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"What impressed me the most about finding a nanny through ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. When we started our nanny search, I received an extensive profile for each arlington nanny candidate before the interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me ~ that is how detailed these profiles were! The process was made very easy for our family with this nanny agency and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"
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As an Alexandria Nanny, Sarah uses her creative talents to keep children engaged in many different activities!

Alexandria Nanny Sarah's References

“Sarah did a wonderful job working for us at the early learning center. She was on time, always had her lessons for the week ready. All the children listened to her and had fun working with her. She always put the needs of the children and the center first. She was grate with communicating with the parents and other staff, and was an amazing team player. She was able to make any subject or activity for the children fun and enjoyable. Sarah was able to turn that room from a chaotic unorganized room into a fun, loving and healthy learning environment for the children. She was always willing to come in early or leave late. Sarah always had her lesson plan in on time and made sure her parents were well informed of what their children had been doing and learning. Sarah also did a wonderful job at writing observations as well as progress reports and meeting with parents. Her room was always clean and her children were always happy and learning new things. Sarah is the type of caregiver that is on the ground with the children working with them and interacting with them, she has no problem getting dirty as long as in the end the children are having fun. She has been a wonderful team member to our company, and an even more amazing caregiver and friend to the children. I am certain she will be a wonderful Alexandria Nanny

“She took grate care of my child and taught him very much. She was very loving and generous and always interacting with him. Sarah was a teacher at my sons pre-school before she became an Alexandria Nanny. She was always working and playing with the children all while keeping them safe and happy. She seemed to always make it a point to teach them and have fun at the same time. She was very professional with the parents and very loving with the children. She was the one in the room who stopped to make sure a child who was upset is ok and always the one to help a child cheer up or communicate why they are upset. She was a wonderful asset in the class room and a great influence in my son’s life.”

“Sarah is a wonderful, responsible woman! My children love when she comes over to care for them. I know that my children are in good hands when she is around! She fulfilled all job requirements and went above and beyond. We met Sarah a year ago. She is a professional and responsible and sensible person. She is dependable and reliable and good with children. I never asked her to do dishes, but every time I came home the dishes were always clean. She is always on time and happy to help out in anyway. She does arts and crafts projects with the kids too. She is a pleasure to be around and very down to earth. She would make an excellent Alexandria Nanny!”

“Max simply adored Sarah and lit up around her. That being said, Max was a bit of a challenge as he has low muscle tone and Sarah had such patience and commitment when working/playing with him. She was encouraging and positive and never gave up on him. She was sure to include him in every activity without pushing him. I also brought my one year old daughter to watch the class with me, and Sarah ALWAYS took extra time to talk to her and play with her before and after each class. I would hire Sarah in a heartbeat to care for my children. She's got such a gift with children. Any family would be so lucky to have her as their Alexandria Nanny!”

”Sarah more than filled the job requirements for the Little Gym. With her background in Kinesthiology, she was more than adept at recognizing children’s physical and motor skill needs and differentiated instruction as needed. Her one class of 8-10, not only had different ages [3-7] but also had two children with physical mobility problems and a child with mild autism. The growth in all of the children was evident after five month's under Sarah's patient and positive instruction. Sarah taught our children at a local gymnasium. In the fall semester, she had a class size of 8-10 filled with ages 3-7. She was quite adept at handling the physical demands as well as the energy demands of our children. She was patient and made time during each class to focus on an individual child or two for a few special minutes of instruction, all the while keeping the other children on task and safe. This semester my daughter received advanced gymnastic instruction from Sarah in a small setting. Sarah was wonderful at recognizing the girls' abilities and potential and did much to help their motor skills, not to mention their confidence. A third child joined the class who was challenging but Sarah never lacked in her attentiveness to my daughter or the other little girl! I would definitely recommend her as an Alexandria Nanny.”

“Sara does a wonderful job as an Alexandria Nanny. She always does what is asked of her. She has such good skills with the children as well as the preschool staff. Sara worked in my classroom this year while she was home on holiday break from college. She assisted us with learning centers. We divide the children into small groups for a particular activity. Sara was responsible for one of the groups. She cheerfully ran the center with patience and guidance. She was always encouraging those that may need a bit more assistance. The children love her! This was the only opportunity I had to work directly with Sara. However, I have known of her and her work with another teacher at our preschool. I know how much they appreciated having Sara work with them and their students.”

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