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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

ABC's Nanny Agency in Kirkland loves Camille's dedication to making a positive impact on the families she works with!

“I am a responsible, caring, warm and entertaining professional who provides childcare for babies and children of all ages. I am a very active, enthusiastic, and engaging caretaker with high energy and patience for all types of personalities. Past employers would describe me as someone that met children’s needs while providing appropriate constructive, criticism, and warm affection. I enrich children’s lives by taking them to numerous places: museums, libraries, playgrounds, classes or to the zoo. I believe that children should be constantly taught to have good manners, patience and respect. Cognitively, I strive to teach babies and children colors, shapes, the alphabet, numbers, animals, simple multiplication, spelling, and writing. As well as, reading books to them, creating education projects, or even drawing in sand boxes, creating shapes with sticks found in the park or by painting and coloring. Creative and active activities describe my style of care taking (arts and crafts, painting, drawing, sewing, reading / making books and cooking and playing, running, building and entertaining children at the park or beach by pitching a ball for a child to hit or building a sandcastle). If I was asked to describe the reason I have chosen to be in the nanny profession over any other it would have to be because I strongly believe that I am well suited for the nanny profession and I feel that people have the best chance for success and happiness for themselves and to offer others when they work in a career that they enjoy and also where they excel. I have been serving in some form of childcare for over 10 years - throughout grade school, high school, college and now as a graduate and professional. I can very honestly say that I love what I do! I feel that children are gifts to all of us that will prosper if given the right amount of care, love and structure. My goal with a Nanny Agency in Kirkland is to provide a safe, warm, joyful, engaging and educational environment for children. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes cooking and laundry for children as well as returning toys and books to their proper places at the end of the day. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives, I would say that I am responsible, caring, active, creative and honest. If asked to describe the perfect family seeking a nanny like me I would hope that they would be just as kind, fair, honest and generous as I am and in search of a nanny that is a self-starter and capable of caring for their children in an independent manner.”

“She has been for our family for about the last nine months and has proven to be very helpful, cooperative and accommodating and at times at the last moment when we have had primary caregivers cancel early morning shifts and after school shifts. She has also cared for my daughter when she had full days off of school and on weekend nights. While performing all the typical tasks required of a Nanny Agency in Kirkland, Camille has proven to be proactive by spontaneously teaching our daughter new words at the appropriate moment to increase her vocabulary and she focuses on creating the most positive and encouraging environment in order to complete homework. Camille has created new opportunities for my daughter in order to grow her independence and has been proactive about creating both an educational and enjoyable experience for our daughter by bringing arts and crafts supplies, educational games and reading material in order to give our daughter options and to have new and interesting experiences. Camille has acclimated herself to new environments and different types of personalities including people she has met through us and would fit in very well caring for many different types of families. Children’s health is extremely important to Camille and it shows when she is caregiving. She has offered our daughter her nutritious whole foods meals and has offered to bake nutritious food with our daughter. Camille is enthusiastic about encouraging my daughter to go out into nature when time permits to explore, safely rock climb or go for a swing ride. We plan on keeping Camille as an on-call backup caregiver even if she secures more on call work or has a full-time position allowing her to work for us occasionally on the weekends or for other shifts.”

“Camille provided wonderful care of our two-year-old son. He made significant progress during this time learning from scratch the alphabet, counting to 20, over 100 words and putting his first 2-3 words sentences together. Also, Camille taught him good manners and layered the foundation for developing life lasting good habits (e.g. washing hands after using potty, brushing teeth after meals). Camille made helpful suggestions on options for classes to enroll our son and she took him to attend these. Proactive, she also arranged for play dates. While in-door she creatively organized the time between reading books, play, art and crafts activities and needed time-out. Although cooking was an optional duty, she regularly cooked organic vegetarian food for our son to help with transition to solid foods. Camille is always punctual and never called in-sick. The expense budget she managed wisely, making very inspired selections of books, art supplies, toys, clothes and healthy foods. She will give us helpful reminders of the items low in stock or buy them if we run out. She will keep us updated during the day with pictures and text messages and also, she will keep a written log of the daily activities. Camille values her independence as a caregiver through a Nanny Agency in Kirkland and teacher to facilitate the guidance of the child she cares for through different stages of development.”

“Camille was a wonderful nanny to work with our seven-month-old son. Camille was wonderful with our son; playing with him, singing and reading to him. We think that any child lucky enough to have her as a nanny would benefit from her caring and cultivated personality. Her energy and enthusiasm for the work are yet another reason to recommend her. Camille also is very aware of healthy nutrition and the preparation of pure foods. For these reasons and more I highly recommend Camille for any child care position you are considering through a Nanny Agency in Kirkland.”

“She has been working for my husband and I regularly every weekend and occasionally on other days for the last seven months or so. She has been taking care of our now 13-month-old baby boy. We have found her to be a delight. She is timely, reliable and very conscientious and overall a very nice person. She is also very patient which has become more apparent as the baby has become more active. Camille has performed the full range of activities that one does with a one year old- playing, going to the park, feeding, dressing, putting to bed, etc. She is very natural in this role and gets along well with children. Our son is comfortable with her and is excited when she arrives. We are very happy that Camille is working with a Nanny Agency in Kirkland.”

“Camille has watched my two boys, currently 3 and 20 months, many times over the past year. I have always been very satisfied with Camille. She has taken the boys to the playground, cooked dinner, done various activities in the house with them such as draw, read, origami etc. and put them down for naps and bed. Camille is very caring, patient, and respectful. We are strict vegetarians and one evening Camille brought a vegetarian dish she had made at home for the boys. I feel completely safe and confident when my children are in her care through a Nanny Agency in Kirkland. In addition, more importantly, after she has watched the boys, my 3-year-old always asks for her the next morning.”

“I am a mom of two and for the last two years Camille has been taking care of my children, both under the age of 3.5, on and off while I freelance and go on job interviews, etc. My children love Camille. They naturally gravitate towards her and they know that when she comes to care for them, it is going to be a day full of fun and activities for them. I love how Camille cares for my children for the following reasons; my children love her, she preps healthy snacks for my children, takes them to the public library for storytelling, and takes them to every single park around my neighborhood. She also follows all my medication instructions, she is fun and energetic, and she genuinely loves children. She also talks to my children if they misbehave no screaming or yelling, keeps me up to date of whatever activities she has decided to do with the children, and she bathes my children to prep them to sleep if I am running late. I trust Camille with a Nanny Agency in Kirkland 100 percent with my children. My children are a handful, especially my boy and she manage very well with both of them.”

“Camille has been a close friend to my son for the past 15 years and has become a part of our family. She has, on occasion, been responsible for my two grandsons that are 5 and 9 years old. The boys enjoyed their time with her and always looked forward to occasions where she was present. Camille has spent many holidays with our family and it has always been a pleasure to watch her interact with the children. Camille is a bright, honest and responsible person. I feel comfortable in recommending her to any Nanny Agency in Kirkland whose children would benefit from having her as a caretaker.”

“Camille worked with us almost seven years as a shift designer in our private label division. In that capacity, she was responsible for the development of seasonal product presentations for private label specialty stores such as Coldwater Creek, Talbots and Orvis. After the initial selection was completed, Camille managed the development cycle, interacting regularly with the accounts. In her position, Camille travelled to Europe and South America for design research. She had extensive exposure with the fabric market, primarily with Asian sources. Camille is a conscientious, thorough, and dedicated designer, and I would certainly recommend her for an appropriate position in your Nanny Agency in Kirkland.”

“Camille has been my design assistant for almost two years. She has proven to be dependable, hardworking, creative, and a “team player” and I feel she is an asset to any Nanny Agency in Kirkland. Camille has always conducted herself in a professional manner. She gets along with everybody. When faced with multiple projects and changing priorities, she has exhibited flexibility in switching gears from one assignment to another. Creatively, Camille has shown versatility whether working on the computer or by hand. She has designed motifs to be used for screen prints, appliques or logos for our contemporary girls’ and adult dance lines. Researching the fabric and trim markets effectively, she has had additional input into the creation of the lines mentioned above. Camille has a good sense of color, and evaluated all lab dips for my division. Fitting on both our adult and child models, Camille gained experience in stretch as well as in woven fabrics by assisting me in making corrections needed. She handled the subsequent paper and follow up work in an efficient and organized manner. I highly recommend Camille as an addition to your department, on a personal as well as professional level.”

“I first met Camille when I moved into her neighborhood twenty-seven years ago. We have remained close friends over the years despite her moving away. Camille always makes an effort to stay connected to loved ones. I strongly admire Camille's commitment to her friends and family. I still remember her taking me as a teenager to visit her grandmother in a senior care center. Everyone would smile when she came! Camille has always had a positive rapport with children. They are drawn to her sunny disposition and her warm personality. Camille is very caring and truly enjoys being around children. Many families in our community were fortunate to have Camille as a caregiver. Camille took care of her younger brother growing up. They maintain a close bond today. She has a very close relationship with all of her siblings. Camille has many nieces and nephews whom adore her! I am a mother of three children who would feel blessed to leave my children in Camille's Care. She is always willing to play with children. My ten-year-old still comments how well Camille is at Scrabble. Camille is also very creative and eager to learn new things. Camille is very dependable and respectful. She has strong appreciation for parents and would be very respectful of their family wishes. Camille would be able to keep things consistent for the children. Camille has always enjoyed being a nanny. She has spoken very positively about previous nanny positions through a Nanny Agency in Kirkland. She lights up when she talks about the children she has taken care of. Camille has stayed in contact with many of the families she worked for. Camille would be a wonderful addition to any family.”

“I have known Camille and her family for 25 years. Camille and I have been friends since 9th grade, we remained close throughout high school, and we lived together for 3 years at college. Camille is a bright, creative, curious, responsible, kind and compassionate person. She is very close to her family including her many nieces and nephews, who all adore her. She lights up when she is around any children, and children light up around her as well. Camille loves children's honesty and curiosity, and I know she would help to develop the minds and personalities of anyone's children; she would want the children she takes care of to flourish in all capacities and would do everything possible to make sure they did. Camille would be a loving and protective caregiver to any Nanny Agency in Kirkland.”

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