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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Toni is a Magnolia Tutor that creates an enjoyable and quality learning experience for the children!

“I have always had a love for children; even as a little girl growing up all I ever wanted to do was take care of children. I was a stay at home mom while raising our children. During those years I provided at home child care services to many working families over a period of fifteen years. I cared for and loved each family and took great pleasure in being an intricate part of their children's lives. We were blessed to have many wonderful families come through our home over the years that became part of our family, some of my children’s best friends and who still keep in touch. Later as my children were getting older, I was offered a position in a as an Administrative Assistant at a Child Development Center where I was responsible for implying appropriate age curriculum for each classroom which included infancy through Kindergarten. I created monthly menu planning, field trip outings, year-round activities and overseeing all the teachers and any problems that would arise at any time. I have experience in all the stages of child development from infancy through teens and loved the many years of serving as a child care provider. Over the past few years I’ve decided to become a Magnolia Tutor when my own children began leaving the nest, because the many years of providing child care services have been the most fulfilling and rewarding years for me and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! My desire at this time is to bless a working family with the peace of mind that their children are being cared for in their own home by a nurturing, loving, highly experienced person of good character, who values children deeply. I have experience with breastfeeding mothers which includes weaning to formula or whole milk, potty training and transitioning into each stage of the early childhood development. I have a true passion in my heart to help working families as well as a desire to be the person in their child’s life that will provide all their needs and shower them with love as if they were my own while their parents are at work. I believe it is very important to be engaged, and fully integrated into the family while providing all their needs and also maintaining an excellent relationship between the parents and myself so that the children feel secure, safe and that they have stability in their day to day life feeling as though I am part of their family unit. I am flexible and able to work effectively with changes that may arise with parents and other family members such as grandparents or close relatives. I am able to do a variety of other duties such as light housework, kitchen clean up, laundry, meal preparation, and taking care of family pets as needed. I have chosen to be in the nanny profession, for one reason and that is, I LOVE CHILDREN and every aspect of their development! I treasure the importance of the need to nurture and care for children in the early stages of development because they are crucial years to a child’s life. Care givers and teachers are highly influential in children's lives and I receive great joy in knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of many children over the years. The greatest blessing and gift I could give to a working parent is the peace of mind to know that while they are at work their child or children are being loved and cared for as if they were home themselves. I have been serving in some form of childcare for over 25 years and can honestly say I love what I do! If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am loving, honest, compassionate, dedicated & trustworthy. I love watching children learn and love teaching them throughout the various stages of growth. Some of the daily activities I would incorporate would be reading, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, trips to the playground, story time at the local library, educational activities that stimulate imagination and day trips. If asked to describe the perfect family seeking a nanny like me I would hope they would be loving, welcoming, compassionate and consider me to be an important part of their family unit. Children are a special gift and a treasure to their families and need to have adults in their lives that genuinely care about their wellbeing and who are willing to invest in them. My goal as a nanny would be to provide the utmost care, in a loving safe environment for the child or children and to establish a trusting, secure relationship between myself and their parents so that we would mutually feel that we are a family. That investment is worth more than gold and I would be honored to be chosen as the next nanny for your family!”

“Toni took care of my son from infancy up until he began pre-school at age 4. Toni cared for my son as if he were her own; loving him, teaching him and guiding him through the early stages of his life when I was unable to be at home to do so. She was very reliable and dependable when it came to the care of my child. I feel very blessed that she was able and willing to care for my son. Toni is a natural caregiver; she is warm and inviting and you can tell right away that she has a heart full of love for the care and nurturing of children. She helped my son with learning to walk, to explore, and to become potty trained, to sing and dance, to play with crafts, to laugh and to interact with other children. She gave him plenty of attention, care and love which helped him to learn by example. She never got impatient or short with him, even though his toddler and preschooler years when all he did was ask “why?” I was able to attend college full time and work because I had such an amazing person helping me with the care of my son. She was very flexible with her availability and was often able to help me out if I needed to change our schedule or routine due to class changes. In all, Toni is an excellent nanny and would be a welcome addition as a Magnolia Tutor to any family. She is very trustworthy, reliable, caring, and has a heart for children. Parents should and will feel as blessed as I did to have her love and be a part of their child’s life.”

“Toni has been taking care of my daughter, age 1, for the past year. She is very caring and dependable, and we feel blessed to have had her as a part of our daughter’s life. Toni is warm and loving. Our daughter took to her instantly. She nurtured and taught her through play, with books, and by taking her on walks, to parks, and on excursions to the pool, or farms, etc. She gave our daughter her constant attention and interaction. She bathed her, dressed her, and prepared her meals. Toni has great flexibility. We tried to adhere to a consistent schedule, but she was always willing and able to accommodate any changes in our work schedule, and also helped out on the occasional weekend or evening. Toni went above and beyond her role as a caregiver, doing some light housework and laundry for our daughter, and occasionally starting dinner. In summary, Toni possesses all the necessary qualities of an exceptional nanny and Magnolia Tutor. She is reliable, trustworthy, and amazing with children. If we were not moving away, we would have loved to have her as part of our family for years to come. I would definitely recommend Toni!”

“Toni nannied for my son when he was 9 months old. I would recommend Toni for any nanny or Magnolia Tutor position as I saw how she loved and cared for my child. She has a very personable spirit and my son loved her. She not only took care of all of his needs, she made sure to play and interact with him during his awake times. Toni was always happy, friendly, and a joy to be around.”

“I am a personal friend of Toni for 15 years. I have never hired a Magnolia Tutor, but Toni is absolutely amazing with children. It puts joy in her heart spending time with children. She treats my children like her own and watching her in other nanny positions, she just loves on those children and their family. She is a wonderful hostess and welcomes everyone into her heart. I would highly recommend Toni!”

“Toni, is not only my sister in law but my friend, the aunt to my children. She has raised three amazing children of her own as well as cared for other children for many years. She took care of my oldest when he was little and treated him as her very own. She has a huge heart for others! If anything were ever to happen to me, I know that Toni would be right there supporting my family and guiding them in the right direction! I love her and know with all of my being, she is the perfect nanny and Magnolia Tutor for those in need of a loving caregiver for their children!”

“The words that truly describe Toni loving and joyful. She is a strong woman, mentoring others, leading her children by example and guiding with gentle words. There is nothing she loves more than children. At one time she was the primary caretaker for my grandson, and we could not have found anyone more caring. I would recommend Toni to anyone who is looking for a Magnolia Tutor who will care for their children as if they were her own.”

“I am a teacher and have the same love of children I see Toni exhibit each time I see her interact with a child (her nieces and nephews). She has a genuine love for children and people in general. Toni is an amazing mother and a natural born nanny! Toni dedicates herself to everything she does more than anyone I know and displays the highest ethics of anyone I know. I believe that any child would be blessed with Toni as his or her Magnolia Tutor. She would love that child as her own and be a wonderful teacher of life lessons; the first being what it feels like to be truly loved by someone. Toni would also be a joy to the parents because she is empathetic, flexible, and kind. Any family that chooses Toni as their nanny would be given a gift they would forever treasure.”

“Toni is one of those individuals who once you meet will impact your heart for a life time! I have found Toni to have the biggest and sweetest heart with the temperament that nothing is too much to ask of her. She will be an exceptional Magnolia Tutor! I have watched and experienced her invest in lives wholeheartedly with true love and dedication. I see the greatest joy in her when she is caring for the needs of others and interacting and caring for children light up her world. I believe that anyone who encounters Toni would feel the same as I do, and that is that their lives have just gotten brighter having her in it! I had the pleasure of meeting Toni; our friendship has just blossomed over these last 4 years as we are doing life together as friends that feel more like sisters. We have been through weddings as well as funerals together over these few years and one thing always remains the same and that is Toni’s amazing love, compassion and dedication. Toni is a woman of high morals and a true example of what a role model should be to all ages. My life is forever blessed because of my friendship with Toni.”

“Toni has cared for my children as a friend; she is giving and loving and loves children and babies. She has raised her own children with love and support. Toni is very reliable and is conscientious. She has also dog sat for me many times. She serves many people when they are sick or in need of a meal or help in any way. Since Toni is my next-door neighbor I have seen her in all seasons of life and she is someone to be trusted. I trust her with my own children, always have, and highly recommend her to any family looking for a Magnolia Tutor.”

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