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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Lana loves being a Magnolia Mother's Helper because it allows her to be a positive role-model in a young child's life.

“I am currently a nanny for over ten years and take pride in my role as a Magnolia Mother’s Helper. I look forward to making the children smile, taking them to activities, playing, educating, and doing arts and crafts with them. I grew up around different cultures and appreciate different languages and traditions one may practice. I work alongside the parents to make sure their children are getting everything they need while their parents are away. I enjoy doing various activities with the children such as cooking, baking, reading, playing outdoors, going to the park, visiting museums, beach, movies, arts and crafts, and much more. I have a good head on my shoulders; I am very caring and always put the children’s needs before anything else. If I was asked to describe in one sentence the reason I have chosen to be in the nanny profession over any other, it would have to be because I take great pleasure and find it extremely rewarding to take care and help raise someone else’s children. It’s not a job designed for just anyone and I love knowing that I’m making a difference and having a positive influence on their futures. I have been serving in childcare for over ten years and can honestly say I love what I do! I feel the children are honest, smart, funny, boundary pushers, inquisitive, innocent and full of unconditional love. My goal as a nanny is to leave a lasting and positive influence on every child I take care of. I am able to do housekeeping including dishes, bedroom upkeep, laundry, sweeping, moping, cooking, running errands, and wiping down tables and counter tops. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am independent, loving, fun, smart and compassionate. Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include cooking delicious and healthy meals, running errands and providing a clean and happy house to come home to after work. I’m very self-sufficient. I appreciate a family that can be serious when need be but silly or fun at times as well. I also like traveling and would like to travel with a family if they need me to.”

“Lana was definitely a dependable nanny for our family and was always honest with everything that she did. Any time changes needed to be made with our family. Lana was very good to respond and was always communicative to me about how the day went and if anything happened with the children. She was a great nanny! However, I would say she was more of a nanny than a housekeeper. Our family at this time needed more of a housekeeper since our children are older and only the house needed taking care of. She would be a wonderful Magnolia Mother’s Helper for any family! She was always pleasant and easy to deal with.”

“Lana was previously employed by my husband and me for one and a half years caring for my son. When she first started, my son was eight months old. Her duties were to make bottles, feed him, change diapers, clean up his toys, play with him, teach him words, numbers, letters and other educational games and at night, put him to bed. During the day, Lana would take him to the park to play, walk around in his stroller around the neighborhood, she could take him to the mall, grocery stores, and the library, have play dates and go the aquarium. We had full trust in her that she would always keep our baby boy occupied and happy. To the next family that hires Lana on, I and my husband have no doubt that she will be nothing short but a delightful and wonderful addition to not only the children’s lives, but the family’s. She is very trusting, fun and a very loving individual, who will always go above and beyond for people. Anything you need done, she has no problem doing. Staying late, coming in early, or working weekends was never a problem for her. We are still in contact despite her leaving us three years ago, and we talk to her frequently. She was not only a Magnolia Mother’s Helper to my child but has become a friend and part of my family.”

“Lana was a full-time Magnolia Mother’s Helper for our two daughters! Her duties consisted of after school pick up, transport to activities, homework help, feed the girls dinner and play games with them! She was always stay late if needed or and provide weekend assistance. In the summer, she would get them ready for camp feed them breakfast and bring them to camp and leave until they needed to be picked up. Her household duties were cleaning up after the children, making breakfast, dishes, sweeping the floors or mopping if needed and the children’s laundry. I would have to say, even though the girls don't need a nanny anymore because I am no longer working full time, they still miss her. We see her occasionally and we keep in contact. She is a smart, loving and wonderful young lady and we loved having her as a part of our family. She will occasionally babysit on the weekends if we need her to and the girls look forward to seeing her. She paints their nails, does their hair, plays games, and puts together puzzles or anything the girls ask. She's such a pleasure to have around and the girls thoroughly love having a big sister figure they can have fun with. I feel any family would embrace Lana as part of their own sooner than later. She's hard working; loving and will always go above and beyond without being asked. She takes initiative, handles problems should they arise with the girls, and always puts my children’s needs first. If I ever needed anything from her done or bought, she would always make sure it was done by the time I was home.”

“Lana’s schedule at school allowed for flexibility and that's something my husband and I needed, so we hired her. From the moment we met her, we all took to her instantly and my daughters immediately wanted to play with Lana. She's very easy going, funny and likes to make my children smile. She would often play with them, read stories, teach them age appropriate songs, teach my older daughter how to write words, letters, numbers etc. They loved doing arts and crafts and I often came home to projects on the fridge or the table. With my youngest, she would teach her to walk, talk and say different words, change diapers, potty train and do age appropriate activities or games. At night, she'd make dinner if needed, feed the girls clean up, bathe them and read to them before bed. The only reason Lana isn't with our family currently is that I am a stay at home mother now and we just didn't need the extra coverage of a Magnolia Mother’s Helper anymore. She still visits, and we keep in contact, as we have become great friends. I wish Lana a lot of luck in her search for a new family. She's a one of a kind person that will leave lasting impressions on your family and children. She became one of the family. All trust was given with our house, children, and personal lives, and even though she's not with us daily, that loyalty and trust of one another is still there.”

“I have nothing but pleasant things to say about her. Lana and I are both nannies in the same area and I met her while working with her previous position to this one. We used to schedule play dates, meet at the park, and have outings with our kids together because of the similarity in the ages. She has a very compassionate and calm demeanor and loves to engage the children in fun and educational activities. In my professional opinion, she cares for the children the way she would her very own and always has their best interest at heart. The children simply adored her along with the ones I watch as well. I think any family would be very lucky to have such a wonderful Magnolia Mother’s Helper as a part of their home and family.”

“I ran a day care out of my home for many years and as a part time job, I hired Lana to come work with me in between her college class schedule. She would help with activities, arts and crafts, singing, snack or lunch time, cleaning up during nap time, helping the children with educational games and read to them during story time. She was a very good assistant and all the children loved her. Some of the parents went on using her for weekend positions if they ever needed anyone. Lana is very sweet, calm, fun and has very loving characteristics about her. She loves being around children and making them smile. If I ever ask her to do something concerning the children, she would have no problem doing it. Being a part of my family, I know her on a very personal level as well, and she is such a wonderful lady. She loves being in family atmospheres, cooking, baking, she always makes us laugh and just has a very likeable energy about her. I haven't met anyone that hasn't like her instant they meet her. She can adapt to any environment and is very knowledgeable about a lot of different things going on in the world, cultures and traditions. I speak highly of my niece, because I've had the pleasure of not only having her in my family, but seeing her professional side as well working alongside her, and I feel that anyone who hires her in the future as their Magnolia Mother’s Helper will be gaining a huge asset to their family.”

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