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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Patricia chooses our Pierce County Nanny Agency to better be a positive role model and to provide children with a fun and active lifestyle!

“I am a professional child care provider. I have happily worked full time with three separate families over the span of 30 years through a Pierce County Nanny Agency. One constant remained the same; to cherish, protect, nourish, and guide children through each important physical, emotional, and cognitive developmental stage of life. I am dedicated and hardworking. A smooth, successful, and timely transition through all infant, toddler, and early childhood developmental stages is the ultimate goal. I would like to follow this journey again with your child. I would enthusiastically teach age appropriate life skills - confidence, effort, perseverance, problem solving, and caring, to name a few. My area of expertise is in behavioral and emotional development. .I am a happy individual and I look forward to going to work every day. I have an extensive library of children's books. I also have a huge supply of arts and crafts materials. When the time comes, expect a lot of art gifts and mini books with photos. I am a huge fan of all sports including the college basketball scene. I am equally comfortable teaching how to properly hit a whiffle ball and/or twirl a baton. Safety will always be of paramount importance. I would like to be part of your "familial team”. It really does take a village!”

“Patti has worked as a care giver for our son for the past 6 years. During this time, Patti has exhibited the absolute highest standard of childcare, playing a key role in our son's overall safety, healthcare, emotional, and intellectual development. Patti's overall competence, caring approach, and relevant experience, will provide the assurance that you have made the right decision in acquiring her employment. Patti's expertise in childcare has been an invaluable resource for us in every stage of our son's development. When our son was an infant, Patti helped to implement a routine that addressed and monitored overall health, diet, and motor skill development. Her extended knowledge of early childhood education provided valuable guidance for learning and emotional development during the toddler years. As our son entered pre-school and kindergarten, Patti worked attentively to help guide intellectual development. She also developed arts and crafts projects that helped to stimulate creativity. Patti conducts herself in truly professional manner. She has a very organized approach which manages child care in the most "user-friendly" fashion for the child and for the parents. Patti is very responsible and is focused on overall safety. When our son's asthma and peanut allergy became apparent, she took every precaution to assure that there was no chance of exposure. She was always attentive to address any symptoms and take corrective actions. Patti is reliable and is always punctual. She is also very flexible and has "arrived early" and "stayed late" when we have had our own scheduling challenges. She is a very safe driver, an enthusiastic coach, and exhibits a great attention to detail in any task she undertakes. Patti's expertise and professionalism does not supersede the fact that she is a very warm and attentive person. She communicates with children of all ages in a very friendly and approachable style. I feel confident that she will be the best care giver in the Pierce County Nanny Agency

“Patricia has more than fulfilled the duties of nanny for our grandson. Early in his life he was found to have a severe peanut allergy which dictated major overseeing as to his diet. We believe that if it was not for Patty's vigilance, there could have been many periods of emergency trips to the hospital. During the five years we have known Patty we've witnessed how our grandson has progressed and believe that Patty had a large part in developing his various skills. We cannot say enough about Patty's excellent character, loyalty, sense of duty to the Pierce County Nanny Agency. We consider her part of our family.”

“Patti has been the nanny to our four children (now ages 12 and 6) and I would like to enumerate some of the many important skills and services she has provided to us over the past 13 years. I would also like for you to know some of the special personal qualities that, in my opinion, classify her as an extraordinary individual and care provider to children from the Pierce County Nanny Agency. You will be very hard pressed to find someone who is as caring, committed, careful, honest, reliable, flexible, and kind as Patti. She is worth her weight in gold. Patti not only capably and lovingly cares for our four children - three of them were born on the same day, and she has helped us to care for our triplets since the day they came home from the hospital. Once our maternity leave was completed, Patti was capably on her own every weekday with three fussy babies. She has seen us through - in triplicate -the adventures of potty training, colic, flu, the ''terrible twos", language development, first days of preschool, summer vacations, homework - you name it - her experience and skills reach far beyond any other nanny you could consider. She is unflappable. And she is a wonderful person. Here are just a few more specifics: Patti is extremely careful with the children - she is highly attentive to their health and nutrition, she is a very safe driver, she is fastidious about their appearance and wellbeing. Her health care background has added another important measure of safety and reassurance for us. She routinely takes the children for their pediatric and dental appointments. Our physicians have often told me how impressed they are with her care for the children and her knowledge about their needs. Patti is loving and wonderful company - she has engaged our children in activities that have fostered their growth and development - and she is great fun. Her love of children is evident, as is her ability to communicate with them. She reads to them often. The greatest testament is the heartfelt love and attachment that our children have for Patti. Patti is highly flexible - she continually adjusts her schedule to accommodate the needs of our family and our business schedules. She has stayed overnight when we've needed that; she has arrived as early as 6:00 a.m. and stayed well past nightfall as needed, too. Patti is a good communicator - she actively seeks our advice and input; her behavior and interactions with the children reflect our family's values. She is consistent with our parenting style. Finally, I have always admired Patti for the professionalism she brings to her work. She has made this her career and she excels at it. I would trust her with my life --- more important, I trust her explicitly with the most important people in my life - our four dear children.”

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