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Nanny Employment

ALL Seattle ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Trained
  • Fantastic References
  • Valid Driver's License state verified
  • One Year Pledge
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • SSN Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Personality Evaluation

Testimonials From Seattle Nannies

“I didn’t know there was an agency in Seattle. I’ve been a nanny for over fifteen years. About 6 months ago I was at a local park and met an ABC Nanny. She shared about her positive experience with ABC Nanny Source. I didn’t think anything of it because I was happy with my current position. I was surprised to hear there was a local Seattle agency. She was very sweet, and after we parted ways I never really took ABC Nanny Source out of the back of my mind. At that time I was very pleased with my position and had no need to pursue anything else. I was working for a wonderful family that I had met by word of mouth. Although, you never really know when things are going to change. A few months later the family’s children started a new school full time and they no longer needed me. I remembered my friend from the park and the positive recommendation she had made about ABC Nanny Source. I figured I would give it a shot! I put in my application, and by the end of that same week I had an interview with ABC Nanny Source. I completed my drug test, submitted my CPR certification, gave them my references - which they verified very quickly, and I knew I didn’t have to worry about my background checks. Within a week of my initial interview, I was sent information about two different families that had expressed in interest in having me care for their children! They were amazing! I would have been happy with either one - any professional nanny would have been. They both offered benefits, and great pay. I decided to go with the family who’s schedule matched mine a little better. I’m happy I had heard about ABC Nanny Source! I’m grateful for the family I’m working with now! It’s comforting knowing that ABC Nanny Source is there and a great option to have when searching for a great nanny position!”

“ABC Nanny Source provides an excellent service for Nannies and Families! I’m happy I secured the great position I have now with them. They maintained a good level of communication during my entire process. The official offer of employment made everything clear and concise. I feel like I started my position on a really good note! I was actually a little hesitant in the beginning because of the requirements they have to use their service. Their profile process required a drug test, a photo at their agency, background checks, interviews, fingerprints. It actually sounded like a lot. I was slightly hesitant to get started. I knew that I had nothing to stress, I just wasn’t sure. After I applied I realized how worth it it really was. I spoke with a few families that were all looking for a serious long-term professional nanny. I believe I found the perfect family for me at ABC Nanny Source! I highly recommend their service! You won’t be disappointed!”

“I’m happy to take a minute to praise your agency! I’ve worked with a few different agencies in Seattle. I truly haven’t come across any that were as professional as ABC Nanny Source. Anyone I’ve ever spoke with at your agency has treated me exceptionally well. Your team is always polite, courteous, and extremely helpful! I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with you to find the terrific position I have now! I felt privileged to be accepted by your agency and I look forward to making you proud with the dedication I have for the family I was matched with!”

“I am a proud Seattle Nanny who is currently working for a family that has a precious set of toddler twins! My previous family suddenly and unexpectedly moved across the country! I was a little nervous because I wasn’t in a good place to be unemployed. I’d been hired in an extremely timely matter before by the agency, I just wasn’t sure how it would all work out. The agency’s Placement Counselor reactivated my profile right away. She graciously assured me she would have the verification department verify my good standing with the ABC Family who had moved. By the end of the week, not only did they verify my most current reference, they had sent my profile to a new family that was less than ten minutes away from my home! I couldn’t believe it! Within two weeks I had been hired and was very excited to begin working with a new family. ABC Nanny Source was there for me! I can’t thank them enough. They followed up shortly after to make sure the transition was smooth and everything was going well. It was just that! Everything was smooth and a surprisingly easy transition! I’m relieved to know they are there for me! I love being a part of these twin’s lives and watching them grow! They are the sweetest. I thank ABC Nanny Source for everything. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!”

“I have used a few different Seattle agencies. I am a career nanny. I returned to my previous agency when the family I was working with decided they no longer needed me full-time. I’m an extremely dedicated person. I was with my family for several years, and three years with the family before that. I felt like my credentials were pretty commendable so I returned to my agency. The agency wasn’t very responsive and receptive to my needs. I just didn’t feel a sense of urgency in finding a new position with them. After all, I did have a pretty good resume. I had simply felt ignored for weeks and needed to move forward. I was only offered one position for an on call nanny that was 50 minutes away from my house in a month’s time. I had to try something different! I did some research and found a few really good reviews from happy nannies who had used ABC Nanny Source. I’m still a loyal person and didn’t want to leave my agency that had placed me with my previous families. Yet, I figured it would be harmless to fill out an application with ABC Nanny Source as well. I couldn’t believe they responded within 24 hours! Right away I received a call and the opportunity to get moving! I was able to express the concerns I had about my current agency. Loyalty means alot to me. I just couldn’t believe their eagerness to get me into a great position! The scheduling coordinator explained the details of their process to be represented. I was confident in them and they seemed even more confident in me. So why not go for it!? I met with them for a face-to-face interview the following week. They were extremely professional and upbeat in person, just as they were on the phone! In all the time I had been with my other agency, or any of the other agencies I had never once met with one of their agents face-to-face! I was very surprised! Meeting them in person really gave me an assurance of how real they were! They all represented childcare backgrounds and were dressed for success. While I was waiting for my interview I watched their informational video that described the agency and their structure, their reasoning behind all of their standards, and a little history of their success! It also fully covered and reminded me of everything I would need for my interview in a few minutes. Again I felt refreshed and reassured that I was in the hands of caring professionals. I left feeling better than when I came; it had a good flow. It was a nice agency experience! Two weeks later I had already spoke with three families. When I was offered my position - it came with a better salary and benefits than I had ever received before! The family I work for lives practically down the road from my home. I foresee myself working for them for many years to come, maybe even longer than my other positions! Mom is expecting a newborn any day! How exciting is that!? I’m not planning on any changes for awhile, but if I were to need another position, ABC Nanny Source would be the first place I went! They’re professional, kind, and motivated to place career nannies! Thank you ABC!”

“ABC Nanny Source made my process of getting an amazing job clear, simple, and fun! I was blown away with their extremely detail oriented operation! They take everything very seriously, yet their energy and excitement to get nannies hired is optimistic and contagious. I had such a good feeling from them since the first moment I found their website! My offer for the position was absolutely clear. I didn’t feel like there was a fine print that was hiding anywhere like you do with some contracts. I knew exactly what my expectations were; what my salary was, and how awesome my benefits were before I was hired officially. It is visible how much ABC Nanny Source cares about professionalism. They only accept quality nannies which gave me an honorable feeling knowing I was considered so highly both by the agency and my new family! If you’re a professional Nanny, and you’re looking for a great position, this is YOUR agency for an desirable long-term nanny position! I will be spreading the word! ABC Nanny Source is spectacular!”

“My Nanny position is working with three children ranging from the ages of 9-14. They are so much fun, with a lot of energy. There is never a dull moment! I should mention they are very well behaved and have great manners. We have the best times together. I take so much pride in my job since I do consider myself a professional. And if it came down to it - I would be able to handle any situation calmly and dependably. Normally we are having such a good time I can’t imagine anything else! I’ve been approached by other nannies that ask me how I found a job like this!? The answer is simple and never changes - ABC Nanny Source - I say it with a SMILE! I encourage them to get registered ASAP! “Who knows,” I tell them “This could be you in a month from now.” If you have vision for a long-term nanny position, and you’re a professional - why not!? I highly recommend to you now, do yourself the same justice and get registered. The sooner you do, the sooner you could be enjoying your job as much as I do mine. I wish the best of luck and best wishes to my fellow nannies!”

“This Seattle nanny agency is hands down the best agency there is! From day one, I felt appreciated, inspired, and always well taken care of. It’s obvious that the team at ABC Nanny Source loves what they do and will go the extra mile for Nannies to get treated well! All of the ladies I worked with at ABC really seemed to enjoy what they do! Their commitment and dedication got me a job that not only met my needs, but offered more than what I was looking for. I was a perfect match with my family, because I met all of their needs too! It’s thrilling to be in a work environment where you are appreciated and respected! My qualifications are admired by my current family; and I admire everything about them! I really can’t share enough positivity that I have from my experience with ABC! I’m so glad I got to work with them! I know why they have the reputation they do; they are awesome!”


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