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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each NY nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Maryland Nanny Jobs rave about Debra’s cheerful demeanor!

Maryland Nanny Debra's References

“Debra has been our nanny for nearly seven years. She has been more than a nanny, but rather a member of our family! I trust Debra implicitly. She is loved by my children! She is nurturing, yet enforces discipline. Debra is cheerful and approaches each day with a positive attitude and really enjoys what she does. Over the years, I cannot tell you how many times people (teachers, friends, other children’s parents) pull me aside to tell me what a wonderful nanny she is! Our family would not be the same without her. Debra is a gem of a nanny! We have been very lucky to have her for as long as we have. We are relocating to upstate NY, and my husband will not be working, so we do not need both Debra and him at home. Debra has been a great caregiver for my three children and a trusted friend to me. I would be happy to talk further with the agency or any Maryland Nanny Jobs that are interested in employing Debra. I am really going to miss her!”

“Debra has been caring for my three daughters for the past two years. Debra is a kind, caring, honest, responsible person who is always cheerful and good-natured! She is wonderful with all ages but particularly good with small children. Almost immediately one can tell that Deb has taught pre-school children. When Debra is with my three year old she reads to her, does puzzles and art projects with her, and takes her on outings to the library or the park. I am happy to have known her for these past two years! She is truly one of the kindest and most honest people I know! My family and I wish Debra all the best and know she will be successful in all Maryland Nanny Jobs.”

“Debra has been working for us for almost three years. Debra is great! She is such a fun, loving, and cheerful person and is so wonderful with children! During this time she has been responsible for a variety of tasks including childcare during extended parental trips away from home (including time outside the US), laundry, meal preparation, shopping, and light housework. Debra is always in good spirits! Our three children have had a very close and loving relationship with her. The thing that I love best about Debra is that she is very involved with my family, but she also respects our family's privacy. We have the utmost trust and confidence in her management and care of our children and house (and two dogs!) during our trips away from home. Deb has worked hard to help keep our home and family running smoothly. She has kept the laundry from spilling over and has kept the fridge full! There was always a warm meal in the evening even when the family was going in 15 different directions! Deb has clearly became a member of our gamily during her three years with us and will be sorely missed by us all. We wish her the very best in the future with all Maryland Nanny Jobs! My children still to this day have a fantastic relationship with her. She is very dependable and was always there when I needed. She always kept an open line of communication with my family. I highly recommend her for another Nanny position, without a doubt!”

“I am writing this reference to you from the viewpoint of a parent. I have known Debra for the past two years. As a mother of eight children (ages 2 through 18), I have had the opportunity to observe her interaction with various age groups. Children seem to be drawn to certain people and Debra is one of these people! Her quick smile and ‘bubbly’ personality make her easy to approach! Our children have never been afraid to walk up to her and carry on a conversation. They know she is sincerely interested in them and what they are saying. At school, I have watched her tend to her responsibilities as a crosswalk guard. She is never too busy to smile and wave at a parent or bend over and visit with one of the students. I admire Debra’s ability to listen – really listen! It is evident in the way she deals with children. They know she is never too busy to stop and listen. Debra treats what they have to say with as much concern and respect as she does adults. For the past two years she has taken several of our children to and from school. Each morning she came to pick them up and it didn’t matter how cold it was or how much of a hurry she was in, Debra would always get out of the car, open the door for the children, and get them settled before driving off. It may have been a small thing, but I felt that it showed she took her responsibility seriously and showed concern for the children. Debra was also conscientious about letting me know when she was unable to pick them up. Kimberly, our eight year old, has spent the most time with Debra. She would wait for her after school. These were special times for Kimberly as she has Debra all to herself! The two of them would visit on the way home, or go to her house to watch a favorite Disney movie. It is easy to see that teaching children is special to Debra. Her whole face lights up when she talks about her ‘kids’ and the progress they are making. She herself enjoys learning and she passes that on to the children. When Kimberly was having difficulty in learning to read, Debra took the time to laminate special flashcards for her. She showed me how to use them as a game to teach sounds. When she saw my concern as a parent, Debra helped me make learning fun for Kim. It is not only the young ones that enjoy Debra, the teenagers as well. She has a way of bringing out the best in everyone. She even gets our quiet, reserved teenage son to smile and tease her. Our teenage daughters even invited Debra to their slumber party! She arrived with her pillow and pajamas ready to enjoy a night with the girls. It was hard to tell who was having the most fun as they played games like Twister, danced and watched TV. These are some of the qualities I feel are important for childcare providers in Maryland Nanny Jobs. As a parent, I would not hesitate to leave my children in her care. Debra is careful to follow directions for their care. She makes learning fun for children and has always been honest and upfront with me and our children. Her pleasant personality, together with the ability to deal with children of all ages, will make Debra a valued addition to any home!”

“Debra and I have worked together for several years in the Kindergarten through 6th grade building where she was a special education aide. Throughout those years, I was able to observe many fine qualities in Debra. She is very task committed and will give extra time and effort to get something done right! In preparing lessons for children, Debra makes things fun, exciting, and challenging. I have complete confidence in her ability to be a superb educator! The students are extremely fond of her. Debra has a kindness and patience with children that are a pleasure to witness! Children are just drawn to her! Although she is patient and kind, she will not allow herself to be intimidated for manipulated by the children. When my own children found out Debra was going to be a nanny, they asked if we could hire her! In my opinion, Debra would be a wise choice for employment in a wide variety of Maryland Nanny Jobs, and will end up being especially valuable in caring for your children!”

“Debra is truly a wonderful woman in so many ways! While she worked with our family as a nanny, her cheerful spirit and good nature along with her solid reasoning and true moral character were only a few of her attributes that made her an absolute delight to have in our home! Debra was referred to us through a long standing nanny of a family friend. We were lucky enough to be connected early on in her search for new Maryland Nanny Jobs. Debra worked for us full time, and was kind enough, when she was available, to extend her hours on the weekends if we had special plans or were travelling as a family! We have three children, with our oldest son having special needs. Debra was quick to learn our family routine and the children’s schedules. As a mother and grandmother, Debra provided gentle reassurances and wisdom through her years with our children, and I was quite happy to embrace her genuine, maternal spirit in our home. Debra’s responsibilities mostly pertained to the children and their activities. During their free time, she was always imaginative with their play, often creating or starting games that they didn’t want to stop! They always managed to have a terrific amount of fun while learning those important lessons of “turn taking” and “sharing,” not always easy for young children. When the children got into arguments amongst themselves, she was always fair and diplomatic in her approach to sorting things out among them. With a quiet confidence, Debra has a wonderful way of reasoning and explaining things. To say that Debra was responsible and reliable would simply be an understatement! We had the utmost confidence in her while our children were in her care….whether they were at home, or out in town doing an errand or activity. She was always timely and prompt when picking up the kids or dropping them off. We could leave town for a few days and know that everything was just fine. A wonderful feeling for parents! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Debra is a wonderful cook! Although I have always enjoyed cooking for my family, the memories of the most incredible molasses cookies and the homemade fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits will always remain in our family archive of “most favorite things!”

“Debra was a live-in hands on Nanny for our children at a time when we had just moved and both my husband and I were traveling a lot. I always felt that our children were in the best of hands and that she was very devoted to them. She helped us move again to a new location and stayed until we were reasonably settled. She chose not to make the move a permanent one and so we parted ways while she went on to other Maryland Nanny Jobs. We stay in contact after all these years and my children still think of her as a member of our family! Debra was a sunny, enthusiastic and responsible addition to our family at a very chaotic time for us. She provided a wonderful atmosphere for our children and was so creative in the activities that she pursued with them. Because our schedules were so irregular, she was asked to vary her hours often and was always willing to be flexible. As a live-in nanny she was ideal because she quickly located a group of friends and respected our family time. She was never intrusive in our private lives. I give her my highest recommendation!”

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