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ALL Seattle ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Trained
  • Fantastic References
  • Valid Driver's License state verified
  • One Year Pledge
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • SSN Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Personality Evaluation

10 Step Screening Process For Seattle Nannies

Countless parents struggle to find safe, reliable and trustworthy caregivers so we are here to help! It’s not simple to become an ABC Nanny and really, it shouldn’t be! We require a lot from our Seattle Nannies to have representation so that we are providing unparalleled levels of safety and security for families

ABC Nanny Source
will interview numerous applicants before we find a Nanny that we are able to accept. We invest a lot of energy to carefully select who is qualified.

We are committed to excellence! Under our policy you are guaranteed that only first-rate nannies will be fitted for your family’s needs. She shall remain punctual, dressed for success, and true to the highest ethical standards in our lovely Seattle area! Our codes and values are imperative with ABC Nannies. We emphasize our principals with our candidates from our first interactions with them - the difference this makes in the role of your family’s life is our most sincere assurance! We take pride in servicing the Seattle area with the most elite nannies in our region!

To keep our standards above that of the rest of the industry, we only accept candidates that are willing to make a one year pledge. Loyalty and stability is an essential aspect of establishing your family’s positive environment. Our nanny’s agreement to provide at least one year of service is an extraordinary facet to attest to their degree of responsibility; their pledge demonstrates the integrity of our applicants, and has bore witness to the wonderful in-home childcare providers we work with on a daily basis.

Initial Impression
Upon submitting their application, each ABC Nanny candidate is contacted directly. An ABC staff member reaches out immediately to go over their application and clarify any points of concern that are either unclear or that may have raised a red flag. If their qualifications meet our criteria standard - only then are they selected. Candidates invited to the next phases of our screening process.

Interview Stage
The majority of agencies do NOT require nannies to be interviewed before they come to your home in the Seattle area. This is completely discouraging starting from square one. There are a lot of questions unanswered - leaving you uninformed and occasionally surprised with an unexpected character walking into your home. ABC Nanny Source is a firm believer when it comes to trusting anyone we suggest as in-home childcare providers. We account for every detail from personal information confirmation, to her articulation. We try to touch on every aspect of the candidates career experience; have they worked with special needs, years of experience, goals and aspirations for their career, availability, abilities with housekeeping, recreational talents and much much more!

Criminal Background Investigation
It’s equally as shocking to find that many agencies will only do the Nationwide Criminal background check after the Nanny has been hired. This, in effect, means a criminal could have already been welcomed into your home! At ABC Nanny Source, the report results are obtained and then provided to you in the electronic profile.

DMV Check (Motor Vehicle Report)
When you put your children in the vehicle with your nanny the first time - ABC Nanny Source wants you to feel comfortable, confident, and secure that your new nanny is a good driver! Your utmost concern is that your children will be in safe hands. Our candidates all have their driving report on file for your discretion and decision making. Our goal is to provide you with every detail of our candidates background history to assist you in making the best choice for your ideal nanny. Before we offer to represent our candidates, we gather a national background check and provide results that will be available to you for review. This information is available and right at your fingertips in every ABC Nanny’s electronic profile.

Vehicle Registration
We are committed to excellence. We understand the bond your children will have with your nanny. She’ll be a role model and someone respected in your family for years to come. That is why we subject our nanny candidates to a 5 panel drug screening - you will have the results before she steps foot into your home. Our applicants are only considered for representation after they have passed their drug testing through a nationally accredited lab - where even trace amounts are reported.

Social Security Verification
Our candidates have all agreed to a social security verification trace. This ensures you that you’re provided with the absolute best nanny candidates, who are cleared for legal employment in the United States. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing we will only represent candidates with the legal right to work for your family.

Photograph for Profile
Our candidates profile picture will be her first impression! It’s critical that she’s looking great - with a warm smile - after all, this will be the smile your children are absorbing from a caring and nurturing role model in their lives! You’ll be able to recognize her warm smile within moments of opening your front door just from her profile picture.

Personality Evaluation
We have realized that it's not just experience, dependability and safety that matters - hiring a nanny is much more personal than hiring someone for any other profession. Each ABC Nanny has taken a personal evaluation assessment that will identify their style of communication, their strengths and weaknesses that you could never know otherwise. This is all provided to you on their electronic profile prior to ever coming to your home!

In the business and urgency of finding childcare, references can sometimes be overlooked; but not here at ABC Nanny Source! We take extreme caution when ciphering our nanny’s past references. An entire team at ABC Nanny Source works around the clock to verify the references provided by our potential nanny candidates. Our system is the most analytical in our industry. Our Verification Department includes the ages of the children our candidate has worked with, their length of employment, schedules, and a detailed collaboration of thoughts and considerations by the reference provider for its authenticity - refined and sent to you in their e-profile!

Credentials Verified
Copies of all Certifications are provided to you!


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