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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Monica is an excellent Pierce County, WA Nanny because childcare comes naturally to her!

“I am very enthusiastic, active, and love to keep children busy. I am generally a very calm, patient, and creative person and know how to think quick to keep up with a child’s fast changing needs/wants. I like to stay busy and look for ways to entertain children. My goal would be to fill a need in a family to love their child, provide a consistent presence in the child’s life, and provide the best care I can offer. I want the parents to know that their child is safe, taken care of, and well loved. I know that I can offer the kind of care, experience, and responsibility the family needs. If I was asked to describe in one sentence the reason I have chosen to be in the nanny profession over any other it would have to be because my entire life has been spent around children. I have watched children with special needs, - apnea monitors, nebulizers, cerebral palsy, ADHD, and children who could not walk or talk. I love seeing children learn new things and experience new things. I have been serving in some form of childcare experience for over 20 years and can honestly say I love what I do! I feel the children are very unique, funny, smart, inquisitive, loving, and accepting. My goal as a Pierce County, WA Nanny is to provide very high level of care and love for children. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, organizing, sweeping, and cooking. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that I am committed, organized, dependable, creative, and professional. Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for would include walks, bike/wagon rides, going to parks, visits to zoo, museums, etc., learning games, and teaching the children how to cook (age appropriate). If asked to describe the perfect family seeking a nanny like me I would hope they would be easy going, fun, understanding, kind, flexible, and open to new ideas/activities.”

“Monica did in-home childcare for my son. My son interacted well with Monica because she had that nurturing way about her. She was extremely professional but always treated my son as if he were her own. Monica would assist my son with his school work that was to be completed at home prior to allowing him to participate in any outdoor or indoor activities. Monica was a very well-organized Pierce County, WA Nanny. During the summer months, she would plan day trips to places that provided an educational environment that would allow him to keep what he learned during the school year fresh in this mind. Monica always went above and beyond her call of duty. There were times, outside of daycare that we would call upon her to watch our children overnight should we have a weekend getaway planned. I totally value her moral, spiritual, and motherly ethics.”

“My husband and I have three children, two girls and a boy, ages 8, 6, and 3. Monica always had age appropriate activities for them, and encouraged them to learn new things daily. She helped prepare my 6-year-old for Kindergarten by teaching him to recognize and write his letters and numbers. Each day my children would come home with some sort of learning activity and craft activity they had done. Monica also encouraged them to be healthy and active, and would take them on walks to the park and let them enjoy outdoor play whenever the weather allowed. Monica was also very creative, and my children loved the games and activities Monica would come up with for them to play and do on a regular basis. She has also watched my children for overnight periods. My children absolutely loved spending the night at Monica's house and they still talk about all the fun they had with her. Monica is by far the sweetest, most caring Pierce County, WA Nanny I have ever met. She did such a fantastic job with my children. She is so reliable and honest, and such a kind-hearted person. My family and I love her dearly.”

“Monica is a professional Pierce County, WA Nanny and has gone through training to meet the rigorous criteria that is required by the state for day care. I assisted her in leading a Mothers of Preschoolers group. Her creativity in developing programming for the children and focus on resourcing and networking for the moms was impressive! She instituted the children's program at our church, which included setting up a background check and interview process, training teachers, scheduling classes, and being a teacher herself of classes including newborns through fifth graders. Children of all ages love her sweet temperament and they respect her for her consistent discipline and scheduling. Parents felt assured that their children were in a safe, educational, and emotionally healthy environment.”

“Monica was my childcare provider for approximately three years. She began watching my oldest daughter when she turned two, up until the summer she turned five. She watched my youngest child from ten weeks through her second birthday. Monica is a dependable, caring, and enthusiastic Pierce County, WA Nanny. I can say that she is a wonderful person. Monica is very patient with children while maintaining a structured environment. I appreciated that Monica would reinforce manners and expectations with the children. I credit Monica with potty training my older child (no small task) but also teaching me how to train my daughter. Monica was very understanding of my unusually schedule and work obligations. She watched my girls primarily during the day. But would also keep them in the evenings when I worked. She would feed, bath, and entertain them. When I enrolled my daughter in preschool, Monica would transport her for me. Monica would plan special activities with the children and would take them out into the community for walks, swimming and sightseeing. She enriched their early developmental years and I feel blessed to have had her caring for my girls. Monica provided me with peace of mind while I was at work, knowing that they were in safe hands. She would also brighten my day with pictures and videos of the girls. I believe she truly enjoys working with children and has a true gift for it.”

“I have known Monica since 2001 as a tenant and now a very good friend. Monica and her family moved next to us in the same block. She went to school for child care and started a Home Day Care. She loves children so much. I never hesitated to ask her to watch my children when I had to go somewhere. She is a very good Pierce County, WA Nanny and I would recommend her!"

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