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ALL CT ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Identity Verification Analysis
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Drug Test completed through Quest Diagnostics
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  • Social Security Verification Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions about the Services of ABC Nanny Source in Connecticut

Ask us anything about our Connecticut Nanny Agency!Are you a national online business?

Absolutely not! ABC Nanny Source is a family owned business so we can provide you service with the personal touch. We know the local Greenwich and surrounding area and the nannies so that we can provide the best experience possible from a professional nanny agency.

Do all ABC Nannies speak English?

100% of our accepted Nannies speak, read and write English fluently, while a vast majority of them speak a variety of other languages as well! If this is a preference, be sure to mention it to your Placement Counselor and we will be happy to find multi-lingual candidates for you to meet with!

Can I trust the Connecticut Nannies that you send to my home?

ABC Nanny Source takes every conceivable measure to ensure that each and every candidate you are presented with is both safe and qualified! We completely understand that you would never invite just anyone into your home, and we take this very seriously. We submit every applicant to our 10 Step Screening Process, which includes a criminal background check, a 5 panel drug test through Quest Diagnostics, a Social Security Trace, a Motor Vehicle Report and reference verification.

How do you match a Nanny with a family?

Our staff takes great care when facilitating a match for a family with the right Nanny. Many different factors are taken into consideration when attempting to find the perfect fit for everyone! The Placement Counselors begin by narrowing down the search to candidates within a 30 minute radius of your family’s home. If you are seeking a live in Nanny, the range of candidates then becomes wider. Each live out Nanny that you are presented with will be local and familiar with your exact area! The aspects of your position requirements will then be discussed with the available Nannies, allowing us to send you only those individuals who are genuinely interested in working with your family. We will only send you candidates who have relevant, recent experience!

What types of services are available through ABC Nanny Source?

ABC Nanny Source has at our disposal many individuals available for Full Time Live in and Full Time or Part Time Live out positions!

Our Connecticut Nannies are full time, part time, live in, and live out!How does ABC Nanny Source differ from hiring someone privately or from an online site?

Simply put, safety is the most apparent differentiator from other CT nanny agencies, especially online resources. These sites tend to promote candidates that professional agencies like ABC Nanny Source have already disqualified for various reasons. We require each candidate to meet a variety of different requirements in order to be an ABC Connecticut Nanny. Each Nanny has passed a comprehensive criminal background check, a Social Security Trace, Driving Motor Vehicle Report, a 5 panel drug screening, and an identity verification analysis.

How much will I be charged for services through ABC Nanny Source?

The hiring fee will vary based on the type of nanny that you are requesting. Since ABC Nanny Source specializes in long-term placements, the anticipated annual salary that the hiring fee is based on is calculated by multiplying the weekly salary by 52 weeks. ABC Nanny Source conveniently accepts all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover!
Each placement comes with an inclusive One Year Guarantee!

Full Time Live Out Nannies are typically on duty between 40 and 55+ hours per week and are provided at a fee of 14% of the Nanny’s anticipated first year’s gross salary, with a minimum of $3400.

Full Time Live In Nannies are typically on duty between 50 and 60+ hours per week and are provided to you at a fee of 14% of the Nanny’s anticipated first year’s gross salary, with a minimum of $3400.

Part Time Live Out Nannies are typically on duty between 25 and 39 hours per week and are provided at a fee of 16% of the Nanny’s anticipated first year’s gross salary, with a minimum of $2800.
Our Connecticut Nanny Agency is known for excellent customer service!

Our Family has a dog (or cat, or both!) that needs care while we are not home. Can a Nanny help with this as well?

Absolutely! Many CT Nannies are just as fond of pets as they are of children! Most of them are more than willing to care for your animals while they are on duty, especially if the children are at school. Should you have need of a Nanny and also have pets in the home, we would always send candidates who are pet friendly, and would avoid sending any individuals with possible allergies.

Any further questions will be gladly answered by any of the staff at ABC Nanny Source.

Business hours are Monday through Friday between 9:00am to 5:00pm.


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