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ALL ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • 5-panel Drug Test Completed
  • Passed Criminal Clearances
  • Authorization to work in the U.S
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Professional Identity Verification
  • Signed ABC’s 1 Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral & Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Genuine Love for Children!

Families looking for a Cheyenne County After School Program will love nannies like Carlita, who have over two fabulous decades of childcare experience!

“As an enthusiastic and lively individual, my spirits are always high, and I possess an outgoing and funny personality! I find great joy in caring for children, and I take pleasure in assisting their growth and development throughout the years. I firmly believe in fostering a positive learning environment for children. When asked why I have chosen to pursue a career in the Nanny profession, I can confidently say that it is because I genuinely love nurturing and supporting families. With over 25 years of experience in various childcare roles, I can honestly say that I am passionate about what I do! My objective while working in the Cheyenne County After School Program is to provide the utmost care for the families I serve. Describing myself in five adjectives, I would highlight that I am caring, warm-hearted, unique, devoted, and friendly. In creating a daily plan for the family I look after, it is my intention to incorporate activities such as reading, music, games, outdoor play, and visits to museums. When envisioning the perfect family seeking a Nanny like myself, I hope for a communicative and welcoming dynamic!”

“When we initially hired Carlita, it was for a full-time housekeeping position in the Cheyenne County After School Program. However, we quickly discovered that she had an incredible talent for caring for children. Carlita remained with us for a significant period, proving to be dependable and trustworthy in every aspect when it came to looking after our kids. Additionally, she was consistently punctual, ensuring that our children were always on time for their after school activities. In addition to her childcare duties, Carlita willingly assisted us with running errands and completing the laundry. Her responsible nature and reliability made her someone we could confidently trust with the key to our home. Carlita also maintained excellent communication with our family, which further solidified our confidence in her. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Carlita for any future positions in the Cheyenne County After School Program or as a nanny.”

“During her time with us, Carlita was employed at the Cheyenne County After School Program. She provided wonderful care for our 3-year-old son, James. One of Carlita's main responsibilities was to drop off and pick up James from nursery school. Additionally, she diligently prepared his lunch on a daily basis. We were consistently impressed by Carlita's reliability and her dedication to her duties. We were especially grateful for her willingness to take James on various outings, such as visits to local libraries, bookstores for reading hours, and neighborhood playgrounds. Even during inclement weather, Carlita had creative ideas for keeping James engaged, which we greatly appreciated. It was also a delight to see her establish connections with families in the neighborhood who had children of similar ages to James. She thoughtfully organized regular playdates for them. Carlita's prior experience in the Cheyenne County After School Program proved invaluable when it came to James' potty training and general disciplinary matters. Her patience and expertise in these areas were evident. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had Carlita as part of our household for the year and would enthusiastically recommend her to any family in need of childcare services.”

“Carlita began assisting me when my little one was just a few months old, in the Cheyenne County After School Program. She had a natural talent for working with young children and consistently organized stimulating and captivating activities during her tenure. From library visits to excursions to bookstores, she ensured that my child's time was constantly enriched. Given her outstanding skills, I firmly believe that Carlita would excel in any role, whether it be in the Cheyenne County After School Program or as a dedicated nanny.”

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