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“I was so impressed by the service provided by ABC Nanny Source! Initially I was reluctant to go through a local Warren County nanny agency in NJ– but now I can honestly say this is the ONLY way to hire someone to care for your children. The NJ Nanny candidates that were presented to our family were absolutely fantastic. I really couldn’t believe how professional, experienced, and dedicated each and every candidate was that we met. We hired our nanny within a few days from registering and hope to have her with us for many years! Thank you!”
Let us help you find a NJ Nanny for your precious children!

ABC's Warren County Nanny Agency is proud to represent hard-working, dedicated Career Nannies, like Merle!

Warren County Nanny Merle's References

“Merle has been a highly valuable member of our early childhood staff. She is very dependable, trustworthy, and reliable! The children love her and the parents have always appreciated her dedication. She definitely fulfilled all requirements necessary for her job. Merle has been a valuable employee. I can always rely on her! She is prompt and dependable. Her enthusiasm is infectious! She is nurturing and loving with the children. She is a creative teacher and works well with the rest of the staff. I have been so fortunate to work with Merle for the past nine years. She has been a huge asset to our staff and I highly recommend her to your Warren County Nanny Agency!”

“We felt very comfortable leaving our daughter with Merle each day at pre-school! She was very nurturing and caring to all of her students. Our daughter really blossomed under her care! We were very pleased with all aspects of her caring for our daughter.”

“Merle was my child’s teacher, and her performance was exemplary! Merle served as my son’s preschool teacher for two years. I was so pleased with her performance that I switched Jack from her half-day to her full-day program when it became available. (Jack begged to stay all day!) Her skill with Jack and the other young children in the class amazed me. Merle has a never-ending supply of energy and creativity. For example, Jack learned letter-sound relationships by singing and dancing along with Merle to such fun tunes as "Who Let the J’s Out?" What a blast he had with her! Merle is great at sensing what children need. She knew when they needed to let loose on the playground and when they needed to curl up on the rug for a great story or two. I must also say that Merle is wonderful at handling discipline in a loving and firm manner. My son was prone to tantrums and has a stubborn streak a mile long. Merle was great at gently guiding him through those sticky situations. Merle’s love and respect for children shows in everything she does!”

“We became acquainted with Merle during her capacity as a childcare provider for our three children, then ages 18 months old, 3 years old, and 6 years old in early 1997. From the onset, Merle's exceptional ability to positively interact with children of all ages was evidenced by her no nonsense approach enables her to successfully manage large groups of children, often times of varying ages, while recognizing and allowing for the development of each child's unique personality traits and skills. Merle's love for and experience with children allows her to quickly assess each child's personality, identify particular strengths and weaknesses, and develop tactics to encourage the growth of each child's strong points. Merle treats each and every child with respect, and fosters a nurturing atmosphere, which is adopted by all of the children present! She is able to positively respond to any behavioral issues presented, and is able to quickly react with a redirection of the child's activities. Merle instills a love of learning in children and has an amazing ability to creatively teach children new skills under the guise of having fun! She believes in both the intellectual and physical education of children, and consequently, my children fondly remember their days with Merle where they learned how to bake, play numerous card and board games, and ride a bicycle without training wheels, which are all important skills to master during the preschool years. Our family's experience, and Merle's excellent reputation throughout the area are testimony to the love that countless children have felt for Merle in her many years as a childcare provider. We believe that Merle would be an asset to your family, and highly recommend her to your Warren County Nanny Agency!”

“Merle gave my children a head start for school. They did not watch TV, rather they did arts and crafts, educational games, outdoor activities and healthy snacks! She was their first teacher. Merle worked for me for 11 years. My first son was with Merle until he was in first grade, and that same year, my 2nd son began with Merle until he went to first grade. I wouldn’t stick with someone for so many years if I were not extremely happy with her performance! When I first came to New Jersey, my older son was a year old, and I was beginning a new job as Media Specialist in Belvidere. Merle was recommended to me as a childcare provider for my son, which is how we met. My older son went to Merle until he finished kindergarten, and a few months after that, I began sending my younger son, until he began first grade. With the exception of a few months, our relationship went on continuously for eleven years. Merle always had the days planned out for each of the children under her care. She provided lessons, arts and crafts, board games, educational games, and many outdoor activities, and sports. She could care for different ages simultaneously, and make everyone feel loved and special! You could not use the word "baby-sitter" when referring to Merle. She rarely did any kind of sitting! The children had all kinds of entertaining activities, and never watched television. At the end of the school day, when I would pick up my son, he would have a painting or worksheet, a craft he had made, or sometimes he would even greet me in costume after having put on a play. Her games would often teach counting or phonics. Her crafts developed dexterity as well as creativity. Her loved of the outdoors gave them fresh air and exercise. The sports and games taught sportsmanship. Any of the parents of children who were under Merle’s care will tell you that the hardest part was trying to get your child into the car to go home! From infancy through kindergarten, my sons enjoyed going to Merle’s, and even once a week in the summers. Sending my sons to Merle gave them a head start for kindergarten. They went to school feeling confident that they could do the work and have fun! Any Warren County Nanny Agency would be extremely lucky to have a person with Merle’s experience and caring personality!”

“Merle directed Lower School Athletics and physical education as well as Girls' Athletics in grades five through eight from 1977 to 1982. Merle was an outstanding teacher and coach who was highly proficient and effective in skills and methodology, as a leader in the athletic department. More importantly, she exemplified the healthy, positive qualities and influence that had a superb effect on the lives of our youngsters in Grades Kindergarten though eighth grade. Her role as a model in behavior, attitude, and sense of sportsmanship was always consistent. She was a very caring coach, who was respected and appreciated by children, parents, faculty colleagues and the administration.”

“I would highly recommend Merle for a position with your Warren County Nanny Agency! She loves children and is always coming up with new ways to have fun! She is always active with the children, and loves to be outside when the weather permits. She has a very giving personality and is truly interested in what the children have to say. You will be very pleased with Merle!”

”Merle has been an incredible pre-school teacher for both of my children over the past 3 years. Her genuine passion for children and her dedication to education is evident. She brings out the very best in each and every child through her positive and energetic lessons. She builds self-esteem and promotes self-expression and curiosity. But most importantly, she loves my children and my children love her. She keeps them safe, happy and exposes them to the world around them. She truly is a special person and has made a lasting impression on my children. Any family or Warren County Nanny Agency would be very fortunate to have Merle!”

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