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ALL Maryland ABC Nannies Have:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Exceptional Verified References
  • Drug Test through Quest Diagnostics
  • CPR Certification
  • Extensive Criminal Background Check
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File - FBI approved!
  • Social Security Verification Trace Completed
  • Verified Results Presented to you prior to hire!

Nanny in Maryland or Daycare Center?

Deliberating between hiring a Nanny or sending your child to a daycare center? Consider the following:


It is heartbreaking when our children our sick! Everybody knows how important it is to be comfortable and recover from illness in the comfort of their own home! ABC Nannies can provide the necessary care while your child gets the individualized one-on-one attention that they need and deserve! An ABC Nanny in MD will ensure that your child is being well taken care of and comforted while in the recovery process. She will soothe your child with chicken noodle soup, warm cozy blankets, or any other specification you may have to guarantee your child has a speedy route to wellness! Your Nanny can certainly give you updates on your child’s progress throughout the day, so you can have peace of mind while you work!

Daycare: Children in daycares are susceptible to illness due to the large amount of students all grouped together into one classroom. It is not a surprise when children get sick quickly and often. Germs are so easily spread from one child to the next, sooner or later you will receive the dreaded phone call at work informing you that your child is sick and needs to be picked up immediately. When this occurs, you or your spouse would then have to make arrangements to take time off from work, or come up with alternate childcare arrangements, and you may even have to schedule an unnecessary visit to the doctor for the common belly ache!


Your home is the place where your Nanny will come to each day or wake up at each morning! She will accommodate your family’s specific schedule and needs! One of the many wonderful reasons to hire a Nanny is that you do not need to take the time in the morning to rush around and pack a diaper bag with baby food, toys, bottles, wipes, or any other important items that your child will need throughout the day. Your Nanny comes directly to you! Perfect!

Daycare: As do other businesses, daycares have specific hours of operation that leave you with little option or flexibility in your morning routine. When bringing your child to a daycare facility, you are required to also bring certain items which make your mornings unnecessarily hectic. Getting your children ready in the morning while also getting yourself ready for your day is very stressful indeed!

Indoor Activities

It is common that parents request that Nannies read to their children every day, sing with them, allow them to participate in arts and crafts, coloring, and even bake together! You are in complete control of the schedule and daily activities implemented by your Nanny. Your child will be able to learn to count, potty train, and learn the alphabet in fun and exciting new ways that you deem appropriate!

Daycare: Daycares naturally follow a class curriculum with specific criteria and content and certain schedules that need to be followed. It is definitely a challenge keeping a group of around 15-20 children focused, safe, and learning independently. There is no opportunity for your child to have one on one time with a teacher to bake or have quiet reading time in such a large group of children. Although teachers are likely well qualified for their positions and have the best intentions for all of the children in the class, it is hard to provide any kind of individualized attention that could compare to what can be found at home with a private childcare provider.

Outdoor Play

Most children love to explore the outdoors! A trip to the local park or playground is always exciting for the little ones! Playing sports outdoors are also frequently on the list of children’s favorite things to do. Having a Nanny certainly opens the opportunity for all those things to be in your child’s daily activities, if you deem appropriate and acceptable. Fresh air is a necessity to a happy and healthy day!

Daycare: Some daycares do have a small outdoor playing area, but children are only allowed to spend a limited amount of time outside in order to keep a safe environment for the children. When there is a large group of children playing together, the possibility for rough-housing and injuries increase substantially. It is very difficult to manage a group of 15-20 children at the same time!

Sibling Interaction

Having a Nanny at home with all of your children gives the opportunity for siblings to spend quality time together. This helps to create strong bonds between your children that will last forever! It also allows your children to stay well connected with each other!

Daycare: Every daycare, as a requirement, separates the children by age. This unfortunately means that siblings will be placed in separate classes and will not have the opportunity to see each other throughout the day. That is very sad!

Call Your Children

Nanny: It is definitely a wonderful thing to be able to be in direct contact with your Nanny and children at any time that is convenient to you! Many parents prefer to keep in contact intermittently throughout the day to touch base and see what kind of progress has been made. For example, to see how a play date went earlier with the next door neighbor or to see how a swimming lesson went. Children are always so excited to hear from Mom and Dad! It is the next best thing to actually being there in person! You are the most important person in their lives and it is so exciting for them to get the surprise call from you each day! Hearing your child’s voice is sure to make your work day a little better and put a smile on your face!

Daycare: It is unfortunate that the majority of daycares are unable to accommodate a private phone call to your child daily. It disturbs the class schedule and is rarely accepted by staff. It is reasonable that the school keeps consistency in managing structure and activities, but this also means your child cannot accept a personal call from you outside of an emergency.

Personalized, One-on-One Attention

Individualized attention is one of the best parts of having a Nanny come to your home to care for your children! Your Nanny will solely focus on your children’s interests and needs while creating a safe and nurturing environment. Some activities may include music, reading, coloring, and crafts! Your child certainly receives individualized superlative care when in the hands of one of ABC’s Career Nannies! She will take into consideration your personal goals and implement activities for your children while enriching their lives in every way possible and promoting positive reinforcement!

Daycare: There are so many children in one classroom, which makes the student to teacher ratio very high. This limits the individual attention that can be given to each student. All children in the classroom environment have varying needs, so teachers are spread thin trying to tend to each and every student in the class.


Vacations are wonderful to take time off, relax, and bond with your family! Vacationing allows the family as a whole to really spend some quality time together. Often times, it may be difficult on a family vacation to spend quality alone time with your spouse or take the time for that well-deserved massage. Nannies have the ability to make your vacation the most enjoyable it can be by traveling along with you! You can spend as much time as you wish alone with your spouse or pampering yourself while being confident that your children are in the care of a qualified professional that you know and trust! Your vacation will be relaxing and worry free with the help of your ABC Nanny!

Daycare: Unfortunately when you go on vacation and your child is enrolled in daycare, finding childcare becomes completely your responsibility entirely. You cannot bring the daycare with you so even though you are still paying for your child’s spot, you are not able to benefit from their services while you are out of town!

Homework Assistance

ABC Nannies are highly qualified to help stimulate and expand your child’s mind! Homework assistance is something that Nannies help with, which lifts the burden off the parents in that area of childcare. Also, a Nanny assists with tutoring and studying for tests and quizzes! In addition, your Nanny would also be able to organize all of your children’s important papers, letters, and notices from school so that they are ready for you to review at your convenience, to keep you well informed!

Daycare: Sadly, after school programs do little to get any academics accomplished. We all know how important homework is for your children! Even though afterschool programs do offer your children the opportunity to play and socialize with others, homework still needs to be completed! When parents have already been working a long hard day, making sure their children’s homework gets completed is often the last thing on their minds. This can also be a challenge for the children after attending an afterschool program where they had free time to play. It is hard to have the children re-focus on what they learned and were assigned earlier in the day at school. At this point, your child is sure to be exhausted from the day and have limited ability to complete the homework that was assigned to them!

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