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ALL Seattle ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Trained
  • Fantastic References
  • Valid Driver's License state verified
  • One Year Pledge
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • SSN Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Personality Evaluation

Do all Seattle Nanny Agencies Offer Quality Nannies?

ABC is a Seattle Nanny Agency!No, unfortunately, not all nanny agencies are created equal. Hiring agencies all have different standards and practices. It’s extremely important while during your research, you’re asking the right questions! Safety, security, confidentiality, and business ethics are all importants, but just a few pieces of the puzzle. We have years of experience and our credibility is with the countless happy families and upstanding nannies we have placed. Other nanny agencies may have lower fees, yet they certainly don't live up to the standards that your family requires. We invest a great deal of effort into preparing our select nannies for showcase. Here is a list of questions ABC Nanny Source recommends when comparing various agencies. .

What’s your relationship with each candidate? Do you meet them?

Meet the Staff at our Seattle Nanny AgencyMost Seattle Nanny Agencies have never even interviewed their candidates. The requirements to register with most online agencies are minimal. At best, you may have a partial picture of who will be walking into your home for the first time.

We are highly motivated to know each candidate we accept into our database for many reasons, for our benefit and for yours! Our candidates are required to complete our exclusive 10 Step Screening Process! ABC Nanny Source in Seattle is more than dedicated to bringing you the best nannies! After our interviews we collect the details including the demeanor and character of each candidate we have chosen to represent, and create an easy to read profile with reference statements, work history, and a recommendation from our Placement Counselor.
. Our Seattle Nannies are legal!
The United States requires every worker to be authorized for legal employment. Does your agency have legal proof for every candidate represented?

There are many good reasons to screen your nanny candidates for employment, among the first should be their legal right to work in our country. It could be a nightmare finding out months later that your nanny has been working illegally. For your families protection, they should be authorized.

ABC Nanny Source requires all applying candidates to be citizens or legally authorized to work in the U.S. All information is confidential, but it will be confirmed prior to our applicant’s acceptance before representing them.

At your agency, what are the standards of clearances before and after hire?
Our Seattle Nannies go through a 10 step screening processDon’t wait for the distressing news that your agency didn’t do a background check, or that your nanny has multiple driving infractions that could put your children’s lives in danger! Many agencies do not have screening processes that provide crucial information; or they may screen after the time of hire, at which point it may be too late!

Our applicants are thoroughly screened. ABC Nanny Source researches their backgrounds, Social Security, CPR/Safety certifications, and reference verifications. With a few more simple steps, we are able to complete a 10 Step Screening Process that has proven success and is virtually unheard of in our industry. Each candidate will have cleared all safety precautions and met with us in person before being presented to our clients for consideration.

Our Seattle Nannies are guaranteed to stay at least a yearHiring a nanny is a serious investment of time, money, and involvement of the most important people in our lives. Is there a guarantee on nanny services? If so, how long?

Most agencies nationwide do not have guarantees on their services. If a guarantee is provided, it is generally insufficient. Some Seattle Nanny Agencies have guarantees that are available; but may cost a prorated fee, or cover a small fraction of time. Both options leave you empty handed after a few months.

We want our clients to feel extremely secure in their investment. ABC Nanny Source has nearly perfected an outstanding One-Year Guarantee that surpasses any available on the market. We stand behind your investment with our reputation for providing first class nannies. Within your first year, if there are any complications whatsoever, or you’re simply looking for a new nanny, we will initiate a new nanny search for a fee of $325. That fee will be waived if you are requesting a transition within thirty days of your initial hiring fee or any other administrative fee paid. For timely and proficient replacement we will most likely re-assign your original placement counselor - we believe in relationships and love to make a long lasting impression. Your placement counselor will already have a head start on your families information and work diligently to accommodate any request!
.Does your nanny agency in NYC require any life saving skills?

Are the nannies represented by your agency CPR Certified? If so, how can we verify that?

Emergencies do happen and accidents are terrible; but being prepared is absolutely crucial when caring for children. Our nannies are CPR Certified; they have generally been First Aid certified, and some even have medical degrees. Most agencies do not require certifications or don’t acknowledge the importance of those who have dedicated their lives to children's safety! In our eyes it is unacceptable to bypass these imperative elements!

ABC Nanny Source has a strict policy regarding our CPR Certifications. All Seattle ABC Nannies must have proof of current CPR certification!

Hiring a Nanny? Have Questions?! You should! Contact an ABC Nanny Source Placement Counselor today! We will work with you to create the peace of mind you deserve while finding solutions to your family’s circumstances!


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