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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! Thats how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Other Nannies in Laurelhurst look up to Amanda!

“I am a glass half full kind of personality and I always put a hundred percent into everything I do. I love life and all the possibilities it offers. I’m kind and compassionate, outgoing, very family oriented, I love to laugh, and treat others as I want to be treated - with kindness and respect. I am the middle child, but often played the role of oldest when my older brother left for college. I was often there to help my mom with taking care of my little brother; ironing our school uniforms, making sure we ate breakfast and caught the bus for school, and making dinner the nights my mom had to work late. One of the reasons I want to go into nannying as a career is because I feel a connection to children. I know how difficult it can be to be a child and maybe feel confused or unsure of things, and I know that there are parents out there, single moms or dads, or married couples, who need the extra support and I want to be there to help the parents as well as the children in any way that I can. If I was asked to describe in one sentence the reason I have chosen to be in the nanny profession over any other it would have to be because while I have felt accomplishment in all I have done over the years, I have always felt the most pride and achievement when I have worked with children. Having a positive influence in a child’s life and making a difference are what stand out the most for me. I can honestly say I cherish what I do! I feel the children are honestly the best thing in the world! They are fun and challenging, and they see the world as full of possibilities and adventure, they love to laugh, are smart and creative, and mostly, they are pure joy and an inspiration. My goal as a nanny is to be an extension of the parent(s) and help nurture and raise their children with love and support, communication, respect and compassion. I am able to do housekeeping that includes laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, and really anything else that the family needs help with, including helping with the family pet(s). If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am trustworthy, kind, outgoing, compassionate, and well-rounded. Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include I have always been athletic, so I would encourage outdoor recreation as much as possible, kicking the soccer ball around, playing basketball, or anything the kids love to do, even if it’s just going for a long walk to get fresh air. I am not opposed to television and video games, but not all-day long. I think there needs to be a balance, so in addition to outdoor recreation, I would also want to incorporate non-school related reading time each week, arts and crafts, cooking/baking, and music. I also know that kids need their own down time, so I would want to make sure they had some sense of independence as well, but within the parameters of their age ranges. If asked to describe the perfect family seeking Nannies in Laurelhurst like me, I would hope they would be welcoming and respectful, and open to keeping communication flowing regarding the family unit and the children.”

“We highly recommend Amanda to any families looking for Nannies in Laurelhurst. There is no doubt that she is attentive and eager to learn. Amanda is happy to help; she is everything that a family would want. She did help us with light housekeeping as well. We gave her a variety of responsibilities including meal preparation for our daughter and light housekeeping. She was also great with our pets! There was nothing that we could throw at her that she wasn’t willing to do.”

“My boys just loved Amanda. She would engage with them and come up with some great activities to do, inside as well as outside. This was the first year the boys spent the entire summer at our vacation home and under Amanda's direction, they created a newspaper reflecting everything they had done that summer. Amanda made sure that the newspaper represented each of their interests and that is was cooperative. Amanda also spent time with the boys on the beach and actively engaged with them in the water. So many other childcare providers would just sit in the sun and let the children be by themselves in the surf. Whenever there were little issues between the boys, she handled them in appropriate matter. Amanda was a joy to work with, and I would without hesitation recommend her to anyone looking for the best Nannies in Laurelhurst.”

“Amanda and I first met when I was searching for Nannies in Laurelhurst to care for my two children during after school hours in my home while I returned to the full-time work force. Then, as my children grew, and my situation changed where I needed to attend business trips, I was so fortunate that Amanda was able to see her way clear to spend nights with my children while I was away. It was such a great piece of mind to know that Amanda was with my children when I traveled. Amanda is a caring and thoughtful person whose smile lights up a room. Not only did the children truly enjoy Amanda being with them, they thought of her as part of the family. I was always at ease to know that they were not only well taken care of but that they were liked and being treated kindly and fairly. Amanda would be a great asset to anyone lucky enough to employ her.”

“When I met Amanda, she worked for the YMCA After-School Care program where my daughter attended five days a week. My daughter took an instant liking to the counselors, but especially to Amanda. Amanda and her staff made the program not only organized and safe, but creative and fun for the children - always planning new activities to keep it fresh, and the children physically active and engaged. Of all the years my daughter attended the aftercare program, the year Amanda was the Supervisor was by far the best year of all. All the children loved being there! Amanda eventually started caring for my daughter at night on the occasions when my husband and I went out and continues to do so to this day. She is always reliable, respectful, responsible, enthusiastic and loving. She is also hard working, a creative thinker, and a good problem solver. I trust her explicitly and she is an excellent role model for my now pre-teen. Without hesitation, I would recommend her to anybody looking for Nannies in Laurelhurst.”

“Amanda has always shown maturity beyond her age and has an excellent work ethic. She is enthusiastic with an eagerness herself, to learn. She passes these qualities on to the children she works with. Amanda is creative and has the ability to make the most mundane subject interesting and fun. Working with children and their parents has its challenging moments, and Amanda had been thrown into some sensitive situations and she handled everyone effectively using skills that may only be obtained through life experience and a compassionate understanding of peoples, character. Amanda and I have remained friends and I would welcome the chance to work with her again. I highly recommend her for a position as a nanny because I know that she is one of the best Nannies in Laurelhurst. Any family would be lucky to have her!”

“I have nothing but positive things to say. She really is one of the most amazing Nannies in Laurelhurst that I have ever met. She has gained a wealth of knowledge over the years about children by regularly helping me with my three sons, currently ages 12, 10, and 2. She also has experience with Special Needs as my middle son has Asperger’s Syndrome. Amanda is patient and kind and my children adore her. She is creative and energetic and loves engaging with children. Amanda is also very flexible and has made my hectic life more bearable on more than one occasion! I am confident that she will be an asset to any family.”

“Both my cousin’s character and personality still cease to amaze me. Amanda is the essence of positivity and she has faced every challenge in her life by looking at the glass half full. Amanda is also a very genuine and kind-hearted person, and every child she has cared for she loves whole heartedly. Hearing about her experience working with children over the years has always made my day because I can hear the true joy in her voice when she talks about the children she has cared for including her own nephews. I have spent a lot of time with my cousin over the years with all the little children in our family and her nephews especially adore her and they are always looking forward to the next time they will get to see her. It is evident that caring for children is what Amanda was meant to do in life. One example of my cousin’s kindheartedness that I found inspiring is from last summer when she cared for triplet ten-year old boys. I remember Amanda telling me about how much fun she had with them and that even when they were difficult and would get into brotherly arguments, she always found a way to make each of them feel important and heard. As her end of the summer treat to the boys, Amanda took time on her day off and treated them to dinner and the arcade with her own money. The boys were so amazed that she would make such a kind gesture that they used some of their arcade tickets and bought her a little pewter frog as a thank you. My cousin loves that frog and keeps it on her nightstand. Amanda is also a cheerful and upbeat person, which shows the moment you meet her. She puts her whole heart into caring for children and having worked with multiple children of all different ages, including some with disabilities such as mild autism and ADHD, she has developed great organization and household management skills as well. Her genuine personality and kindhearted nature make her one of the top Nannies in Laurelhurst and anyone that she works for will be lucky to have her.”

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