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ALL CT ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Electronic Fingerprints; FBI approved!
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Drug Test completed through Quest Diagnostics
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  • Social Security Verification Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Things to Consider when Selecting the Most Qualified Connecticut Nanny Agency.

ABC is a Connecticut Nanny Agency!Choosing the correct Connecticut Nanny Agency for your family is equally as important as hiring the actual Nanny. Below are some inquiries you should consider when speaking to any Connecticut Nanny Agency.

Does your agency offer any kind of guarantee to ensure a successful placement?

Meet the Staff at our Connecticut Nanny AgencyMany of the agencies in the area offer a very limited 30, 60, or 90 day guarantee. Some do offer a longer guarantee, but only if you are willing to pay a prorated fee determined by the period of time the Nanny has been with your family. This doesn’t really give the impression that the agency is confident that the Nanny in CT they are providing is actually seeking a long term position or is even the best choice.

ABC Nanny Source is different from other agencies in so many ways, including offering each of our families a full One Year Guarantee! If for any reason something should happen and you find that you would like to replace your Nanny within the first year, we will replace that Nanny for only a small administrative fee of $325. The fee will be waived for 30 days following the payment of the hiring fee or any other administrative fee. ABC Nanny Source unconditionally supports each placement we facilitate. In fact, you will be matched with a Placement Counselor as soon as you register who will help you throughout the hiring process and beyond. Under the rare circumstance that you need to find another Connecticut Nanny, your original Placement Counselor will work with you again! After all, they will best understand your unique family situation!Our Connecticut Nannies are legal!

Has your agency personally met with all of the Connecticut Nannies you represent?

All too often, nanny agencies in CT never personally meet with even one of the Nannies who participate in their programs. Usually, a phone interview is enough for these agencies to qualify a candidate, but sometimes this is not even done! Many only require the candidate to fill out an online form or public profile that never goes through any type of verification. Without authenticating the information provided by the candidates, they are not able to guarantee families that it is in fact valid.

ABC Nanny Source requires that each applicant partakes in a phone interview prior to scheduling a face-to-face interview. The applicant is required to meet with at least two Placement Counselors before being qualified to become an ABC Nanny. Each Nanny must also submit to our extensive 10 Step Screening Process before being accepted to the agency. Additionally, all of the references submitted are sent to our dedicated Verification Department, where ABC Nanny Source confirms that all of our Nannies are highly recommended and well qualified.

How much does your agency value safety?
Our Connecticut Nannies go through a 10 step screening processAlarmingly, many agencies do not even require their participants to have any formal training in the event of an emergency situation.

At ABC Nanny Source, it is a stipulation of acceptance that all of our Nannies must be certified in CPR before being allowed to interview with any of our registered families. A lot of our Nannies even go above this to obtain a certification in First Aid as well. ABC Nanny Source also acquires a Motor Vehicle Report for each of our accepted candidates. You are provided with all of these results in the profiles that are sent to you. Our Nannies are certainly prepared and trained to react appropriately in the unlikely event of an emergency.

ABC's Connecticut Nannies are guaranteed to stay for at least one yearWhat kind of background clearances does your agency perform and when?

It is inconceivable that many agencies in Connecticut do not require any sort of background check to be processed until after the Nanny is hired, if at all!

ABC Nanny Source performs a criminal background check well in advance, so only the safest candidates are even available to review. All of our profiles relay the appropriate information from these reports including a criminal background check, drug test results, motor vehicle report results, and even their electronic fingerprints.Does your nanny agency in Connecticut require any life saving skills?

Are all of the Nannies from your agency authorized to legally work in the United States?

Many agencies do no implement any procedure in order to verify social security status. This can certainly lead to complications if the Nanny in question ends up not having the proper paperwork or clearances.

ABC Nanny Source never represents a candidate that is not able to legally work in the United States. A Social Security Trace is performed and provided to you before you in the electronic profile!


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