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Nanny Employment

ALL CT ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Identity Verification Analysis
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Drug Test completed through Quest Diagnostics
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  • Social Security Verification Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement

All of our Nannies are happily placed with wonderful local families!

Lindsay: “ABC Nanny Source is top notch! From the first time I called the Connecticut Nanny Agency to inquire about becoming a nanny, to the latest when I was given an official offer, they were always genuine and efficient. They were able to answer any question I had, and comfort me with any concerns. Once the initial registration process was complete, I was shocked at how quickly I was placed with a family. Within days of my profile becoming active, I was interviewing with families. I was officially offered a full time position within a week! WOW! This agency is truly just amazing. I would recommend ABC Nanny Source to anyone interested in being a Nanny!”

Lucille: “I accidently met an ABC Nanny at one of the local parks who initially told me all about her great experience being placed through this Nanny Agency in Connecticut. Although at the time I had no need for a position because I was already working with a family, I kept their name in the back of my mind for the future because I knew the children I was caring for would soon be entering school full time. Once this happened and my position changed, I immediately submitted an application to ABC Nanny Source and was offered a face-to-face interview with two counselors that same week. As soon as I completed the drug test and my references were verified, I was offered to meet with two different families! Both families were a great fit for me and I was offered BOTH positions! I accepted the position that was a better schedule fit for my personal circumstances, but either position would be a dream for any professional Nanny in Connecticut. I feel very at ease knowing I had this professional local Nanny Agency to count on!”

Marta: "ABC Nanny Source is the most organized, hands-on nanny agency in Connecticut that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As a long time Nanny, I really appreciate the eagerness regarding finding the right families for each nanny. The entire staff really worked very diligently with me to match my profile with families who would appreciate the experience I have and interest specifically in working with families who have special needs children. Within two weeks, I was employed with a great family who really needed me. This family has happily employed me for nearly two years now. They have two children with special needs. It is rare to have a family with such a need for two children and I was so happy to be placed with them. I recommend ABC Nanny Source to all qualified CT Nannies seeking employment as a professional in the industry. They listened to my hopes in a position and accordingly matched me with the family even better than I had requested. I couldn’t have asked for a more receptive agency to my requests."

Ann: "After being on file with several other Nanny Agencies in Connecticut, I grew weary of providing temporary services to different families. I became tired of only working on an as needed basis. I never knew what to expect, and I frequently had to travel nearly an hour to arrive at a family's home for minimal work. I would only work with the family once or twice. I wanted a permanent position with one family who would appreciate an experienced career nanny like me. ABC Nanny Source was truly extremely organized, professional, and caring when helping me find the perfect permanent, local family for me! Now I work just 15 minutes away from home with a family I absolutely adore! I highly recommend ABC Nanny Source, and I am extremely grateful for all of their dedication!"

Maeby: “ABC Nanny Source made the process clear and simple. I am absolutely stunned at how detail oriented their entire staff is! They don’t miss a beat! All of my paperwork regarding my offer for the position was very clear and concise. There was absolutely no gray area. I knew exactly how much I was getting paid and what my benefits package would include. It is apparent that this agency only represents the most professional Nannies and I’m sure, just like me and the family I was placed with, any professional Nanny in CT would be placed with an equally deserving family. They made me feel completely comfortable from the very beginning! I am most definitely spreading the word that ABC Nanny Source is THE agency to go to for a professional long-term Nanny position!”

Lupe: “My Nanny position is working with two adorable children in my local area. There have been multiple occasions where other Nannies have asked me how I have managed to keep such an amazing childcare position. My answer never changes. I let them know that there was no way that I would have been able to find a position like this without the help of ABC Nanny Source! I most certainly recommend that all professional Nannies register with ABC if they are looking for a long-term reliable career in the Nanny industry. I am confident that this agency truly cares about their Nannies and every match they make. That definitely makes ABC Nanny Source a win-win situation for Nannies and families alike!”

Maggie: "I am quite impressed with the efficiency and speed at which I was placed with my current employers! My ABC Nanny Recruiter and Scheduling Coordinator were very prompt at returning my initial calls and setting up an appointment to meet with me. During my ABC interview I found that all my questions were answered, from general questions to more specific issues about families in the area currently seeking a Nanny with my qualifications. This agency was very responsive to all emails and phone calls. I also noticed when being presented with potential positions available through the agency, that the counselors were well prepared with details about what the families were really seeking. Clearly this agency is dedicated to making the best fit and providing both parties with what is needed. I would highly recommend ABC Nanny Source to anyone I know!”

Sally: “Unlike many of the candidates that are accepted by ABC Nanny Source, I had never been a Nanny before applying to this agency. I am a certified Elementary School Teacher who just recently resigned after 20 years in the classroom; but I guess I wasn’t really ready to retire yet! I heard about this agency through one of the parents of the children in my last class who was recommending ABC’s services during a field day trip. I overheard this parent raving about her Nanny and the service she was given through ABC Nanny Source. Later, after things settled down from the excitement of my retirement and I realized I still desired at least a part time position with children, I remembered how highly this parent thought about ABC and thought I would look them up and see if I would have the necessary credentials to apply. I was very pleased to find out that a number of ABC Nannies are Certified Teachers as well and that I did in fact have the necessary background to be accepted. I have secured an after school position with a lovely family with three adorable little boys and I am enjoying every minute of it! I am very thankful for ABC Nanny Source for keeping my love of teaching alive! ”


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