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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Ruth is an ABC Kirkland Live In Nanny because she can really make a difference for a family!

“I am quiet and reserved person. I enjoy cleaning and taking care of people/children. I am a nurturer. I would like to return to school to complete my master’s degree. I would like to meet a need thereby serving that purpose. I am married 14 years and had one son who is 23 years. If I can be of any assistance in helping a family during after-school hours only I would love the opportunity to do this as a nanny. I have been serving in some form of childcare experience for over 7 years and can honestly say I enjoy what I do! I feel the children are Special and a blessing. My goal as a Kirkland Live IN Nanny is to meet a family need. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am enjoyable, fun, loving, caring and dependable. Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include board games, movies, going to library, museums and or restaurants.”

“I have known Ruth for five years. During that time, I was the Administrative Assistant to the Director and I had opportunities to interact with her on a personal level. I found Ruth to be a hard-working, conscientious, and a dependable employee. I was impressed mostly by her integrity, honesty, her compassion and commitment to her position. Ruth would be an asset in any capacity in which she is employed as a Kirkland Live IN Nanny.”

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Ruth to ABC Nanny Source as a Kirkland Live IN Nanny. She is my friend and a former co-worker. Mrs. Ruth and I have worked together for 3 years. She is knowledgeable, dedicated and innovative. She regularly self develops in all academic areas to the benefit of her students. Many children know and admire Ruth as an Assistant Teacher. One special young man comes to mind. The student was physically disabled, below grade level and lacked self-esteem and adequate skills needed for success in high school. Mrs. Ruth went beyond what his individual educational plan entailed. She paired with the student’s school resources and linked them with services from the community where she became the student’s and his parent’s advocate. Mrs. Ruth stayed and escorted him to social functions and helped him to become more at ease in his environment and more confident with his peers. Mrs. Ruth clearly was instrumental in assisting the student to elevate in his grade levels. The student has transferred to an intermediate / high school where he is learning and preparing for his career choice without the intensive assistance he once needed. I admire her strength, fortitude, and commitment of excellence that she demands of herself and that she inspires in others.”

“How can one describe Mrs. Ruth? She is definitely a great worker and a take charge individual. On numerous occasion due to other employees advancing in their careers and moving on. I've found that Mrs. Ruth is dependable and reliable. During transitions to a few classrooms where there have not been a Lead Teacher, she filled the position by going above and beyond the call of duty by supervising other staff workers including them as part of the team in curriculum lesson planning, assessing children's progress reports and sending out correspondence report to parents; supervising children, keeping the classroom clean and orderly, displaying children's art work throughout the classroom, hallways and bulletin boards on a month to month basis. She has a great relationship with the children and the children adore her and look forward to seeing her. Her work performance is superb to greeting/dismissing the children on and off the bus, to story-time, circle-time, playroom / trip outings. She would be an excellent Kirkland Live IN Nanny!”

“Her duties included assisting classroom teacher with setting up and implementing activities planned for the day, assisting children in all their daily living skills which include feeding, dressing and toileting, as well as maintenance of classroom specifically cleaning/sanitizing of toys and work areas. Ruth's strengths are that she is a leader, reliable, very hard working, and most importantly very sensitive to the needs of all the students involved. Ruth is a pleasure to work with making her an asset anywhere she is employed as a Kirkland Live IN Nanny.”

“I have known Ruth for approximately 4 years in her role as a teacher. During this time, I have found Ruth to be a caring, responsible, and devoted person. Ruth has developed strong relationships with the children she services. She treats them as she would treat her own children. Ruth is capable of running circle time, she knows how to don braces, and position and carry special needs children. Ruth is timely and rarely misses work. I would recommend her to any family in need of a Kirkland Live IN Nanny.”

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