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"What impressed me the most about finding a nanny with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. When we started our nanny search, I received an extensive profile for each of the Nannies in Manhattan that were selected for our position before the interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me ~ that is how detailed these profiles were! The process was made very easy for our family with this nanny agency and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"
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Sheena is one of ABC's Nannies in Manhattan that is always smiling!

“It is my great pleasure to recommend Sheena as a Nanny. She is well versed in child development, due to her studies, teaching, and directorship experience. She relates to my daughter in such a delightful way, turning practically everything into a fun game. Sheena knows how to structure time well, but is also flexible. She is as comfortable helping my daughter through homework as she is creating art projects out of sticks and leaves. I feel fortunate to have had Sheena in my home. I am convinced that my daughter owes much of her positive development to Sheena's presence. Sheena was like a second mother to my child. Her approach to caring for Gisselle complements my parenting well, as she respects my personal philosophies while being confident enough to independently make day-to-day decisions regarding my daughter. When she resigned to move to another state, my daughter was extremely heartbroken. Because she developed a strong bond with Gisselle, she calls and emails me regularly to check in on Gisselle. You will not be disappointed if you hire Sheena as one of your Nannies in Manhattan.”

"Sheena is bright, reliable, and affectionate. She has a natural affinity toward children. Sheena knows how to structure her time and the child’s time but can be flexible if the need should arise. Sheena projects her creativity in everything she does. Upon learning that our son had autism there was no hesitation in having her continue to care for him with additional training vs. hiring a specialist to come in for addition activities and leaning strategies. We feel very fortunate to have had Sheena care for our son. We are sure that our son’s positive growth in social settings during these years ahs been shaped by Sheena complementing our parenting philosophies.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Miss Sheena for 7 years. She exhibits all the characteristics one could ask for in an employee and childcare provider. She is extremely attentive and caring and puts the needs of the children in her care first. Her personality is always upbeat and energetic and she relates to and interacts with children of all ages with a natural ease. She has always maintained strong relationships with the children in her care as well as their parents. As an employee, she has always been dependable and punctual. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is considering her for employment as one of your Nannies in Manhattan.”

"I met Sheena at the school my daughter was attending at the age of 2. At the time of meeting Ms Sheena, instantly she made my daughter and I feel comfortable. Walking into the pre-school we were always greeted with a huge smile and a warm welcome, It was always a pleasure having my daughter start her day in a positive manner. After knowing Ms Sheena for some time, she cared for my daughter Talia on an as needed basis, whether it has been in advance or short time notice. Sheena was always there when I needed her. Ms Sheena has always been a pleasant, energetic person, with a true passion for children. She was the type for person to make every learning experience a fun experience, while keeping my daughter safe. I would enthusiastically recommend Ms Sheena to become part of anyone's family; I can assure you that you won't be disappointed.”

"I met Sheena when I was looking into childcare centers for my daughters. I had looked at about fifteen schools that week. I walked in and she asked how she could help me, she was the Director of the school, I don't think that I have ever met anyone who was as nice and truly cared about children the way she does. I immediately enrolled my girls in her school, and from that day forward I watched a bond grow between her and my children and they would say “mommy I don't want to come home yet, I want to stay at Ms. Sheena's school!” I would laugh and say “well maybe Ms. Sheena can come over for dinner one night.” She did, and what started as her joining us at our dinner table turned into her watching the girls so that my husband and I could go out to dinner. Eventually Sheena would pick the girls up from school for us and take them out to dinner or to the park once a week and then bring them back home. Outside of my family, Sheena is the only person I have trusted to watch my children. She was the best teacher and caregiver. She will be an asset as one ABC's Nannies in Manhattan to the family that chooses to hire her.”

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