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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Danica chose to become a Bellevue Special Needs Nanny because she cares for children and wants positively influence their future!

“My dream is to become a Registered Nurse and eventually work in pediatrics. I have a strong passion for the care of others, specifically children, and look forward to my future career in the medical field. I am Basic Life Support/CPR certified. Taking on the special role of a Bellevue Special Needs Nanny is my calling and would greatly help me understand the roles, duties and responsibilities of a parent. I hope you consider me to guide your child/children in the right direction, alongside of you. I have a firm background in medicine and have always greatly desired to put my knowledge of medicine to use. Choosing to become a nanny over my current role in Public Relations and Integrated Marketing was easy, I followed my heart and I fully intend to make a lasting relationship with the family who selects me to care for their children! I have been serving in some form of childcare for over 10 years and can honestly say that I will adore what I do! I feel children are our future, and it's up to us to guide them in the right direction! My goal as a nanny is to take great care of children by putting their safety and health first. I fully intend on passing along my knowledge and positive experiences and touch the lives of children. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes laundry, vacuum, dishes and cooking. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am extremely organized, steadfast, adaptable, positive and loving. Some activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include exercise, outdoor activities, reading, cooking and spending time getting to know the wonderful family I will work for! If asked to describe the perfect family seeking a nanny like me I would hope they would be family oriented, maintain a great work/life balance, happy, smart, welcoming and extremely lovable and warm. I truly look forward to becoming part of yours!”

“Danica went above and beyond her duties as a Bellevue Special Needs Nanny. Often, I would return from work to find she folded laundry, emptied the dishwasher along with other household chores that were not part of her responsibilities. Danica was always the one sitting on the floor with my children. Based on that experience I asked her if she would be able to help out while I went to work. I am a single Mom with my oldest having special needs, I was working full time. To have someone who was so eager to entertain the kids and trustworthy was a blessing. It was very important that she was on time and reliable. She adjusted to all my children’s needs, cleaned up, prepared food and would even get them involved in cleaning up to surprise me. She was responsible for taking my oldest off the bus and letting the dog out. She would take the initiative to bath kids if needed, put away laundry and take the dog and children for a walk. I always returned to a household that was in the same if not better condition I had left it in. She was constantly thinking of additional activities such as baking cookies to stimulate the children. Often, she would arrive with her own supplies to do arts and crafts. My children would ask for her all the time. I always knew my children and my home would be well cared for when she was there. After we moved we still keep in touch, my kids still are happy to see her. I can’t say enough good things about the experience my family has had with her.”

“My daughter loved when Danica was coming. She didn’t just come over to be there and supervise; she was there to engage and have a fun filled day. Always went above and beyond what was asked of her. If she already had a commitment and I asked her last minute, she changed her schedule on numerous occasions to assist us. Danica is always a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her as a Bellevue Special Needs Nanny!”

“Danica was excellent! I never came home to a house that was a mess. The children were always well cared for. If anything, she would go above and beyond the job. She is a wonderful, smart and reliable Bellevue Special Needs Nanny. I never had to worry when the children were in her care. She adapts to any situation and was able to always stay calm and had a great way of redirecting the kids so that things would run smoothly. My children still are in contact with her and they get together every once in a while, to catch up now that they are older they have made a friend for life. I couldn’t have asked for a better role -model for my girls.”

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