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Nanny Employment

ALL NYC ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Electronic Fingerprints - FBI format!
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid State Identification
  • Drug Test completed through Quest Diagnostics
  • National Criminal Background
  • Social Security Verification Trace Completed
  • Verified results provided to your family prior to hire!

Testimonials From New York City Nannies

"I was a full time daycare teacher for 5 years, and every year I saw more and more children enter my classroom. When I had first started, the student to teacher ratio was 5 to 1. As I gained more experience and became the lead teacher, the ratio doubled to 10 students per every one teacher. I was so busy trying to get my class to focus as a whole that I had very limited time to provide each of my students with individualized attention. I really wanted to dedicate my time to educating the children in my care. Coupling this thought with the joy I found in raising my own family, I decided that the nanny profession was right for me! After searching online for a nanny position, I came across ABC Nanny Source, and saw that I met the minimum requirements, so I decided to apply. The next day, I was called about my application and I was offered to come in for an interview merely two days later! The staff was so friendly and answered all of my questions with ease! My Placement Counselor asked me several questions to help her find the best position for me. At first, I was wary of how long the process of finding a position would take, but within a week, I was called about two different opportunities! They each sounded like families I would really like to work for, so I arranged to meet with both. After meeting the second family, the Trotters, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for! Mrs. Trotter and I had an immediate connection, and I just loved little Emily from the moment I saw her! My Placement Counselor negotiated everything for me, and I have now been working with this family for 18 months. It is my hope that I can remain with them until Emily is in high school! I could not be happier, and it is all due to ABC Nanny Source - they truly are the best!"

"If you are considering becoming an ABC Career Nanny, please read this!! Not only will ABC Nanny Source be in contact with you within only a day or two upon filling out the online application, but they will actually keep you informed about your status! After I came in for my face-to-face interview and began completing all of the agency requirements, it was like my e-mail had constant updates for me! Every time there was an update, I was notified - the office staff at ABC Nanny Source truly kept open communication with me! I never felt like I had been forgotten! I had gone through other agencies in the past, and they didn't even require me to meet them; basically, I was a name and an address. With ABC Nanny Source, I certainly feel like a part of a team! My Placement Counselor worked very hard to place me with the best local family that would be able to fit my schedule restraints. Before finding the right fit, I had met four families, but I was so happy they were all extremely local to me! ABC Nanny Source is the only local nanny agency I will ever work with again!"

"I have been a nanny for the past 14 years, and must say I was truly pleased with the treatment I recieved at ABC Nanny Source. My first nanny position was for my next door neighbor when I was still in college. After graduation, I got married and moved to Queens with my husband. I have lived here with my husband for the past 10 years and in that time have gone through a few agencies seeking nanny positions. ABC Nanny Source is the only agency in the area that treated me like a person. They made sure to keep me updated on any goings-on, and it was only a matter of about a week before I found the position I have now. The only agency I trust is ABC Nanny Source. My counselor worked so hard to find me the right position, I know that if I were ever to have to seek a new one, she would be there for me."

"First and foremost, I’m flattered that I have been contacted to provide a reference for this website! Secondly, I would like to thank my best friend Laura for encouraging me to apply to ABC Nanny Source - I love being an ABC Nanny! When I was originally seeking a childcare position, I was focusing primarily on teaching positions. After all, I had been a Kindergarten teacher for one year, a second grade teacher for another year, and a substitute teacher for grades 1st –8th for four years. All I knew was teaching! Knowing I love working with children, Laura suggested to me one day that I become a nanny. She is an ABC Nanny, and had been working with her family for two years. I knew she absolutely loved what she did, so I applied and was accepted to register. I have now been with my family for the past three months and I cannot thank ABC Nanny Source enough for everything they do! I will never go back to the classroom again - one on one interaction with the child I care for provides excellent stimulation; the 2 year old in my care can sing the alphabet and count to 20! It is so rewarding to watch him grow and learn from all of our time together!"

"As a Career Nanny of over 20 years in California, I felt like a fish out of water when I relocated to New York with my family. My husband was offered a position in Manhattan, and even though I loved the family I worked for, my family had to come first! When we moved to the east coast, I needed to give my daughter and I some time to adjust to our new surroundings. Before long, I was ready to get back to work! After meeting with several families I had found on my own through the newspaper and online, I began to feel discouraged. None of the families that I met felt like the right fit; and, since I was new to the area, I had a limited comfort zone. I knew that I needed help, and wanted to find a local agency who would be able to tell me what to expect before I walked through the door. ABC Nanny Source was certainly the agency for me! After completing their impressive screening process, I was contacted by ABC Placement Counselors about two families. They told me everything they knew about each family! The best part was, neither family far from my home! Finding each location was a breeze, and each family was so nice and eager to meet me! After my interviews, ABC Nanny Source contacted me for my feedback, and I let them know how much I loved each of the families! The next day, I was notified that one of the families had chosen another candidate, but the other family wanted to extend me an offer of employment! My Placement Counselor handled the details of the offer beautifully, and I began working for the family the following week. It is now almost a year later, and I can honestly say I still love my position! Obtaining a position had never been easier for me and I thank and applaud ABC Nanny Source for being so efficient and helpful!"

"After being on file with several New York Nanny Agencies, I grew weary of providing temporary services to several different families. I became tired of only working on an as needed basis. I never knew what to expect, and I frequently had to travel nearly an hour to arrive at a family's home. I would only work with the family once or twice and then never hear back from them again. I wanted a permanent position with one family who would appreciate an experienced career nanny like myself. ABC Nanny Source was truly extremely organized, professional, and caring when helping me find the perfect permanent, local family for me! I highly recommend ABC Nanny Source, and I am extremely grateful for all of their dedication!"

"ABC Nanny Source is not only organized and professional, but they also have an amazing staff who truly cares about you as an ABC Nanny! My ABC Placement Counselor had secured a wonderful position for me when I first became an ABC Nanny. Unfortunately, a short while after I had began working for the family, the father was laid off from his position, and the family could no longer afford me as their nanny. Of course, I was frantic! After all, I had only worked for the family for a few short months and I knew that such a short employment term with a family would not bode well for my resume. Fortunately, I had ABC Nanny Source on my side! I contacted my Placement Counselor and informed her of the situation. She and the rest of the ABC staff were extremely helpful! They not only obtained a remarkable letter of recommendation from the family on my behalf, but my Placement Counselor worked diligently to obtain another position with loving family whom I simply adore working for! The staff at ABC Nanny Source is wonderful, and I highly recommend this outstanding New York Nanny Agency!"

"Years ago, securing a nanny position on my own was pretty simple. All I had to do was open the newspaper, make a phone call, and within a week I would be working for a family. As a Career Nanny of more than 15 years, I have worked for six different families. I cared for five of those families for three years each. The last family I found on my own through the newspaper misled me, and after a mere 3 weeks, I knew I had to find a better position. This time, I decided to go through a local Nanny Agency. A Nanny Agency, I decided, would have a variety of positions. ABC Nanny Source was exactly what I was looking for! They did all the legwork for me! All I needed to do was fill out an online application (which, by the way, is extremely detailed; very impressive!) and come in for a face-to-face interview. My Placement Counselor worked with me to find the perfect family. I wish I had come to ABC Nanny Source earlier in my career as a Nanny - I would have saved myself a lot of time and energy!"

"Not many working professionals are fortunate enough to have a commute as miniscule as mine. I only travel 7 minutes to the home of the family I care for! With gas prices today, it is truly a treasure to be so local to my position. I could never have found such a terrific family so close to my home were it not for ABC Nanny Source - thank you all. ABC Nanny Source is the best Nanny Agency in New York City!"

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