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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

Rachel loves being a Queen Anne, WA Nanny because her strength is caring for children!

“I love children and have a great deal of experience working with them. I can honestly say I LOVE what I do! I feel children are wonderful, curious little people who seek structure and love. We can learn so much from them. I enjoy teaching children one-on-one and sharing my stories and experiences with them in healthy ways. Moreover, I like to inspire children to see the world through a creative lens. My goal as a Queen Anne, WA Nanny is to bring structure, creative experiences, discipline and love. I am willing to do housekeeping that includes daily household chores, such as dishes, laundry, tidying up a room(s) and organizing. I am energetic, adventurous, highly motivated, athletic, and compassionate. Activities that I would like to incorporate in the daily plan for the family I care for include playtime experiences, arts and crafts, challenge games, sports, homework help or learning time, explore time/day trips to educational, family-friendly places, etc. My ideal family to work for would be dedicated parents who work hard but see the need for their children to be well cared for and loved in a more hands-on, creative way. They would want their children to have a variety of experiences, both educational and fun. If you are looking for a positive, fun-loving role model with teaching, leadership and athletic coaching experience, that is me.”

“I would highly recommend Rachel for a position as a Queen Anne, WA Nanny. Rachel was the 11th grade English Language Arts teacher for three years. The quality of her pedagogy coupled with excellent attendance and punctuality positively impacted our school, staff and most significantly, our students. Rachel’s lessons are prepared with the utmost diligence and conscientiousness which allows her delivery to be developed logically and sequentially, primarily through the employment of the Point of Entry Model format. Each lesson contains the components necessary for effective pedagogy. All students are taught a rigorous academic curriculum in alignment with the State Standards and with instruction which enables students to meet and exceed the standards. Reading, writing, and listening skills are infused within. Her classroom management techniques are exemplary creating a safe, secure environment that is most conducive to quality education for our students. Her passion for the discipline, knowledge of the State curriculum and desire to develop creative and innovative lessons are evident within each class she teaches. Additionally, Rachel is highly cognizant of the fact that all students learn differently. Thus, she acts on the premise of engaging students in instruction through many learning modalities by appealing to varied interests and by making topics relevant in terms of the immediate realities of students’ lives and experiences. She incorporates inquiry and project-based learning whenever possible to enhance student engagement and provides multiple entry points into the learning. Cooperative learning activities are employed which increase the student-to-student interaction and foster collaboration and support among the students in her class. Rachel is technologically proficient and integrates Smart Board activities into her lessons enriched by subject appropriate software and videos. She encourages her students to utilize technology to supplement their learning and provides the opportunity for these resources to be available to them at all times. Underscoring her passion, knowledge and innovation is the development of students who use the skills of active reasoning and intelligent critical thinking. She enables students to raise questions, construct explanations, explore solutions, solve problems, justify their reasoning and self-reflect. This is accomplished through pivotal questioning, the use of a wide variety of medias through which students can access curriculum, richly detailed sources, and by encouragement and positive reinforcement techniques. It is quite clear through my observation of Rachel both professionally and pedagogically that she is an intelligent, insightful and articulate woman with a clear vision. She worked collaboratively with the 11th grade team of teachers to ascertain successful outcomes for our students. She is extremely knowledgeable of her discipline and maintains high expectations for all students. She holds students to high standards and challenges them to work hard and become intelligent thinkers by asking questions, solving problems, critically analyzing situations, taking risks and by being accountable for their learning.”

“Without a doubt Rachel is a fantastic role model to children and is dedicated to the work at hand. She completes every task given to her calmly and confidently. She is extremely approachable, and this showed in her classroom and the relationship she had with her students. She built up a great rapport with the children and professionally managed children with behavior difficulties. I personally saw a positive turn around in a number of children due to Rachel’s interactions with them. I was Head of Literacy at the school I worked at with Rachel and was responsible for the work Rachel carried out. As Head of department Rachel was a joy to have on my team, always completing work to a high standard and sharing good practices of literacy with others. Rachel was regarded very highly in school with pupils and other members of staff. Through this time, I also got to know Rachel as a friend and I know Rachel has a genuine love for children and would be an asset to any family seeking a Queen Anne, WA Nanny.”

“As her direct supervisor, my observations of Rachel both inside the classroom as a teacher and outside as a volunteer, have shown me her range. She had excellent command in her classroom and communicated very well with the students. She was enthusiastic both for her academics and any extracurricular activities she participated in. She ran the school newspaper and was a softball coach. Rachel would prove to be an asset for any organization seeking a Queen Anne, WA Nanny and a positive influence on the children she interacts with.”

“Rachel never ceases to amaze me. She had just returned from overseas and was seeking to reestablish herself when I broke my right leg, wrist, and thumb this past Mother’s Day. I needed surgery followed by a month and a half in rehab. Rachel --dropped everything to come and help my husband (her father) and take care of things at home. She also took an active part in my healing and recovery. Rachel has always been a very kind and loving person with a deep desire to reach out and help others. As a young teenager she spent two summers volunteering in hospitals. She also took an active part in her youth group at church, and they took an active part in reaching out to the community by feeding the homeless. She went on to be a leader in student government during her first two years in college and then was a resident assistant at the university she attended. Afterwards she joined Teach for America and spent several years teaching under-privileged high school students. The best part of all of this is that everything Rachel does, she does from her heart and it’s a big one! I know she will be a wonderful Queen Anne, WA Nanny.”

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