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ALL Maryland ABC Nannies Have:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Exceptional Verified References
  • Drug Test through Quest Diagnostics
  • CPR Certification
  • Extensive Criminal Background Check
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File - FBI approved!
  • Social Security Verification Trace Completed
  • Verified Results Presented to you prior to hire!

10 Step Guide to Becoming an ABC Nanny in Maryland:

ABC Nanny Source prioritizes accuracy and confidence in the agency! Ensuring your child is being cared for by only the most competent and nurturing Maryland Nannies is of the utmost importance! We strive to provide you with only the most knowledgeable and qualified candidates to choose from.

It is amazing to think that with the hundreds of applications ABC Nanny Source receives, only 10% of candidates are accepted! ABC Nanny Source allows only the most eligible and distinguished Maryland Nannies to meet with families registered with the agency.

Phone Interview
Phone presentation can reveal a great deal about one's personality. After filling out ABC's extensive Nanny application, the applicants are then contacted by an ABC staff member, and a phone interview is conducted. Only the most qualified candidates pass this phase of the screening process and are then able to come to an ABC recruiting office for a face to face interview.

Face-to-Face Interview
It is disheartening to realize that many Maryland Nanny Agencies do NOT require the candidates they represent to be interviewed in person. ABC Nanny Source knows how imperative it is to meet each candidate in person before allowing them to come to your home! Each applicant who has passed the phone interview is then screened in person by at least two different Placement Counselors during this critical step in the process. Several inquiries are made to the applicants, such as previous experience working with children, the Nanny's availability, and any special needs experience the candidate may have!

If the Maryland Nanny Applicant is accepted by the Placement Counselors, then the applicant's photo will be taken and added to her profile. After all, you will want to recognize who will be knocking on your door!

Fingerprints on File
Each Maryland Nanny Applicant who has had a face-to-face interview with ABC Nanny Source must allow the agency to obtain their electronic fingerprints in order to be accepted as an ABC Nanny. The applicant's fingerprints are then added to the electronic profile and this information is, of course, sent to you in the electronic profile. ABC Nanny Source adds this as just another way to ensure the safety of your family!

One Year Commitment
ABC Nanny Source requires all of the Maryland Nannies to sign a One-Year Commitment Pledge. This pledge promises your family that the Nanny will be providing you with at least one year of her services!

Drug Testing
Yet another critical item that you will be receiving prior to a Nanny entering your home, is the Nanny's Drug Test Results. Each ABC Nanny Source applicant must submit to a five panel drug test that is completed through Quest Diagnostics. Without taking this test, an applicant cannot be accepted as an ABC Nanny.

Social Security Verification Trace
Additionally, each of our Maryland Nannies must submit to a Social Security Verification Trace, which will verify the Nanny's status and ability to legally work in the United States. This certainly will provide you with only the most qualified Nannies from which to choose!

MVR and Background Check
ABC Nanny Source wants you to feel confident in your Nanny's driving abilities. It is crucial that each applicant is a safe driver, this way you can feel secure with your child's transportation. The Nanny's Motor Vehicle Report will also be provided to assist in the decision making process. ABC Nanny Source will also include the nationwide criminal background check for your review, which will display the candidate's clear criminal background. It is wonderful to think that this will all be provided to you before being hire by your family!!

Reference Verification
All Nannies represented by ABC Nanny Source are also required to obtain outstanding references that speak to their outstanding characteristics and experiences! All references are verified by the Verification Department at ABC Nanny Source before they are included in the Nanny's electronic profile. Each reference will include ages of the children that the Nanny worked for, hours the position required, as well as a detailed description of the references' experiences with each of the Nannies.

ABC Policy
Finally, ABC Nanny Source emphasizes that only the most choice applicants are accepted to the agency and will be qualified to enter your home. ABC Nanny Source highlights the importance of puncuality, appropriate attire, and meeting only ethical standards. It is accentuated to them to abide by this code of conduct as an ABC Nanny when they are accepted to the agency. Rest assured, your family will be presented with only the BEST Nannies!


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