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ALL ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • 5-panel Drug Test Completed
  • Passed Criminal Clearances
  • Authorization to work in the U.S
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Professional Identity Verification
  • Signed ABC’s 1 Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral & Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Genuine Love for Children!

ABC families in need of a Nanny with experience as a Cass County Personal Assistant love our ABC Nannies like Djenane who can keep track of the busiest family schedule with ease.

“As a Cass County Personal Assistant, I find immense satisfaction in working with children as I believe I can truly make a positive impact on their lives. My choice to pursue a career as a Nanny over any other profession is rooted in my ability to create a nurturing and safe environment where the child receives my undivided attention. With over nine years of experience in childcare, I can confidently say that I genuinely love what I do. In my opinion, children are the future, and it is crucial to guide them towards a fulfilling life. As a Nanny, my primary objective is to ensure that the child feels comfortable, content, and secure in their surroundings. I am also willing to contribute to household tasks, such as cleaning bedrooms and playrooms, doing laundry, and preparing meals. Describing myself in five adjectives, I would say that I am energetic, intelligent, humorous, compassionate, and patient. When it comes to planning daily activities for the family I am entrusted with, I would love to incorporate outdoor sports and exercises, encourage group play and foster interpersonal relationships, and organize visits to museums and parks for wholesome enjoyment. In an ideal scenario, the perfect family seeking a Nanny like me would exhibit traits of friendliness, kindness, and understanding. Moreover, I hope they would be open to sharing their thoughts and ideas, trusting in my experience as a Cass County Personal Assistant to alleviate their busy lives.”

“Djenane exceeded expectations as a Personal Assistant and nanny in Cass County. She effortlessly fulfilled all the necessary requirements, and went above and beyond in her role. Not only do my children adore her, but they also eagerly look forward to her visits. Djenane actively engages with them, playing games, solving puzzles, and reading countless books. Remarkably, they not only enjoy her company, but also respect her authority. It warms my heart to hear my daughter constantly inquire about when Djenane will be joining us again. Trust is an essential aspect when it comes to childcare providers, and with Djenane, I can unequivocally say that she is deserving of my complete confidence. Her natural ability to connect with children, combined with her warmth and unwavering dedication, solidifies this trust. I vividly recall a time when a family emergency surfaced late at night - without hesitation, I contacted Djenane, who promptly arrived and expressed her willingness to stay for as long as necessary.”

“Djenane, as a candidate for the position of Cass County Personal Assistant, has successfully fulfilled all job requirements. Under her care, the children were provided with a safe and conducive learning environment. Notably, every aspect of the classroom was diligently kept clean and in order, adhering to all rules, regulations, and policies in place. Furthermore, Djenane consistently completed all necessary documentation and activities in a timely manner. Having had the opportunity to work alongside Djenane in the classroom, I can attest to the pleasant and enriching environment she created for both the children and myself. Engaging in activities such as singing, reading, and hands-on learning were always part of her teaching approach. Moreover, Djenane successfully implemented the healthy early learning program and skillfully incorporated play-based learning into her lessons. With her exceptional abilities and dedication, she would undoubtedly excel as a Cass County Personal Assistant.”

“When working as a Cass County Personal Assistant, she consistently exuded incredible enthusiasm and actively engaged with the children from dawn till dusk. Her kind, humorous, and jovial demeanor attracted all the children towards her. She possessed a remarkable ability to devise enjoyable activities that kept the children entertained. In fact, other teachers in the center held her in high regard and admired her aptitude. Her rapport with everyone, including staff, children, administrations, and parents, was exceptional. Collaborating with her was an absolute pleasure, and I firmly believe that she would excel in any role involving working with children and families as a Cass County Personal Assistant.”

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