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"What impressed me the most about working with ABC Nanny Source was the level of detail and organization in which such confidential information was presented. I received an extensive profile of each nanny candidate prior to her coming to my home for an interview. Once each nanny arrived at my door, I was fully relaxed because I felt I already knew the person in front of me! That’s how detailed these profiles were. The process was made very easy for our family and within a matter of days, I hired the perfect nanny for our children!"

ABC’s Nanny Agency in Virginia is very excited to represent nannies like Rebecca who work diligently to provide a safe home and caring home environment!

Virginia Nanny Rebecca's References

"Rebecca went above and beyond the duties required on a regular basis. She took the initiative to begin new programs and find solutions to existing problems. Rebecca worked with me at our church. She was very involved in providing care for the children. Rebecca always strived to find better ways to make the children’s time in our care safe, happy, educational, loving, and fun. She was a leader who also listened to everyone involved and did her best to incorporate the suggestions and ideas provided to her. Her love and compassion for children was abundantly obvious. She was an asset to us and would be an asset to the Nanny Agency in Virginia!”

”Rebecca went above and beyond what we required! We did not require her to clean while she was watching Isabelle, and we would come home to a clean house. She would take it upon herself to engage Isabelle in different activities and projects. We did not come home to Becky sitting on the couch watching TV and Isabelle playing alone. She was always engaged with our daughter. Becky treated Isabelle with the care, and love of a relative, and treated her as if she were her own, with respect to the attentiveness and concern that she displayed for Isabelle. I am a full time working mom, and my husband works also. Isabelle is our first child, and we both experienced much anxiety and guilt about leaving her at 3 months old with strangers. Becky keeps me updated throughout the day with text messages and often picture messages of what Isabelle’s doing or saying, or projects that they are making together! I trust her completely with Isabelle in her car, and in her care. She is a responsible, caring, dynamic young woman, who genuinely loves and nurtures the children in her care. She is respectful of our house and space, as well as us and our daughter. If Isabelle was sick Becky would inquire about her and has become a part of the family. She has attended Isabelle’s birthday parties and other family events. She is available, and cheerful, working while still going to school to finish her education. I would highly recommend her for a Nanny position with the Nanny Agency in Virginia!”

“She was everything we wanted in a "summer nanny" from the Nanny Agency in Virginia. She was responsible to make sure they got to appointments on time. Becca had activities planned for them that were both fun and educational. The children hated for her to leave when school started. Becca was our "summer nanny" for 3 summers. Our children loved her and she became part of our family. She accepted the responsibilities we assigned her with ease and even took on additional ones. Her work ethic was superior - she was always punctual and dedicated. She always had the children’s needs at the forefront of her mind. She was able to balance summer fun with educational, learning experiences, as well as being able to find activities that were suitable and enjoyable to both a girl and a very active boy. She was more than just a childcare provider. She became a role model and confidante for my children.”

“Rebecca did a great job with both my children! They loved her has if she were our family, which she pretty much was. Becky was always on time, and very precise with the children. She followed all family rules and made sure to follow schedules we had for our children. I never had any problems with her what so ever, and neither will you! I higly resommend her to the Nanny Agency in Virginia."

“Rebecca was always there when we needed her to watch Naomi. She would keep her busy the whole time with fun and educating activities she had planned! Naomi adores Becky and misses her a lot. I have known Becky since we were in high school, and she has always been so light hearted. She makes people who are around her cheerful! She is amazing with children – they are like her "art" if you will. I never felt uncomfortable leaving Naomi with her. She’d make a great nanny with the Nanny Agency in Virginia!”

“Rebecca was wonderful with both my children. Her main job was tutoring Matthew, who has Autism and is basically non-verbal. She worked wonders with him! She was able to teach him to sight-read over 35 words, and his teachers were amazed. Becky had a wonderful relationship with both my kids, and is a perfect candidate for a nanny position. She was also very helpful around the house if Matthew was resting or outside playing; she willingly helped out with light duties around the house and I really miss her being here. Becky came to us and was very upfront that she had no experience with Autism, but she was very willing to learn, to educate herself and to work with Matthew. I found that because she did not have previous educational methodologies already programmed in her approach, she was able to creatively think "outside the box" and reach him in ways the rest of us would not have thought of. She was unfailingly kind, sweet-natured, conscientious, and kept Matthew's best interest in mind. I was so pleased with his progress. I never felt uncomfortable leaving my kids with Becky; she was always on duty with them. She is a good communicator and will ask questions if she is not clear on what is expected. Overall, I recommend her with enthusiasm and best wishes to the Nanny Agency in Virginia. The family that she nannies for will find she is a real gem!”

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