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ALL Seattle ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Trained
  • Fantastic References
  • Valid Driver's License state verified
  • One Year Pledge
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • SSN Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Personality Evaluation

ABC Nanny Source understands there are many questions to be answered when considering an agency for representation. What sets us apart from other agencies? What’s required of me? How much will I earn? Will I have benefits? These and more commonly asked questions are answered below!

What kind of Salary can I expect to make as a Seattle Nanny with ABC Nanny Source?

There are many factors to take into consideration when determining a nanny’s hourly wages/salary. Each family will provide their requests, roles, and requirements of their position. Their position may offer more or less depending on the responsibilities. The decision may also reflect your personal experience and credentials. Your ABC Placement Counselor will negotiate with the family on your behalf. If there are additional household duties, upkeep, and/or other expectations there will be a higher wage requirement. The number of hours you’re working also plays a role in the the deciding factor. You will not have to worry about it - in the least! Your Placement Counselor will be there for you, negotiating the best wages/salary, vacation pay, sick/personal days, and holiday time as possible! We try our best to relieve you of any awkward or unfair feelings regarding this very important aspect of employment. Full time nannies often earn anywhere from $800-$1200+ per week, and part-time nannies can usually expect to make $20-$25+ per hour. Again, there are so many variables that play a part in wages/salary determination that make it almost impossible for us to predict. Each situation is different and requires the utmost attention of your Placement Counselor to ensure that you’re well compensated for your efforts. These numbers are simply averages and only to be used as guides - not expectations.

What do I need to do to apply for a Seattle Nanny job?

If you are interested in applying, please fill our our Nanny Application first! There are a number of requirements that an ABC Scheduling Coordinator will need to clarify. We will be in contact with you within 1-2 business days letting you know the next steps. If you’re qualified and we feel that you may be a great potential candidate, we will formally match you with an ABC Placement Counselor. We will need your signed permission to perform criminal background checks and motor vehicle reports. We will also make copies of your CPR certification, Social Security Card, and valid driver's license. These are all standard requirements in order to represent you as an ABC Nanny Source nanny. All information will be added to your electronic profile. At that point, should you wish to continue pursuing a position through ABC Nanny Source. Our final determinations will be made after your references have been verified and you will begin to receive communication from our Placement Counselors regarding positions available near you!

How much experience should I have?

Our portfolio of professional nannies at ABC Nanny Source is our pride and joy! We offer a diverse collection of highly qualified in-home childcare providers to our clients. Most ABC Nannies have previous extensive training through a variety of different childcare backgrounds including, teachers, CNA’s, stay at home moms (who have real life experience - most of the time their children are grown or in school full time), and previously professional nannies. Any potential nanny seeking representation must have previous childcare experience to qualify for an ABC Nanny Source referred position. We take this very seriously for the protection and security of our family clients. We do verify extensively your credentials through childcare references, personal references, and educational credentials. Until verification is complete, potential ABC Nannies will not be cleared for the hiring process.

Will I need to drive for my position as a Nanny?

Nearly all of our ABC Families require driving. It will be outlined and discussed prior to employment. There are circumstances occasionally, depending on the age of the children, the needs of the family, and their locations that do not require driving. When driving is required, you can expect to drive your own vehicle. Again, there are circumstances when a family vehicle is provided and you’ll be using that as your means to transport the children to and from activities, playdates, doctor visits, errands, etc. Regardless of the family’s situation, it is an absolute requirement as an ABC Nanny to have a valid driver's license; and in most cases, an appropriately registered and reliable vehicle.

Will I be an employee of ABC Nanny Source?

ABC Nanny Source is a referral agency only. You will be hired directly by the family that presents you with an offer of employment. Our clearances and interviews are for screening and filtering purposes only. You will NOT be an employee of ABC Nanny Source. We will represent you and your requests as far as negotiations employment offers and terms of the contract. We will also do a follow-up after employment has begun to ensure a great fit, receive feedback, and offer a survey to measure your satisfaction of our placement process..

What about taxes?

We will suggest a payroll service agency to families that are interested in paying through a third party. There are several different ways that families handle this aspect of the hiring process. In no way does ABC Nanny Source determine your taxation status with the family you are placed with.

How long will it take to secure a position?

After their initial interview, ABC Nannies usually are able to have their electronic profile completed within a week or two. As soon as this is done, their profile will immediately begin to be sent to our current family clients who are seeking comparable qualities in a nanny, and who live within a reasonable commuting distance from their homes. ABC families will have multiple candidates to choose from. They will then narrow it down to the nannies they feel are most inclined to match with their families needs and attributes. When a family has selected their particular choice, an ABC Placement Counselor will reach out to you with detailed information regarding the position that includes: a complete job description, hours, days of the week, the offered hourly wages or salary, and the family’s prefered start date of the position. With everyone’s best interests in mind, and if you're inclined to the position, the Placement Counselor will work out a detailed offer of employment. We want you to feel supported, comfortable, and trusting every step of the way. If you're overwhelmed about the position we’ll be there to encourage you. If your overjoyed about the position, we’ll be there to celebrate with you. Often times, nanny’s profiles will be sent out to several different families. This offers solid exposure and the assurance that when you’re hired, the family that you’re matched with will be as eloquent as you are!


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