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ALL CT ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Identity Verification Analysis
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Drug Test completed through Quest Diagnostics
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  • Social Security Verification Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Are Online Options Really Safe?

Question: Where can you find a Nanny in Connecticut with exquisite credentials and a clear background check?

Consider the best option for your family!

Answer: ABC Nanny Source! We understand how personal the decision to hire a Nanny for your children can be, and safety is always a top concern. To identify what is most important to your family and to ensure that you are only presented with the most qualified and skilled caregivers, you should consider these frequently asked questions:

Hundreds Apply
Extensive Interview
Only the Best Accepted


Question: How important is it to your family that the candidates you are considering have already had their identity professionally verified?

Concern with Online Searches: An online search will have your family sifting through hundreds of unqualified applicants that may very likely have already been rejected by ABC Nanny Source. You just cannot know for sure that the person you are meeting is really the same person that has passed the online background checks, if they are done at all. With the tremendous increase in identity theft cases, it would be very easy to have someone falsify the name that they are using.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Every applicant that comes to ABC Nanny Source for representation must submit to a thorough identity investigation. This process is conducted by a third party entity that is regulated by state law. During this verification process multiple layers are used, including drivers license information, social security information, past addresses, family members, and past employers all in conjunction. This is done to ensure that the candidates sent to you for consideration is truly the same person who has past the drug testing and criminal checks. Some agencies may not find this necessary; however, ABC doesn't view it that way and neither do the families we work for!

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NO Shoplifting
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NO Public Drunkenness
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NO Asssault/

FULLY Comprehensive Criminal Background Investigations

Question: Is it necessary for all considered candidate to have been cleared of all criminal activity before allowing them into your home?

Concern with Online Searches: Database searches often yield plenty of results; however most of those may have invalid credentials or even contain counterfeit information. Online sites do not typically screen their participants for criminal offenses, leaving your family vulnerable to a possibly dangerous situation.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: We are very confident that our 10 Step Screening process yields only the most qualified at home Nannies in CT that are unparalleled among other agencies. We are known to be one of the most trustworthy Nanny Agencies and will provide a superior service to your family. Our screening process only allows your family to be presented with in home childcare providers that are cleared of any convictions or illegal infractions. The screening process is extensive and reliable, and we always verify that the Nanny is credible by running background clearances that include a full Nationwide investigation.

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NO Driving Under the Influence
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Averting Disaster



Question: How essential is it for each candidate you are considering, to have a safe driving motor vehicle record?

Concern with Online Searches: Online search sites do not actually take this crucial information into consideration! If left up to the participants to provide this information based on the honor system, unfortunately they may not choose to disclose any past accidents or violations.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Part of our screening process is to obtain the driving history of each applicant’s motor vehicle report before representing them to families. This information is not accessible to the general public and will disclose any transgressions the individuals may have committed. These reports contain all applicable moving violations and suspensions the candidate may have received. All offenses including driving under the influence, driving while using a handheld device, reckless driving, or any other irresponsible actions will be made known to you prior to your decision to hire.

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NO Substance Abuse
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Question: How can you know that the candidate you have chosen for your family is free of any illegal substance abuse?

Concern with Online Searches: This information is not easily obtained by average household employers and certainly not conducted by online search sites. While this may not be your first concern when dealing with potential caregivers, it may be an underlying factor that some parents may take for granted.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Our Nanny Agency in Connecticut utilizes Quest Diagnostics to conduct a 5 Panel Drug Test on each applicant prior to acceptance. This report reveals to ABC Nanny Source if absolutely any traces of cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, marijuana, and PCP’s are in the candidate’s system. We completely understand and respect the implications that come along with substance abuse and take the results of this test very seriously. A healthy and responsible individual is irrefutably necessary when considering a caregiver for children. Deciding to welcome a Nanny into your home is not unlike personally selecting the exact type of role model you would like for your children.

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Verification Group
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Question: Is it important to you to be confident in the past experiences of every candidate you are considering to hire?

Concern with Online Searches: Resumes are a convenient and sometimes crucial way for any candidate seeking a position in their respective field to express their work history and applicable skills. Unfortunately, embellishments to these documents can be done all too easily. Online search sites will of course unveil plenty of results, but most of these may prove to be irrelevant or questionable at best. In almost every instance, it can be next to impossible to ascertain what is true and what is false in a candidate’s information.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: There is an entire department dedicated to verifying the accuracy of any references provided and experiences listed for all Nannies in Connecticut. The ABC Verification Team reaches out and contacts every individual that has submitted a reference on behalf of our candidates. The details of these references are then provided on the electronic profile for your family to review. You are given a complete profile to ensure that you are able to make a truly informed choice on who to hire!

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Question: Is it critical for the candidates you are contemplating to have verifiable identification and are legally authorized to accept employment in the United States?

Concern with Online Searches: There is in fact no way to verify identity theft through online resources and there is no protection in place to confirm that the person you are corresponding with is indeed who they say they are. This could open up an avenue for fraud in your home and allow a possible criminal to obtain confidential information related to your finances or personal records. In many cases candidates might be concealing a criminal history that may put your family at risk.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: At ABC Nanny Source, we require that all of our applicants provide us with valid government issued photo identification. A Social Security Trace is performed on every candidate as an extra precaution. Every conceivable measure is taken to be completely certain that the person you are contemplating for employment is legitimate and safe.

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Question: Is it important to your family that the Nanny you hire is CPR certified and professionally trained in the event of a life threatening situation?

Concern with Online Searches: Many people may boast that they are certified in CPR or that they are First Aid trained yet all too often these credentials are out of date or do not include the proper training.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Part of our screening process is to verify that each Nanny we represent holds a current, unexpired certificate in CPR training. This is essential in preparing for the unexpected and crucial to providing a safe environment for your little ones.

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Question: Is it imperative that the Nanny you hire values commitment and loyalty and will stay with your family for at least the predetermined amount of time?

Concern with Online Searches: Many individuals who have some minor experience in childcare will consider becoming a Nanny as a transition in between the profession they are really looking for. This could place your family in the position of being without childcare in the event that something more convenient for their long term goals arises. In many cases, these participants of the online sites do not reveal plans to relocate or possibly return to school during the hiring process, leaving your family without reliable care once that time comes.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: ABC requires that each candidate we accept to sign a one year commitment pledge stating that they are definitely seeking long term employment for a minimum of one year. We do not accept anyone who is in a transitional period and admit to needing only a temporary position before moving on to other goals. It is incredibly important that your children receive stability and consistency in their childhood and we do our best possible to provide your family with trustworthy and reliable candidates.

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Question: Is it important to your family that you have a reliable source to go to with any questions or concerns?

Concern with Online Searches: There is often a customer service associate accessible to you, and you are able to peruse the tremendous amount of individuals who live in your area once you have paid their fee. However, the option to have professional and personalized advice customized to your specific needs is entirely unavailable to you.

ABC Nanny Source Solution: Our staff takes a very consultative approach to every placement we facilitate. ABC Placement Counselors are with you every step of the way, even though the process itself is usually incredibly efficient. We follow up with each family to ensure that the Nanny hired is doing well and meeting all of the expectations set forth initially. Most notably, ABC Nanny Source offers every family a full one year guarantee as a protection if a need for another Nanny arises for any reason at all!


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