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ALL ABC Nannies Have:

  • CPR Certification
  • 5-panel Drug Test Completed
  • Passed Criminal Clearances
  • Authorization to work in the U.S
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Professional Identity Verification
  • Signed ABC’s 1 Year Commitment Pledge
  • Moral & Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Genuine Love for Children!

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Families Seeking Virginia Nannies, You're Invited!

Thank you for reaching out to ABC Nanny Source. We are delighted to invite your family to become a part of our growing family! Our community presence is well-established, and we are dedicated to nurturing enduring connections with both our clients and nannies. We strongly believe in contributing to the community, viewing it as our civic obligation, which is why we approach our responsibilities with utmost seriousness.

Our objective is to establish the most optimal working connections for our families and the individuals they select to employ. Recognizing the crucial nature of identifying the ideal candidate for your beloved children, we prioritize an all-encompassing screening process and unwavering ethical principles. The satisfaction we derive from the matching procedure aligns with our commitment to upholding the same level of integrity we would anticipate for our own offspring.

At ABC Nanny Source, we understand the significance of our Virginia Nannies selection as it directly mirrors our esteemed standards. Our utmost goal is to introduce candidates who embody integrity and a strong moral compass, granting parents the peace of mind that they can confide in them wholeheartedly. We foster a collaborative atmosphere that promotes teamwork between parents and nannies. We specifically seek out candidates who take great pride in their responsibilities and demonstrate a deep commitment to the growth and development of our children, with a proven track record. These are the exceptional candidates we willingly accept and proudly represent.

Once an ABC Virginia Nanny is accepted, it signifies that they have successfully completed our rigorous 10 step screening process. Our thorough screening process ensures that only the most qualified candidates are accepted into our program. With our commitment to excellence, we can guarantee that once accepted, candidates are typically placed within a very short period of time.

To ensure the mutual success for both our families and our nannies, ABC Nanny Source exclusively collaborates with skilled nannies who have prior experience as a nanny, teacher, preschool teacher, or in similar child-related roles. Through our thorough interviewing process and strict criteria, we consistently achieve the sought-after outcomes we desire. Each day, families express that the caregivers they encounter through our services are the exceptionally desired individuals who are difficult to locate elsewhere. These professionals choose ABC as their placement agency because of the assurance of safety and security we provide.

At ABC, we understand the utmost importance of maintaining confidentiality and discretion for our valued clients. Our clientele comprises a diverse range of families, including both working professionals and stay-at-home parents, who require household assistance to ensure the smooth functioning of their homes. If you are in search of a highly skilled care professional to cater to your children's needs within the privacy of your own home, then look no further than ABC � our agency is the perfect fit for you. Our busy parents acknowledge that ABC's commitment to professionalism and meticulousness requires significant time and effort, which is why they trust us to handle this aspect of their lives on a daily basis. Recognizing the significance of open communication, we prioritize understanding your family's requirements and preferences in order to identify the most suitable candidates. Rest assured that your assigned counselor will gather all the necessary information to ensure that we provide you with options that align with your specific needs and preferences.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to our Virginia families and nannies. We do this by allowing sufficient time to get to know our Clients and prospective candidates in conjunction with a sense of urgency as appropriate. It’s the personal service and rigorous screening process that sets ABC far apart from other VA Nanny agencies both professionally and online. We will save you the valuable time by doing all the legwork involved in matching you with the ideal candidate for your family. You can have peace of mind that ABC Nanny Source staff will take very good care of your family. We have an extraordinary success rate; our nannies consistently honor their commitments and extend employment far beyond the one year we require.

Contact us today to get in touch with our team and find the perfect caregiver for your family, just like the beloved Mary Poppins! Visit our website at for more information. contact us


ABC Nanny Source Staff

At ABC Nanny Source, our primary objective is to find, assess, and present dedicated caregivers who have undergone thorough screening and possess excellent qualifications to our valued clients. We are committed to delivering exceptional service that both families and nannies deserve, ensuring the highest standard of care and support.



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