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Nanny Employment

ALL VA ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • Identity Verification
  • Exceptional References
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Quest Diagnostics drug testing
  • Extensive Criminal Background Check
  • SSN Trace
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Testimonials From Virginia Nannies

I was an elementary school teacher for years, and every year I started to feel less and less of an impact on the students! There had been more and more each year and I felt that I could no longer give each student the attention they truly deserved. It was then that I decided to switch career paths and took an interest in the Nanny Profession. Added to the fact that I had raised all my children to successful grown adults, I felt it was time I got serious about the change. I came across ABC Nanny Source and felt that I could absolutely meet their requirements, and after I applied I interviewed within the week! The entire staff was so friendly and helpful, and they made it such a pleasant process from start to finish! Anytime I had questions, no matter who I spoke with, I was given clear and concise information with confidence. Almost as quick as I applied, I was interviewing with families! My Placement Counselor asked me plenty of questions to help her find the best family for me to work with, and she did just that! I am currently working with an incredible family that I feel right at home with. The two girls I take care of have become such a huge part of my life, even. I hope to stay with them until the girls are grown and couldn’t have asked for a better situation. All because of the extreme care and dedication I received from the staff at ABC Nanny Source. They really are the best around!”

"Not only will ABC Nanny Source be in contact with you immediately upon submitting the online application, but they will actually keep you updated about your status! After I went in for my one-on-one interview and completed all of the agency’s requirements, everything started happening so fast! My email had constant updates whenever there was a change or addition to my profile, like references or other information. It was great! The office staff at ABC Nanny Source was amazing and definitely kept open communication with me! I never had to worry that I might have been forgotten! I had gone through other agencies in the past, but they never seemed to care about me as a person, I was just a name on a list. With ABC Nanny Source, I actually felt like a part of a team! My Placement Counselor worked really hard to place me with a local family that would be able to fit my schedule and matched my personality wonderfully. Before finding the right fit, I had met five families, but they were all extremely local to me it was great! ABC Nanny Source is the only local Nanny Placement Agency I would ever work with again!"

"I have been a Nanny for the past 15 years, and must say I was truly pleased with the service I received at ABC Nanny Source. I have lived here with my husband for the past 10 years and in that time have gone through a few agencies seeking several different nanny jobs. ABC Nanny Source is the only agency in the local community that treated me like an actual person and with respect. They made sure to keep me updated on any changes or updates, and it was only a matter of about a week and a half before I found the position I have now. ABC Nanny Source is the only agency I trust. My Placement Counselor worked so incredibly hard to find me the right position and I know that if I were ever to have to seek a new one, she would be there for me to no end!"

"For starters, I’m very grateful that I have been contacted to provide a reference for this website! I would like to thank my best friend Morgan for her encouragement and convincing me to apply to ABC Nanny Source. I can’t say enough how much I love being an ABC Nanny! When I was originally seeking a childcare position, I was mainly interested in teaching and school positions. I had been a Kindergarten teacher for a few years, a second grade teacher for another, and a substitute teacher for grades 1st – 8th for quite some time. I mean, all I knew was teaching! Of course, knowing how much I love working with children, Morgan suggested that I become a nanny! She is an ABC Nanny herself, and had been working with her family for three years. I knew she absolutely loved what she did, and have never questioned her judgment, so I applied and they accepted me! I have now been with my family for the past two months and I cannot thank everyone at ABC Nanny Source enough for everything they’ve done! I don’t think I could ever go back to the classroom again after having the privilege of granting one-on-one attention with the child I care for! I couldn’t be happier with my situation! Thanks ABC!”

"After being on file with several other Nanny Agencies, I grew pretty frustrated of only providing temporary care to a lot of different families at a time. I hated working on an as needed basis and really wanted something steadier. I never knew what to expect from these positions, and I frequently had to go nearly an hour away from where I lived to work at a family’s home for just a few hours. Additionally, I would only work with each family maybe once or twice but then I would never hear back from them. I wanted a permanent position with one family who would I would know would appreciate me as an experienced career nanny like myself. I began working with ABC Nanny Source and everyone I dealt with was extremely organized, professional, and caring. They were genuinely interested in helping me find the perfect permanent, and most importantly, local family for me! I highly recommend utilizing ABC Nanny Source, and I am extremely grateful for all of their hard work!"

"ABC Nanny Source is not only well structured and skilled, but they also have an amazing staff that truly cares about you as both a Nanny and a person! My ABC Placement Counselor had secured a fantastic position for me when I first became an ABC Nanny. Unfortunately, a short while after I had started working for the family, the mother was laid off from her job, and the family could no longer afford me as their childcare provider. Of course, I was worried! After all, I had only worked for the family for a few months. Thankfully, I had ABC Nanny Source and my counselor on my side! I contacted her and told her all about the situation. She and the rest of the ABC staff were extremely understanding and helpful! Not only did they obtain a genuinely heartfelt letter of recommendation from the family on my behalf, but my Placement Counselor worked persistently to obtain my current position with a loving family whom I simply adore working with! The staff at ABC Nanny Source is truly, truly wonderful, and I highly recommend this outstanding Virginia Nanny Agency!"


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