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ALL ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Passed 5-panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Clearances
  • Authorization to work in the U.S
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Signed ABC’s 1 Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral & Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Genuine Love for Children!

ABC’s Ocean County NJ Nannies like Cindy stand out above the rest with their dedication and love for the children they care for.

“If I was asked to describe in one sentence the reason I have chosen to be in the Nanny profession over any other it would have to be because I want to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives, while at the same time being surrounded by the joy that children provide every day! I have been serving in some form of childcare experience for over 6 years and can honestly say I love what I do! I feel the children are purely innocent and a joy to be around. My goal as a Nanny is to allow the parents to do what they need to do knowing that their children are being stimulated and well cared for. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and overall clean up. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am caring, kind, intelligent, honest, and loyal. Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include going to the park, swimming, bowling, Gymboree classes, etc. I would also like to incorporate learning by either spending time doing homework, or working on letters and the alphabet, colors, motor skills, etc. If asked to describe the perfect family seeking Ocean County NJ Nannies like me I would hope they would be loving, understanding, and positive people!”

“Cindy has always been a trusted babysitter for my children. My kids were always well taken care of, and my kids really like her. My family has known Cindy for two years. She lives in our neighborhood. Cindy is always outgoing, and offering to help with my kids. She is a warm and caring person, who is great with kids. Even when she is not taking care of them for me, they often ask to spend time with her. I have no doubt that she will be one of the best Ocean County NJ Nannies there is.”

“Since my daughter was a newborn, I was uneasy about leaving her alone but Cindy was always so loving and caring that I never worried about having her care for my daughter. She has been so creative with ways to entertain her, never just putting her in front of the TV. She would do a lot of art projects with her and play several games with her. Cindy was also great at communicating with her as my daughter grew older. They would have some great conversations. My daughter absolutely adored her! She was also great at disciplining the same way that I would. She would not let my daughter do anything that she knew I did not permit. My experience with Cindy was amazing! She never made me feel worried about leaving my daughter alone in her care. As my daughter grew older, she would be excited to see Cindy at our home. They would interact the second she walked in, showing me that she truly cared for my daughter and not just wanting to impress me. She always watched her carefully while still letting her be independent. They were always doing things together. There was never a negative moment! She will be perfect for any family looking for Ocean County NJ Nannies

“Cindy was wonderful! She cared for my daughter as if she was her own, and was respectful of my home. As a single mother, I depend on my Nanny to be there, consistently and faithfully. I am a Registered Nurse and cannot miss work. Cindy NEVER missed a weekend; she worked when my daughter was sick, and stayed late whenever I needed her to. It was evident to all how much she loved my child and how much she loved Cindy. Any family looking for Ocean County NJ Nannies would be blessed to have Cindy in their home!”

“Cindy is very responsible, energetic, entertaining, organized, and nurturing! She is simply the most vibrant and wonderful person I know. I cannot speak more highly of her and she would be perfect for anyone seeking Ocean County NJ Nannies!”

“It has been a wonder having Cindy care for my children. She knows how to be fun and diligent at the same time. This includes the planning of activities in addition to Cindy taking the time to transport the children where they needed to be. I think she could easily be one of the best Ocean County NJ Nannies there is!”

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