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“I was extremely impressed with the service provided by ABC Nanny Source! At first, I was hesitant to go through a local nanny agency in VA, but now I can confidently say that this is the best way to hire someone to care for your children. The candidates they presented to our family from their VA Nanny network were truly amazing. I was astounded by the professionalism, experience, and dedication of each and every candidate we met. We were able to hire our nanny just a few days after registering, and we hope to have her with us for many years to come. Thank you!”
Let us help you find a VA Nanny for your precious children!

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Career VA Nannies through ABC have:

  • CPR Certification for Infants and Children
  • Passed 5-panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Clearances
  • Authorization to work in the U.S
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Signed ABC’s 1 Year Commitment Pledge
  • Acknowledged ABC’s Moral and Ethical Code of Conduct
  • Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Genuine Love for Children!

ABC Nanny Source is a reputable agency that represents professional nannies in the Mclean region. Every nanny we work with has undergone a rigorous screening process to ensure they are highly skilled and have a polished background. Please take a look below at some of the current ABC nannies available for consideration.

I am a nanny in VA looking for employment!
We are a Virginia family looking to hire a nanny!

mclean nannyAmel is a Mclean Nanny who emanates joy and love for the children she cares for!

“I possess a high level of energy and thoroughly enjoy being in the company of children. With my mother being a teacher, I aspire to once again become a French teacher in the future. Opting to be a Nanny stems from my genuine passion for caring for children and the immense joy they bring me. In summary, my decision to pursue a career in the Nanny profession is primarily driven by my love for taking care of kids. I have accumulated over three years of experience in various childcare roles, and can confidently say that I wholeheartedly adore what I do. The children I work with are lively, adorable, cheerful, angelic, endearing, and delightful. As a Nanny, my objective is to facilitate the development of fundamental skills in children through engaging and interactive activities. In addition, I am open to performing light housekeeping duties such as tidying up messes, organizing toys, and mopping. If I were to describe myself using five adjectives, they would be energetic, joyful, supportive, nurturing, and compassionate. When it comes to planning the daily routine for the families I care for, I would love to incorporate activities such as coloring, watching movies, singing songs, playing games, and enjoying circle time. If I were to envision the ideal family seeking a Nanny like myself, I would hope for them to be affectionate, caring, kind-hearted, serene, and respectful towards me.”
mclean nanny agencyGloria offers endless humor and education to each of the families she cares for through this Mclean Nanny Agency!

“I am an active, positive, nice, and honest person who possesses maturity and responsibility. Additionally, I have a great sense of humor and a deep love for children. My ultimate goal is to bring happiness to a considerate and wonderful family by providing excellent care for their children. I have chosen to be a Nanny because of my genuine love, care, assistance, and eagerness to teach children. With over 5 years of experience in childcare, I can confidently say that I truly enjoy what I do. In my opinion, children are the future of our world, and they hold an invaluable place in their families' lives. As a Nanny, my priority is to ensure the children's happiness and safety by lovingly taking care of them. I am also willing to assist with household chores, such as cleaning their rooms, doing their laundry, light cooking, bathing them, and putting them to sleep. Describing myself in five words, I would say that I am professional, honest, responsible, humorous, and active. When it comes to the ideal family seeking a Nanny like me, I hope to find a family that embraces me as a part of their own family.”

nanny in mcleanArlene is a Nanny in Mclean who has a refreshing enthusiasm for educating children!

“I am an energetic and amiable individual who finds joy in working with children of all ages. The reason I have chosen to pursue a career as a Nanny, instead of any other profession, is because I am a big fan of Mary Poppins and thoroughly enjoy playing and having fun with children. I am passionate about witnessing their learning and growth. With over 11 years of childcare experience, I can confidently say that I genuinely love what I do. In my opinion, children should be nurtured, cherished, and loved. As a Nanny, my objective is to bring out the best qualities in the children under my care. I am also willing to assist with light cleaning and dishwashing as part of my housekeeping duties. If I were to describe myself using five adjectives, they would be friendly, outgoing, flexible, honest, and reasonable. In terms of the daily plan, I would incorporate activities that encourage the child to play, learn, and prioritize their safety. Ideally, the perfect family seeking a Nanny like me would be friendly, honest, flexible, reasonable, and caring.”

nanny agency in mcleanPamela has been accepted by our Nanny agency in Mclean and is ready to work with you in providing the absolute best care for your children!

“I am an exceptionally caring and nurturing individual who believes in fostering imagination, creativity, and curiosity. Above all, I prioritize ensuring that the children under my care feel loved and respected, as I believe this is the most significant accomplishment for any childcare provider. My background in a corporate setting allows me to empathize with and understand the pressures and time restrictions faced by working parents. As a Nanny, I aim to alleviate some of that stress by guaranteeing that the most important individuals in your life are well taken care of. When compared to other professions, I have chosen to be a Nanny because it provides a unique opportunity to nurture, educate, and form strong bonds with the children I look after, something that cannot be fully achieved in a classroom or through occasional babysitting. With over 5 years of experience in childcare, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I find children to be fascinating and genuine, possessing brightness, energy, and a strong enthusiasm for exploring the world around them and acquiring knowledge. My objective as a Nanny is to be nurturing, loving, firm (when necessary), structured, and adaptable. While I believe in adhering to a planned schedule of activities and tasks, I understand that with children, unexpected situations may arise, requiring flexibility and going with the flow. I am willing to assist with household chores, including laundry, meal preparation, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, and promptly cleaning up any messes that occur. I will encourage children to tidy up their toys themselves, as it is essential for them to learn how to clean up after themselves. Describing myself in five adjectives, I would say that I am intelligent, imaginative, compassionate, reliable, and responsible. In the daily routine for the family I care for, I aim to incorporate activities such as arts and crafts, outdoor play/exercise, story time, quiet time, independent play, and cooperative/imaginative play. Additionally, I would love to have special activities a couple of times a week, such as outings to local playgrounds, building projects like volcanoes or forts (depending on the child's age), or picnics in nearby state parks. I believe in involving the children in creating the daily schedule, allowing them to contribute their own activity ideas and preferences. If I were to describe the ideal family seeking a Nanny like me, I would hope for them to be respectful, understanding, fun, and friendly.”

mclean nanny jobTatiana brings sunshine and happiness to her Mclean Nanny Job!

“I possess a wealth of experience in childcare, having worked in various roles for over 7 years. My dedication to this profession stems from my genuine love for children, which is why I have chosen to be a nanny over any other career. I believe that each child is unique and deserves to be respected for their individuality. As a nanny, my primary objective is to attend to their physical, emotional, and intellectual needs while fostering a nurturing and affectionate environment. I am adept at performing household tasks such as cooking for children, doing their laundry, and maintaining the cleanliness of their living spaces. To describe myself, I would use the adjectives kind, patient, reliable, knowledgeable, and caring. When caring for a family, I believe in incorporating a variety of activities into their daily routine, such as indoor and outdoor play, artistic pursuits, reading, creative play, and sports, all aimed at promoting cognitive, fine motor, and gross motor skill development. Ideally, the perfect family seeking a nanny like myself would be loving and understanding, prioritizing their children's well-being.”

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