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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Glenda is an incredible King County Live In Nanny who teaches the children in her care Spanish since she is a bi-lingual Nanny!

“My name is Glenda and I was born and raised in Honduras until the age of 12. I absolutely love and adore children! I have over 15 years of childcare experience and have cared for children of various ages. I am an energetic, fun, loving, caring, dependable, honest, trustworthy and responsible King County Live IN Nanny. I am fluent in many languages such as; English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I feel as though it takes a special person to work with children. Working with them is not a job to me; it’s my passion. I will treat any child like my own by providing them with the proper love, care, attention, and support that they deserve. You can rest assured in knowing that your child is in safe under my care and in good hands. Though I am responsible and mature, I am also a big kid at heart and can guarantee that your children will be happy, have lots of fun, and will always be learning new things on my watch. Activities I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include outdoors activities such as swimming, trips to the playground, bike riding, kite flying, etc. I would also incorporate reading, arts and crafts, music, baking and cooking. I would love the opportunity to care for your loved ones and look forward to meeting with you!”

“My family has had the privilege of having Glenda Rodriguez as our King County Live IN Nanny with our one-year-old daughter and a two-year old daughter, and they love Glenda. We specifically requested Glenda to work with our family when we contacted the childcare company because we had worked with her before as back-up to our regular daycare. When we requested Glenda, it was because our one-year-old recently had had some health issues that required we take her out of daycare, and we wanted someone that we could trust would be a wonderful caregiver and responsible individual in our home. Glenda has been an amazing addition to our family. Our daughters squeal with delight each morning Glenda comes to our front door, and they give her big hugs. She does a range of activities with our girls every day, including reading books, singing songs, coloring books, playing with toys and puzzles indoors, playing outside in our backyard, and going on walks in our double stroller to the park and playground. Glenda is very skilled at getting both of our girls to eat and drink plenty during the day- not always an easy task! She also has been able to get both of our girls to nap each day, so they are not cranky when we come home from work. Our girls even ask us for Glenda to come over on the weekends. Glenda has also always been very professional with us. She has never been late and almost always shows up early to help. She has always been accurate with reporting the hours she has worked to her company since sometimes we come home from work early and do not require her the entire day. Glenda communicates with us very well about how our daughters are doing each day, including eating, sleeping, diapers, activities, and how they are getting along with each other. She encourages them to learn to share and play nicely. When our daughters have been sick, we have asked Glenda to monitor their temperature throughout the day, and she has been able to let us know when they have had a fever. We have been very thankful that Glenda could work with our family. We had always intended to have her work with us for a short period of time while we were dealing with our daughter's health issues and were in between daycares, so otherwise, we would have liked to have worked with Glenda longer. Any family would be lucky to have Glenda work with them and join their family.”

“Glenda was recommended to me by my co-worker who had also employed Glenda to care for her twin boys. She had only positive things to say about Glenda and trusted her completely. At the time, I was looking for a King County Live IN Nanny for my son who was about 1 year old. Cased on my co-worker’s recommendation, I interviewed Glenda and everyone in my family liked her immediately. Glenda is a very loving, trustworthy and has a good sense of humor. She is very reliable and arrived on time every day. She kept the boys on a consistent schedule, with an outing in the morning, to wither a playground, indoor play area, or a library. She drove the boys to activities and I felt very comfortable letting her do that. I knew that the boys’ safety was her priority. They were back for lunch around 11, and after which she put them down for naps. In the afternoon, the other boy left early and she took my son for walks outside of the house. My son was happy to see her in the mornings but whenever he was sad to say goodbye to either my husband or I, we knew she would make him feel better. When he was feeling a bit under the weather I was not worried about staying home with him, because we knew she was going to take care of him. We texted frequently, and she was very responsive. She was great at managing any disagreements (over toys or her attention) between my son and the other boy in the nanny share. She was also very open to feedback. From the beginning it was clear that she has a lot of experience and knows how to create a nurturing environment for the children, having worked as a nanny for years and being a loving mom herself. I am happy to recommend Glenda as a nanny.”

“Glenda worked for our family, as part of our nanny share with our son who was 12 months old when Glenda began with us, and he just turned 2 who her position ended. Our son had been home with us for the first year and is slow to warm up to new people, but much to our surprise he took to Glenda right away. Glenda’s warm and loving nature, and the fact that our son took to her so easily, made the transition so much smoother for us. Glenda is punctual, trustworthy, loving and made an effort to get the boys in the nanny share out of the house every day. My son has boundless energy and Glenda was able to keep up with him. She is responsible and earned our trust quickly, as we knew she would make good decisions for our son. I appreciated Glenda’s ability to communicate when any issues arose, and found her to always be reasonable. Another word that I would use to describe Glenda is family-oriented. As such, she became like a member of our family. Prior to hiring Glenda, we knew that the nanny share would only last for one year, as we had enrolled our son in a preschool for the fall of 2016. Still we were all sad when the time came for us to part ways. We plan to keep Glenda in our lives and hope she will babysit for us occasionally on weekend and recommend her as a King County Live IN Nanny without hesitation. I welcome you to contact me with any questions.”

“It is our pleasure to recommend Glenda as a nanny. Glenda was assigned to us as a part-time care provider through a previous agency she was registered with. From the first interaction with our children, we gained immediate confidence and trust in her, leading us to secure her full-time service at the soonest opportunity. Glenda provided exemplary full-time care of our twin boys beginning at the age of 3 months. During her time with our family, Glenda provided a nurturing and supportive environment that enriched the boys’ development. Glenda is a bright, affectionate and skilled provider for multiple children. She has created a positive environment for our boys and helped to foster cognitive development by speaking to them in Spanish and Portuguese in addition to English. While Glenda's primary focus is always in creating a positive environment for our boys, she is always willing to help with household chores, thus supporting us as parents in our day-to-day needs. Her approach to caring for the boys compliments our parenting approach well, as she respects our personal philosophies while being confident enough to independently make day-to-day decisions regarding the well-being of our children. Glenda is very focused about her role as a nanny and her love for children is evident in the way she interacts with them. The boys light up as soon as they see Glenda every morning and are clearly content in her presence, which helps us as parents feel completely comfortable leaving them in her care. Certainly Glenda is a highly qualified and compassionate care provider and we are grateful for the time she spent with our family. We are happy to recommend Glenda as a King County Live IN Nanny without reservation. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to hear more about our experiences with her.”

“Glenda is an extremely trustworthy, loyal, and conscientious person who takes her job very seriously. In the four years that Glenda has been with our family, she has always arrived to work on time and provided our children with the upmost quality care. She is responsible for preparing meals for the children, taking them to the park or play areas, and ensuring that they nap during the day. I was once told that the sign of a good nanny is when the children are excited to see the person. Such is the case in our home. When Glenda arrives in the morning, the children are excited and happy to see her. This situation has not changed in four years. When we travel, the children often ask about Glenda and are excited to see her when we return. In the time that Glenda has been with us, we have trusted her to drive our vehicles to take the children to school and playgrounds as well as given her money on numerous occasions to purchase things for the children and for the household. She always brings back receipts and change (when appropriate). Finally, I often travel internationally for my job and when I am gone, Glenda will often work extra hours during the week to help my husband with the children. She will arrive earlier and stay later into the evening, bathe the children and get them ready for bed. She will often pick me up or drop me off at the airport as well. Glenda is flexible, always willing to help and someone that we can count on. Had our children not been enrolled in school and our needs not changed, she would still be with us. I am honored to submit a recommendation on behalf of Ms. Glenda and I hope that you consider her as a King County Live IN Nanny; she would be a true asset.”

“Glenda is a phenomenal nanny and had we not moved away, she would still be with us. On paper, Glenda’s prior roles in serving as a nanny to twins and triplets, in addition to her many years of experience and outstanding reference letters, made her a top candidate during our interview process. When we met her in person, her pleasant demeanor and calm, thoughtful approach to the discussion set her far above the other candidates. Finally, when we contacted her references they spent a great deal of time talking about the wonderful experiences that they had in working with Glenda. All of these factors made the decision to hire Glenda very clear for us. Since she has worked with us, Glenda has become an indispensable part of our household, taking care of our daughter on weekdays while my husband and I are at work. In addition to taking great care of our child, she is also very helpful around the house, doing laundry, managing the dishwasher and other chores and errands as needed. She is always on time in the morning, and if she cannot come to work (which is very rare) she gives us as much notice as possible. Glenda is also available to watch our child at night and on weekends, which is great for us because we prefer to work with Glenda rather than hire temporary assistance. Glenda has a strong work ethic; she is family focused and is naturally very good with children. She is thoughtful, considerate and keeps detailed records of our daughter’s day so that we can quickly get up to speed when we return home from the workday. She lets us know right away if there are any concerns during the day, and we trust her judgment. Perhaps most importantly, our daughter liked Glenda right away and the two of them have become great friends. She has always enjoyed spending time with her. Glenda would make a great King County Live IN Nanny for any family seeking a reliable, trustworthy, and proactive caregiver. We highly recommend her!”

“I am pleased to give my highest recommendation to Glenda for a position in housekeeping and/or childcare. Glenda has been in my employ doing a combination of these duties, and did excellent work. Glenda is very conscientious about being a professional. She made a point of arriving at work at the appointed hour. If anything would keep her from arriving on time, she would phone immediately. She is a very responsible person, and absolutely trustworthy. During her employ, I provided her with a household credit card for her use in buying cleaning supplies and groceries. She never abused this access to credit. In short, I never had a moment's concern about her being and working in my home. Glenda's housekeeping work involved vacuuming, dishes, laundry, making beds, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, and keeping the playroom tidy. She followed a routine which allowed her to accomplish all of these tasks regularly. Glenda's childcare duties involved care for my two young children. They included picking them up from school and supervising them during the afternoons. She also supervised and prepared dinner for them two evenings each week. She was a lovely caregiver. The children were properly supervised and prepared hot, balanced meals. I never felt concern for their safety under Glenda's care. I can also say, first hand, that Glenda is a very safe driver. Furthermore, she has child seats properly installed in her vehicle, and always ensured that the children were properly secured in them before driving. Glenda was also glad to perform other occasional tasks for us, such as picking up dry cleaning or coming in to feed our pet cat when we went out of town. As a pet owner, herself, she understood our wanting our pet to stay at home while we were away. Also, if there was a special event which my wife and I wanted to attend, which happened outside of her regular hours, she was glad to work out flexible hours in order to sit with our children while we were out. Glenda was a pleasure to have in our employ. While serious about her work, she also has a pleasant personality and sense of humor. Once again, I gladly give my strong recommendation to you as a King County Live IN Nanny.”

“For almost two years, Glenda has been employed by our family. For most of that time, Glenda was the principal care-giver in our home for my mother, until she passed away at almost 97. Thereafter, she continued until the end of the year as our housekeeper. We have absolute confidence in Glenda's integrity and have felt comfortable entrusting to Glenda my mother's welfare, and at times our four-year old triplets, in addition to our home. We will not forget the painstaking care and affection Glenda showed to my mother during her last year. My mother was fairly mobile and self-sufficient at the beginning of that time. She and Glenda made almost daily outings to parks and shopping malls. Glenda was unfailingly kind and patient and helped her through her every task. Glenda was constantly alert for medical problems and immediately informed us when she noticed problems requiring a doctor's attention. Although we lived together with my mother, Glenda sometimes detected these problems before we did and helped to ensure that my mother got prompt medical attention. Glenda's kindness to older people is not a technique. It is a genuine and innate part of her character. Glenda was the best King County Live IN Nanny and came to assist us at a time when my mother most needed her. Glenda is a polite person and is a pleasure to be around. Since my mother's passing, we no longer needed Glenda's assistance. In addition, Glenda prefers to concentrate on assistance to the elderly, a field in which she plans to study and develop a career. Our children will miss her friendly presence. The girls will miss their "private hairdresser," who makes their ponytails and pigtails for them every day, and we will as well!”

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