in reading to my children, engaging them in various projects, and providing them with entertaining activities. On a personal level, she possesses remarkable qualities and is incredibly personable. Managing the care of three children can be quite challenging, but Rena has consistently risen to the occasion and exceeded expectations. Dependability is crucial, and Rena proves to be nothing short of outstanding. Throughout her tenure, she never arrived late or called in sick. Additionally, she safely transported the children in our van without ever encountering an accident, showcasing her careful driving skills. Rena's planning abilities and organizational skills were evident as she efficiently structured her days. Furthermore, she proved to be not only dependable but also patient, neat, trustworthy, and honest. Her exceptional interaction with the kids has fostered a strong attachment between them. Rena is an outstanding individual who possesses admirable qualities. Unfortunately, our personal circumstances have changed as our children have grown, and the youngest will now be attending school full-time. Otherwise, Rena would undoubtedly continue with us. We will undoubtedly miss her presence.”

“Rena, a skilled nanny from Butler County, has consistently exceeded the typical expectations of a childcare provider. With her exceptional caregiving skills, she prioritized the happiness and contentment of my daughters, becoming a valuable problem solver in our household. Our time spent together has always been enjoyable, and Rena has consistently demonstrated her ability to follow instructions while ensuring that all tasks were handled with precision. If the opportunity arises, I would undoubtedly request Rena's assistance as a nanny for my future grandchildren if she is able to accommodate.”

“Rena, a Butler County Nanny, possesses all the necessary skills, patience, and love for children to be an exceptional addition to any family. Her cheerful and positive outlook on life shines through in all her interactions. I was truly amazed by how well Rena could keep up with my active three-year-old child. Not only did my daughter feel comfortable in her presence, but she also had an absolute blast with Rena. With her wealth of experience and nurturing nature, Rena has that special motherly love that every child desires. I can assure you that she is a dedicated, trustworthy, and responsible professional who genuinely loves her chosen profession. Without a shadow of hesitation, I highly recommend Rena and sincerely hope you give her serious consideration for the position she is seeking with the Cedar Bluffs Nanny Agency.”

”Rena has been a consistent and positive friend for the duration of our friendship. She has helped me in numerous ways and continues to be the same wonderful person I’ve grown to become best friends with. Rena has an excellent work ethic. Ever since she was old enough to work, that is precisely what she has done. No matter where she has been employed, Rena has always done more than her share to ensure that her obligations were met. Rena assisted me in getting my first job more than ten years ago by offering a recommendation on my behalf to her boss at that time. While I was employed there, she also provided transportation for me, even on the days when she was not scheduled to work. I’ve watched her mature over the years into an awesome wife and mother. It is evident in the way she cares for her own daughter. I cant say how proud I am to know her, and also to call her "A close friend of Butler County recently stepped up to become a dedicated nanny that embraces their role wholeheartedly. This friend, who has deep roots within the community, recognized the need for reliable childcare and quickly transitioned into the role of a nanny. With their exceptional connection to the Butler County community, they are able to provide a unique and personalized approach to childcare that sets them apart from others. Their commitment to caring for children in the area is undeniable, and their genuine love and passion for this role shines through in their exceptional care for the little ones under their watch.". It is my honest observation that there is no better Butler County Nanny for this position.“The Butler County Nanny is a highly sought-after professional in the local area. Families in Butler County frequently rely on the services of a dedicated nanny to care for their children. These caregivers are experienced and trusted, providing parents with the peace of mind they need. The Butler County Nanny is known for their exceptional skills in child development, nurturing, and providing a safe environment for children to thrive. Families in the area appreciate the personalized attention and individualized care that the Butler County Nanny offers. Their expertise, reliability, and nurturing nature make them the top choice for families in Butler County.

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