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Nanny Employment

ALL ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • 5-panel Drug Test Completed
  • Passed Criminal Clearances
  • Authorization to work in the U.S
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Professional Identity Verification
  • Signed ABC’s 1 Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral & Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Genuine Love for Children!

Testimonials From NE Nannies

Melia Nanny - Debra:
“If you are in search of a top-notch nanny agency, look no further than ABC Nanny Source. As a nanny with 18 years of experience, I have been associated with several agencies in NE, but none compare to the professionalism of this agency. The screening Process at ABC Nanny Source is unparalleled, requiring multiple clearance checks that truly set it apart. While some may hesitate about the fingerprinting and certification, these are necessary steps to be recognized as a professional nanny. What truly impressed me about ABC Nanny Source was the caliber of families they matched me with. These were professional parents who were seeking a career nanny like myself. The entire process was seamless, and I have no desire to seek another position outside of this excellent source. ABC Nanny Source is truly a valued resource within the nanny community, and I am personally grateful for their services. NE Nanny Agency

Bruning Nanny - Jennifer:
“Attention all professional nannies! ABC Nanny Source is the go-to agency for anyone seeking a nanny position in NE. It's unfortunate to come across agencies that don't take their representation seriously, leaving us settling for positions that don't meet our needs. I've had a few disappointing experiences with agencies that promised families but had nothing to offer. However, my experience with ABC Nanny Source has been incredibly positive. The counselor assigned to my application truly understood my needs, schedule, prior experience, and preferences for the family I would be matched with. I was kept informed about the families considering my profile, and the transition from my previous family to my current one was seamless. Bravo to ABC Nanny Source for exceeding my expectations! nanny position in NE

Bridgewater Nanny - Kathy:
“When I discovered ABC Nanny Source, I was thrilled to learn that they were accepting nannies with different backgrounds. Despite not having prior nanny experience, I had spent 25 years as a Certified Elementary School Teacher in Nebraska. Although I had recently resigned, I knew I wasn't ready to retire just yet. It was during a field day trip that a parent from my last class mentioned ABC Nanny Source and their exceptional services. Intrigued by her enthusiasm, I decided to explore the agency and see if my qualifications met their expectations. I was delighted to find out that many NE Certified Teachers were part of the ABC Nanny Source team. Excited about the opportunity to continue working with children, I applied and happily secured a part-time after school position with a wonderful family and their three adorable boys. I am grateful to ABC Nanny Source for enabling me to keep my love for teaching alive. part time position

Woodland Hills Nanny – Melissa:
ABC Nanny Source: Where do I even begin? When I was approached to write a recommendation for ABC Nanny Source based on my personal experience, I was eager to share my thoughts. To effectively convey my satisfaction with the process, let me start by recounting how I first came across another nanny associated with ABC Nanny Source. This nanny, who had been working as a caregiver for three years, was relatively new to the profession. Although she spoke highly of the agency she used to find her position, I only half-listened because I have always secured my own positions and never felt the need to involve an agency. As a professional nanny, I am fully capable of negotiating my own salary requirements, so I saw no real advantage in using an agency. However, my perspective shifted when I came across a distressing news story about a nanny who had been tragically killed by someone posing” on Craigslist. I was horrified – this is one of the resources I had used in the past. It wasn’t for an entire year later that the family I was working for had a personal change in their family and I was unexpectedly let go after the dissolution of their marriage; then I remembered that young lady’s testimonial of how happy she was having sought a position through ABC Nanny Source. Initially I thought I should just try to find a position on my own like I had always done, but this time my fear of interviewing with the unknown got to me. I submitted an application to ABC Nanny Source and I was offered an interview. I completed all the courses and clearances required and began meeting with families that had already been screened by the agency. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the agency knew so much about each family way before they even met me. When I was called about potential positions, it was abundantly clear that each counselor was seeking out the right nanny for their families. They would ask me questions about my thoughts regarding a stay at home parent, thoughts about organic foods, thoughts about discipline… and if my thoughts were not in accordance with the family they were representing they didn’t arrange the interview because they wanted to find me the perfect fit! I was really shocked… how can this be a free service? Then when I was matched with the family I currently work for now, I was given everything official. I have an official offer of employment letter outlining the terms I was hired on for reference. Both parents I work for signed this offer; so there is no grey area regarding anything. I can focus on my position and never had to have the uncomfortable talk regarding salary or vacation that always seemed to put a damper on the excitement that should be there where starting a new position. My only regret is that I didn’t go to ABC Nanny Source years ago! They are an outstanding nanny agency!”

Plainfield Nanny - Virginia:
“When ABC Nanny Source approached me to give a testimonial, my first inquiry was, "Will you share my phone number with your newly hired nannies?"” I was of course told that’s really not what the agency had in mind and the request was for the website. I would LOVE to express to each of you considering registering with this agency to apply NOW! If you are a professional caregiver and you are seeking a long-term position this IS the agency to be with! Another ABC Nanny personally recommended me originally and since then I have referred three other professionals to this service and ALL of us have secured charming families to work for.”

Gilead Nanny - Denise:
“I am writing this testimonial to share my experience working with ABC Nanny Source, a highly reputable agency. It's great that their office is conveniently located just five minutes away from my home. As a part-time nanny with over twenty-one years of professional experience, I can confidently say that this agency has been instrumental in helping me find rewarding positions. Before becoming a nanny, I was a stay-at-home mother, dedicating my time to raise my own children. However, once they started going to school full-time, I realized my passion for working with mothers who needed assistance in managing their daily responsibilities. Working with children has been incredibly fulfilling and I plan to continue in this career path. Though my husband has recently retired and is eager to travel the world, I have found contentment in my current position. The family ABC Nanny Source matched me with has been a perfect fit, and I couldn't imagine leaving them. I am committed to staying with them until I eventually resign and embark on my own travel adventures. I must commend ABC Nanny Source for their exceptional professionalism, honesty, and organization. They have consistently provided positive experiences, and I trust them wholeheartedly. This Nebraska-based nanny agency truly is the best in the industry. part time nanny

Wilcox Family - Stephanie:
"ABC Nanny Source, the leading agency for nebraska Nannies Seeking Employment, surpassed my expectations in terms of organization and hands-on assistance. As an experienced nanny, I highly value their commitment to finding the perfect families for each nanny. The entire team dedicated themselves to matching my profile with families who appreciate my experience and have a specific interest in working with children with special needs. Thanks to their efforts, I secured a position with a wonderful family within just two weeks. I have been happily employed by this family for almost two years now. They have two children, one with Autism and one with Cerebral Palsy, making it a rare and fulfilling opportunity for me. For any qualified Nebraska nannies in search of professional employment, I wholeheartedly recommend ABC Nanny Source. They not only took the time to listen to my preferences, but also exceeded my expectations by finding a family that perfectly matched my criteria. I couldn't have asked for a more responsive agency."

Hickman Nanny - Allison:
ABC Nanny Source: Throughout the entire process, ABC Nanny Source ensured clarity and simplicity. I am grateful for their abundant answers and unwavering support. Their devotion, time, and assistance are truly appreciated. Right from the initial phone call, they managed to make me feel at ease. The offered position exceeded all my expectations!”

Dunbar Nanny - Valerie:
"I couldn't be more delighted with the outcome of my experience with ABC Nanny Source. The baby and the family I am currently employed by hold a special place in my heart, and I am immensely grateful to this agency for facilitating this match. ABC Nanny Source truly lives up to its reputation and well-established name as a premier nanny placement agency. I extend my sincerest appreciation for the invaluable support and assistance you have provided. Your contributions are truly commendable."



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