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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Shannon chose to be a Laurelhurst Household Manager so she can support families when it matters most!

“I absolutely love working with children. My goal is to further their education as well as create a safe, playful environment for each individual child to thrive in! I am a very dedicated, organized, and hardworking Laurelhurst Household Manager. I have been serving in some sort of childcare for over ten years! I have been a nanny for all age’s children ranging from infants to twelve years old. I was a live-in caretaker for three girls for one year. I have also been a nanny for a family of two-year-old twins and a sixteen-month-old, as well as a family of four children ages four, seven, nine, and eleven years old. I am currently attending online college in hopes to become a Child Advocacy Lawyer. My goal as a nanny is to help children grow by using my knowledge about growth and development in children. I am willing to do housekeeping upon the family’s requests that includes; dishes, wiping down counters, laundry, and reorganization. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am patient, understanding, caring, hardworking and energetic! I love to incorporate music and art in children’s daily schedule! If asked to describe the perfect family seeking a nanny like me, I would hope that they be very inviting, friendly and respectful”

“Shannon has cared for my three children on a regular basis as both a daytime and (occasional) evening nanny. I always felt safe leaving my children with her and I cannot say enough about how reliable and responsible she is as a caretaker. I've also appreciated her punctuality, attention to detail and flexibility. To compliment her strong work ethic, Shannon has a friendly, warm, calm and patient personality - all essential traits for childcare. I highly recommend her for any future nanny or Laurelhurst Household Manager position. I believe Shannon would be a fantastic employee for your organization and a wonderful addition to any family. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.”

“Shannon was my family's nanny for four months. I have twin girls aged 2 and a 16-month-old girl. Shannon was always extremely observant of their needs and wants. She constantly showed me that she was able to keep up with their rambunctious personalities! Shannon was responsible for cooking meals, driving the girls, putting the girls down for naps, bottle feeding, and light housekeeping. She was extremely helpful to our entire family because she made sure to always be on time, as well as make sure everything I needed was done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Shannon for any type of job involving the care of children, and most definitely for the role of Laurelhurst Household Manager. She is not only very professional, but she is a very trustworthy caretaker. She has a love for children of all ages and it is obvious she loves what she does!”

“I am writing this letter to recommend my former nanny, Shannon for a position as a Laurelhurst Household Manager or any position involving the care and instruction of children. I have known Shannon for approximately six years and have been grateful to have her both as my frequent nanny and for a long time as my live-in nanny. I hired Shannon to come over after school and help watch my children, so that I could rest or take care of household chores. During this time, I was able to view how she handled and interacted with my children. I was very impressed, particularly with how capable she was with my infant daughter. As Shannon and I got to know each other better, my admiration of her continued to grow by leaps and bounds. As my children got a bit older, I grew confident leaving all three in Shannon's care while I went out to run errands. My children quickly grew to love Shannon. Shannon was always on time, which was important as I have a long commute to work. She was great at making the healthy meals I wanted my children to eat. She helped me out by doing occasional loads of laundry, folding clean clothes, and some straightening and organizing of household areas. In fact, I was so impressed with Shannon's diligence and responsibility that I allowed her to take my children in our in-ground swimming pool, even though two of three could not swim at the time. Shannon was a real asset to us in that she took our children to their daily swim lessons. We were all very sad when Shannon moved out, but fortunately, she is still our regular babysitter. More importantly, she is now considered part of our family and we see her as often as we can. A few of the things my children loved about Shannon were the arts and crafts she always brought for them to enjoy and the outings she planned for them. One thing I loved about Shannon was how well she handled the discipline of my children. She gave them guidance and gentle reprimands as needed without yelling or losing her cool. In fact, she is probably one of the calmest people I know. I was also gratified by how well she listened to my directions about various things (discipline, diet, television time, outdoor time, etc.) and implemented my wishes. Shannon has a great deal of experience and is fully capable of handling multiple children of all ages, from newborn to middle school. I wholeheartedly recommend Shannon for any position of nanny, daycare provider or giver of child instruction.”

“I would like to recommend Shannon as a candidate for a nanny position. Having known Shannon her entire life, I can say with full confidence that she has always been very mature for her age, and she has always been a responsible, hard-working, and passionate person. Shannon has been working with children since she was a teenager as a babysitter for several different families, and eventually she became a full-time nanny for families. Shannon has experience with all ages, from birth to 18, and she has even taken care of my own son on numerous occasions within the past three years. I know Shannon takes her job working with children very seriously, and she understands how important it is to recognize the unique needs of each individual child and provide care accordingly. She works well with parents to accommodate special needs and to respect family values, traditions, and practices. Shannon has worked with children of various cultures and backgrounds, as well, and has developed a strong sense of multicultural awareness. Shannon is flexible, organized, and dedicated to doing what is best for both the children and their families. She communicates well and has had excellent rapport with each of the families she has worked for. Shannon would be an asset to any employer seeking a Laurelhurst Household Manager, and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.”

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