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Nanny Employment

ALL Maryland ABC Nannies Have:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Exceptional Verified References
  • Drug Test through Quest Diagnostics
  • CPR Certification
  • Extensive Criminal Background Check
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File - FBI approved!
  • Social Security Verification Trace Completed
  • Verified Results Presented to you prior to hire!

If You are Looking for a Nanny Job in Maryland, Contact ABC Nanny Source!

Howard County Nanny - Marie: “My nanny position is working with two adorable children in my local area. There have been multiple occasions where other nannies have asked me how I have managed to keep such an amazing professional nanny position. My answer never changes. I let them know that there was no way that I would have been able to find a position like this without the help of ABC Nanny Source! I most certainly recommend all professional nannies register with ABC if they are looking for a long-term reliable career in the nanny profession. I am confident that ABC truly cares about me and every match they make. That definitely makes ABC Nanny Source a “win-win” situation for nannies and families alike!”

Montgomery County Nanny - Allison: “ABC Nanny Source doesn’t only provide the best service to their families, but their nannies too! ABC really maintained a great level of communication with me through the whole process until I secured the position I am currently at now. They gave me an official offer of employment so that there was nothing left up in the air when I started at the position. Honestly, in the beginning I was a little hesitant to apply because of all of the requirements there are to become an ABC nanny; the drug test, CPR certification, fingerprints, going to the actual agency to interview and be photographed. It sounded like a lot, and it was all very new to me even though I have been a nanny for many years. However, I knew that I met the requirements so I chose to apply and I am so glad that I did! It was definitely worth all of the extra work that was involved because all of the families I met with were all extremely serious about hiring a long-term, professional nanny. The family was offering exactly what I was seeking! I would recommend any professional go through this Maryland agency. Believe me, you will not be disappointed!”

Calvert County Nanny - Morgan: “I was extremely impressed with how fast I was placed with the family I’m with currently! The nanny recruiter and scheduling coordinator that worked with me were very efficient at initially getting in touch with me and setting up a convenient appointment to meet with me for my face to face interview. When I met them for the interview, they answered all of the questions I had in regard to general nanny industry questions to even more specific questions about the families in my area that would be seeking a nanny like me with my qualifications. The agency always got back to me very quickly whether I called or sent them an email. I was also very impressed with the way they presented potential positions to me because they were extremely prepared with all of the details of the specific requirements the families were seeking. It was very clear to me that ABC was definitely concerned with making the ideal match between both parties. I would highly recommend ABC Nanny Source to anyone!”

Charles County Nanny - Tara: “This Maryland Nanny Agency is simply amazing! From the first day I began working with them, I felt appreciated and well taken care of. All of the ladies that worked with me showed such great commitment and dedication to their job and really helping each and every person that is in contact with them. They matched me with a wonderful family that met all of my needs as a nanny. It was an ideal pairing because not only did they meet my needs, but I was well qualified and able to meet all of their specific needs as well. I cannot say enough positive things about the experience I had with ABC Nanny Source. It is obvious to me why they have the great reputation that they do!”

Rockville Nanny - Mellissa: “I’d like to take a few short moments to recognize your agency! This may come as a surprise to some, but I’ve come to find that other agencies in Maryland are not at all as professional at ABC Nanny Source. Every employee that I have been in contact with from ABC has all had a positive attitude, polite manner, and terrific phone etiquette, which makes it a pleasure to communicate with them. It is definitely a privilege to have been accepted into your agency and I will do my best to continue making you proud through the dedication I have to the family that I was set up with!”

Lusby Nanny - Jennifer: “I have been through a number of Nanny Agencies in Maryland throughout my career as a nanny. I came to the conclusion that the agency that I had been with for years wasn’t very receptive to my needs when I was looking for a new position because the family that I had been with had no further need for a full time nanny. Keeping in mind that I had been with this family for more than four years, I never got the feeling that this prior agency would be anxious to help me in finding a new family even with knowing how dedicated I am. I was practically ignored for week after week. The only two calls that I did receive were more than 50 minutes from my home and not even full time! I reluctantly decided that I needed to take some other options into consideration. I applied at ABC Nanny Source because I had heard from multiple different people that they had gone through ABC and had great experiences. I was still quite hesitant because of my loyalty I would have really preferred to stay with the agency that had placed me with the family that I had been with for over four years. At any rate, I decided to fill out the application for ABC. It was amazing to me how quickly I received a response. They called me the very next day! This was nothing like the experience I had with my prior agency! I spoke with a scheduling coordinator who was very professional and helped me to understand all of the details regarding the process and all of the qualifications in order to come in for an interview. The interview time that we agreed on was only two days from the initial phone conversation that we had! With the other agency that I was with, I never actually got to meet any of their employees face to face. It was extremely refreshing to be able to meet the people who would be assisting me and be able to put names with faces. ABC Nanny Source impressed me with their level of professionalism in all aspects. Their office that I visited for my interview was very organized and childcare oriented and their staff was dressed very professionally. They had an informative video for me to watch prior to meeting with my recruiter and placement counselor that explained to me in detail the structure behind the agency and all of the clearances that I would need to submit to. I was pleasantly surprised! Everything flowed beautifully, just like an agency should. Within only a week and a half, after meeting with three separate families, I was offered a phenomenal position that included a better salary than I had ever had before! The family that I was place with lives literally only five minutes from my home and I anticipate being with them for many years to come- especially because mom is expecting a newborn very soon! Due to the wonderful experience that I had with ABC Nanny Source, I will never go through a different agency ever again. If for any reason in the future I need a new position, I know that if I call ABC I will be very well taken care of. I am definitely going to do my best to educate every professional nanny I meet to go through ABC Nanny Source just like I did because I am very confident they will have as positive of an experience as I did! ABC Nanny Source showed me that it is still possible to receive personal attention in a business environment.”

Huntingtown Nanny - Cathy - “ABC Nanny Source made the process clear and simple. I am absolutely stunned at how detail oriented ABC is! They don’t miss a beat! All of my paperwork regarding my offer for the position was very clear and concise. There was absolutely no gray area. I knew exactly how much I was getting paid and what my benefits package included. It is very apparent that this agency only represents the most professional nannies and I’m sure, just like me and the family I was placed with, any professional nanny would be placed with an equally professional family. They made me feel completely comfortable from the very beginning! I am most definitely spreading the word that ABC Nanny Source is THE agency to go to for a professional long-term nanny position!”

Dunkirk Nanny - Kellie - “I never really even knew that there was an agency in Maryland, even though I have been a nanny for over fifteen years now. I met an ABC Nanny at a local park one afternoon, and she informed me of the wonderfully positive experience that she had with ABC Nanny Source. At the time I met this woman, I was in no need for a new position because I was already working with a family who I had met through word of mouth, but I definitely never forgot what she had told me and I always kept ABC Nanny Source in the back of my mind. It was a good thing I did too! The children that I was caring for entered a school that they were attending on a full time basis so their family no longer had the need for my services. I needed full time employment and remembered all of the great things that woman at the park had told me about ABC Nanny Source. I submitted an application to ABC immediately following my last day at my old position and was scheduled for a face to face interview with two of their placement counselors later that week! As soon as I completed my drug test, CPR certification, clearances, and all of my references were verified (which took no time at all!) I was offered the opportunity to meet with two different families. Both of the families I met with were great and were offered BOTH positions! I accepted the position that’s schedule and pay best fit my needs, but honestly, either of the positions would have been a dream for any professional nanny. I feel comforted knowing that I can count on ABC Nanny Source!”

Prince Frederick Nanny - Stacy - “I am a Nanny in Maryland who was placed by ABC Nanny Source with an adorable set of ten month old twins! The previous family that I worked with suddenly relocated out of the area. At first I was a little frantic because even though I obtained my last job very soon after being accepted by the agency; I was not in any position to be unemployed for a long period of time. All of my worries were instantly relieved after talking to a Scheduling Coordinator at ABC Nanny Source! The Scheduling Coordinator assured me that my profile would be immediately reactivated directly after the Reference Verification Department verified information from my current family! Within the next 24 hours, I was presented the opportunity to interview with another family that was only ten minutes from my house and was given an offer of employment by the end of the week! Just as they did before, the staff at ABC Nanny Source followed up with me shortly after I got started at the new position to make sure that everything was transitioning well and told me that they would love to help me at any time in the future if I ever needed it. The twins are growing so fast, and I have been warmly welcomed into their family! It is so much fun watching them learn and grow. I thank ABC Nanny Source from the bottom of my heart for matching me with this wonderful family!”


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