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ALL ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • 5-panel Drug Test Completed
  • Passed Criminal Clearances
  • Authorization to work in the U.S
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Professional Identity Verification
  • Signed ABC’s 1 Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral & Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Genuine Love for Children!

Families seeking a Butler County Special Needs Nanny love ABC Nannies like Amanda who provides children with the tools they need to grow socially and emotionally.

“As a Special Needs Nanny in Butler County, I possess abundant energy and a genuine passion for engaging children in games and outdoor activities. I diligently serve multiple families, driven by my unwavering love for children. When asked why I chose to pursue a career in the Nanny profession above all others, my answer is simple: my deep affection for kids. I firmly believe that children are like sponges, always eager to laugh, play, and acquire knowledge. Thus, my ultimate objective as a Nanny is to provide the necessary care for children while equipping them with the essential tools for emotional and social growth. To describe myself succinctly, I would use the following five adjectives: fun, energetic, loving, giving, and caring.”

“Amanda, the Butler County Special Needs Nanny, brings immense comfort to my daughter and is truly remarkable. My daughter eagerly requests to see Amanda every day upon our arrival home. With an unwavering attentiveness, Amanda excels in addressing my daughter's needs, ensuring no requirement is left unmet. Notably, Amanda displays an exceptional ability to comprehend and cater to the various desires and necessities of all the children under her supervision. Beyond her outstanding care, Amanda's kindness and affection resonate deeply with our family, thereby exemplifying her respect towards me as a parent. Her considerate nature is evident as she seeks permission before proceeding with any uncertain matters. Furthermore, Amanda's cleanliness, kindness, and reliability make her an exemplary candidate for a nanny position at the esteemed Bennet Nanny Agency.”

“Amanda, the Butler County Special Needs Nanny, has significantly aided my children and me in numerous ways. Her assistance has been invaluable, and I rely on her unwaveringly. Entrusting her with the care of my children is easy as she exudes an exceptional level of trustworthiness. Not only do my children adore Amanda, but they also hold her in high regard. The flexibility she exhibits is phenomenal, and it is evident that she derives genuine pleasure from taking care of my children. Moreover, her availability whenever I require her is truly commendable. Amanda's presence can only be described as miraculous, and although bidding her farewell is tough, I comprehend that this is the perfect path for her.”

“As a Butler County Special Needs Nanny, Amanda was always a joyful presence in my children's lives. They eagerly anticipated her arrival every time, knowing that they would have a wonderful time with her. From engaging in fun games to singing cheerful songs, and from reading captivating books to simply enjoying her company, my children truly cherished every moment spent with her. Moreover, when I returned home after a night out, I was consistently greeted with a spotless house, dishes neatly taken care of in the dishwasher, and the children peacefully tucked in bed after a refreshing bath. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda as the ideal choice for any family in need of a Butler County Special Needs Nanny.”

“Amanda, a dedicated Butler County Special Needs Nanny, has consistently shown her passion for engaging and nurturing children, both mine and others in her care. My children have developed a strong fondness for her, which is why I have entrusted her with their care on multiple occasions. Amanda's reliability and attentiveness to the children's needs have been commendable. She not only interacts and plays with them, but also takes the initiative to tidy up my house, a gesture I truly appreciated. Punctuality and effective communication are also among her strengths, as she ensures she is on time and confirms her availability when needed. Additionally, Amanda's creativity shines through as she engages the children in various art projects and actively participates in playtime. I have observed her interactions with other children, and it is evident that she has a genuine connection with them, making each child feel special and cared for individually.”

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