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"What impressed me the most about finding a nanny with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. When we started our nanny search, I received an extensive profile for each NYC nanny candidate before the interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me ~ that is how detailed these profiles were! The process was made very easy for our family with this nanny agency and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"
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Janice has cared for children of all ages as a Staten Island Live in Nanny and provides the highest quality of care!

"I love working with children and have experience working in various childcare settings. I love helping children learn and grow through music, reading, art activities and play. Whether we are doing a messy art activity or marching to music, I enjoy guiding them through new activities and learning experiences. If I was asked to describe in one sentence the reason I have chosen to be in the Staten Island Live in Nanny profession over any other it would have to be because families are important. Caring for children in their home is a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere than a childcare facility. I have been serving in some form of childcare experience for over 20 years and can honestly say I love what I do! I feel the children are fun, loving, creative, energetic, and compassionate individuals. They have a lot of things to communicate to you; all you have to do is listen with your heart and respond with love. My goal as a Nanny is to provide quality care for the children entrusted to my care, to treat them with love, respect and compassion as I would my own children, and to respect the wishes of the parents in regards to how they would like their child raised. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and meal preparations. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am loving, compassionate, trustworthy, dependable, and diligent. Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include reading stories, doing art activities, singing songs - dancing and marching to children’s songs, exploring toys - blocks, cars, puzzles, shapes. If asked to describe the perfect family seeking a Nanny like me I would hope they would be organized, but not afraid to let children be messy, structured, yet flexible with daily activities."

"We had the privilege of having our son in Janice’s care while she worked as a lead teacher at the school he was enrolled in. Being we both work full time, and with the limited amount of time in each day, there cannot be enough said about the way Janice connected with our son, and the great deal of education she imparted on him. Not only did our son return home to us very happy at the end of each day, we were amazed at all of the new things he was learning and sharing with us at home, mainly new words, even sign language, and other things, too many to list. Keep in mind that our son is only 2 years old. Furthermore, since under Janice’s care, we did not have even one incident, or any issue at all with regard to the care she provided our son. Not only this, but, Janice always went out of her way to share with us, our son’s development, and bringing to our attention all the new things he learned with her during the day that we should continue with at home, which we greatly appreciated. It should also be noted that very few of these things were a requirement in this position; however, Janice always went well above and beyond for us as parents. We were very disappointed about heading she was leaving and have yet to find anyone even remotely close to the connectedness and care that we enjoyed with her as our sons caretaker. We highly recommend her as a Staten Island Live in Nanny.”

"Without hesitation, I highly recommend Janice. I worked with her with the same age group of children. We both ran our own classrooms and worked together to create a safe and curricular based environment for young and older toddlers. We would have to work close together each day to follow the schedules of 10 children. We also created art activities and learning experiences together for our classrooms. We followed policies and had to do paperwork and lesson plans each day of the week. Janice went above and beyond her responsibilities for her children and made sure her classroom was orderly and age appropriate for each of the children. Janice has been a role model for me through any questions I had about early childhood development. Janice is very dedicated to her job and will spend her whole day and even her days off to make sure that all of her work is done properly."

"Janice was my son’s toddler room teacher at his daycare. He loved her class, to the point that he often wasn't ready to go home when my husband or I would arrive to pick him up. Every day, he came home excited about whatever book they had read, song they had learned, or art project they had finished. In the six months he was in her classroom, starting at 18 months, he learned so many new words and signs and really felt at home in her care. Months later he still talks about her class. At the end of each day, I felt as though I had been with him because Janice took the time to fill out detailed reports for each child, highlighting key moments in the day. There were many times I arrived when the children were still napping, and rather than sit still, she was using that time to write notes about the children or ensure her classroom was clean and organized. She has a kind yet firm way with the children. In her care, they learn to sit nicely for snack time, clean up their trash and wash their hands. But they also know they are free to be children, marching around the room to silly songs, playing with favorite puzzles or running around the playground. We miss having our son in her classroom, and I'm certain there are many others who were equally impressed with her teaching. We highly recommend her to any family as a Staten Island Live in Nanny!"

"I am the parent of one of Janice's students. She has been such a wonderful influence in my child's life; I hate to see her go. She has an amazing way with children. I have watched my little one learn so very much while under Janice's care. On many a Saturday my child has asked for Janice and is always disappointed when I have to explain that she is stuck with me until Monday. I would hire her for myself in a second if I could. I would recommend her for any job with children. She shows incredible patience with even the most difficult children always showing love and compassion. I wholeheartedly recommend her to any family!"

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