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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Erica's experiences working in a Magnolia After School Program truly shines through as a professional Nanny!

“I am detail-oriented, approachable, I have a pleasant, friendly and caring demeanor, I am cheerful and energetic, and I have exceptional organizational and communication skills. I absolutely love children and find nothing is more rewarding than taking care of them. I believe in creating a positive, fun Magnolia After School Program for children, one in which they feel safe and can thrive. I am interested in becoming a nanny because I enjoy working with children and would like to establish strong and healthy relationships with children. I am responsible and like to help children in any way possible. I am also patient and understanding and a very good listener. I have been serving in some form of childcare for over 10 years and can honestly say I absolutely love what I do! I feel the children are uniquely designed and special in their own way. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes; run/empty dishwasher and children’s laundry. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am reliable, easygoing, enthusiastic and warmhearted. Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include self-recognition, word, letters and object and number recognition, reading (placing various books in front of children as they observe and flip pages, also reading age appropriate books to them), arts & crafts and music.”

“I hired Erica to care for my daughter when my daughter was a newborn and a toddler. I am very particular about the person I choose to leave in charge of my children and I never had any concerns about Erica. She took very good care of my daughter and my daughter was very happy to have Erica as her caretaker. Erica was very responsible and dependable, and she always showed up on time with a pleasant disposition and ready to work. She knew what to do and if I gave her special instructions, she followed them accordingly. Erica always treated my daughter with love and kindness and when necessary she was able to be firm. I was very pleased with the kind of care Erica provided for my daughter and I recommend Erica to establish a Magnolia After School Program for anyone's children.”

“I am writing to recommend Erica as a nanny at your Magnolia After School Program. Erica had been working at my home on and off for over 10 years, she cared for my two children when they were toddlers, they are now 21, and 23. Most recently she has cared for my 8-month-old granddaughter for two years, she is now 4. Both times she performed extremely well. She is highly motivated to learn as much as she could and perform extremely well utilizing her capabilities. She frequently devoted herself to the job and hours to develop lesson plans for my children, as well as my granddaughter, and maintained notes on their progress. Her main strength according to my observation is her capability to motivate children. She always seemed genuinely interested in both my granddaughter's and children's mental development and presented new ways of learning that captured their attention. In Summary, Erica possesses all qualities that make a nanny successful. She is very reliable, trustworthy motivated and able to make herself tune-up with the requirements of family and children.”

“Ms. Erica was always on time, she cared about the children’s personal needs because she made it her business to build close relationships with each child in Magnolia After School Program. She loved them like family and that’s rare. I truly enjoyed working with her and she was always ready and willing to go beyond the call of duty and open to learn as much as possible about the business.”

“Erica was very helpful and responsible and would be an asset to any Magnolia After School Program. I’m a young first-time mother, and I was very pleased with the care she provided for my son. She fed him in a timely manner; nap time was in a timely manner as well. She even took him out to get fresh air in the stroller to the local park. Erica was very pleasant and showed her love for children from the first day she started. She treated my son with great kindness and a lot of love.”

“Erica used to care for me when I was a child. She has always shown a genuine love for children and taking care of children. Children are drawn to her energetic and cheerful personality. Erica is very nurturing, and she has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable and safe. When Erica would watch over my siblings and me in our Magnolia After School Program, she made sure to interact with us, teach us new things and get us involved in activities besides the television. I always loved when Erica would watch me and couldn’t wait to be around her.”

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