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ALL NYC ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Electronic Fingerprints - FBI format!
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid State Identification
  • Drug Test completed through Quest Diagnostics
  • National Criminal Background
  • Social Security Verification Trace Completed
  • Verified results provided to your family prior to hire!

Deciding Between a Nanny in New York or Daycare?


It's awful when our little ones are sick and we all know how important it is to recover in the comfort of our own home! The tender care and focus your Nanny provides your child will allow you to continue working uninterrupted, and assured that your child is being cared for and comforted! Your Nanny will surely keep you very informed on your child’s progress throughout the day and know how to tend to the situation at hand appropriately.

Daycare: With so many children in one classroom, it is not surprising that so many children become sick quickly and often! One child spreads germs to another so easily and sooner or later you receive the dreaded call at work requesting that you pick up your own children from school immediately. Most daycares require that you obtain a note from a doctor before he/she can return to the school. Now, you or your spouse have to scramble to take time off from work and arrange alternative childcare arrangements and possibly even arrange an unnecessary visit to a doctor for the common belly ache.


Your home is exactly where your ABC NYC Nanny will arrive each day or wake up each morning! Your Nanny works around your schedule and your family's needs! One of the many favorable reasons for having a Nanny come to your home is that you don't have to worry about packing diapers, baby food, favorite toys, bottles, or any other essential items your children will need throughout the day.

Daycare: Like any other business, daycares have certain hours of operation, leaving you with little flexibility. Daycares also require you to bring certain items for your children, which can make your morning even more hectic by packing bibs, wipes, pacifiers, extra formula, blankets, jackets, sweaters, hats, etc. The list is endless! Understandably, attempting to get your children ready for daycare while keeping an eye on the clock to get to work on time is very stressful for most parents!


Many parents request that their Nanny read with their children each day, sing with them, color with them, and will ask them to do arts and crafts together. The schedule and activities that you request for the Nanny to implement for your children is completely in your control! Your children will be able to potty train, learn the alphabet, and even count in the ways that you deem most appropriate!

Daycare: Naturally, daycares need to follow a certain criteria and class curriculum for the daily events. It is really quite a task to keep a group of 12-20 children safe, not to mention ensure that they are learning independently. The opportunity for quiet reading time is really not an option in such a large class of children. Although the teachers likely mean well, it is an impossibility to provide the individualized attention in a classroom environment similar to what can be found at home with a private Nanny.


Does your child love the outdoors? Does a trip to the local park or playground make your little ones eyes light up? How about playing sports? Your children will be able to enjoy all the outdoors has to offer with your Nanny! Getting fresh air is essential to a healthy and happy day.

Daycare: While some daycare centers may have a small recess area, the children are permitted to spend a very limited amount of time outside due to safety control. Anytime a large group of children are playing outdoors, the possibility of roughhousing increases exponentially. It is quite difficult to manage 15 to 20 children at a time! Therefore, daycares must limit the amount of outdoor recreation for each class to very small increments.


Your children are able to spend quality time together with their siblings! Your Nanny will provide educational and fun activities for your children to do together! This in turn allow your children to stay well connected to one another every day while creating strong bonds that will last forever!

Daycare: Every daycare center is required to separate the children in the center by age. Unfortunately, this means that siblings are placed in different classes, and do not have the opportunity to see each other frequently, if at all, throughout the day. How sad!


Many parents who employ Nannies like to call their children intermittently throughout the day to check on how their swimming class went or how their play date went earlier today with the neighbor down the street. Children just love to hear from Mom and Dad, it’s the next best thing to you being home! After all, you are the most important person in their lives and they love to get the surprise call from you each day! Just hearing the joy in your children's voice is sure to put a smile on your face and make your workday a little less stressful!

Daycare: Unfortunately, most daycares are unable to accommodate a daily private call to your children. It disturbs the routine of the class and is not often welcomed by the staff. Reasonably, the school needs to keep consistency in managing the next activity or structure, and the ability to have your children accept a personal call from you is just not an option!


Individualized attention is probably the best part of having a Nanny in your children’s lives! Your Nanny will interact with your children one-on-one and focus on all of their needs and interests. This can include coloring, reading and music! Your children receive superlative care when in the hands of an in-home childcare provider! The activities implemented by your Nanny will enrich your children's lives and promote positive reinforcement!

Daycare: In a classroom environment with a high student to teacher ratio, the amount of time given to each student privately is inadvertently limited due to the needs of each child being so vastly different.


It is wonderful to take a vacation with your family and it promotes quality time as a family unit. Sometimes though, it is difficult to spend time with your spouse or even schedule in that well deserved massage. Nannies can make your retreats even more enjoyable by traveling with you! You can spend time alone with your spouse, or pamper yourself while your children are in the care of a qualified professional! Your Nanny will help you have a worry-free and relaxing vacation!

Daycare: Unfortunately, you can’t bring the daycare with you on vacation! Although you are likely still paying for the spot daycare is holding for your children, you have no benefit of those services while out of town.


Homework assistance can also be a tremendous help for parents. ABC Nannies are highly qualified childcare professionals with a focus on stimulating the minds of your children. In addition to tutoring, they are capable of organizing activities and educational games to help encourage developmental and intellectual growth!

Daycare: It is evident that not much can be accomplished academically in after school venues. Your children may have a great opportunity for free play and interact with other children on a social level, but homework still needs to be done! This frequently becomes a challenge to parents after having already worked a long day and can be almost impossible for the children after having attended a full day of school and an afternoon of fun and games. Exhaustion starts to kick in, limiting you and your children’s ability to focus on the educational aspects expected for the evening routine.

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