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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Find a nanny position that utilizes skills gained from your Bucks County clerical job - after all, every household desires orderliness!

Bucks County Nanny Job:

Full Time: Monday – Friday (6:45am-8:45am and 2pm–8pm)
Children: 7 years old and 11 years old
Salary Offering: $650-$800 per week
Note: Ability to multi-task necessary!
Children's Activities: Lego building, soccer, swimming, baseball, tennis, running, chess, Wii video games, and board games
Position Description: Care of children including meal preparation, laundry, driving to activities, and help with homework. Light housekeeping including organization of rooms/sports equipment/backpacks, making lunches for next day, keeping house in neat order, errands.


"We are looking for someone who is friendly, caring, energetic, and can be firm when needed. The nanny will preferably be fun, warm and communicates well with children and parents. Someone with previous experience in a Bucks County clerical job, reinforcing the ability to multi-task would be greatly appreciated!"

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Have you previously worked at a Bucks County clerical job and are interested in utilizing your multi-tasking abilities in a position with children? Many families desire nannies that are able to successfully juggle many things and once and will appreciate the experience you can provide! Please read what these families had to say about nannies with similar experiences!

“Beverly provided intermittent weekend care for my son for one year in addition to her full time Bucks County clerical job. Her knowledge of children, kind ways, and dependability make her an asset to any household! During her time with my family, she not only provided childcare, but also assisted with household organization, meal preparation, and cleaning. There was never a task too large for Beverly! Her initiative to assist our family during these early months of my son's life allowed for my piece of mind when my husband and I were away. She has always been professional, conscientious and reliable. She will be an asset to your family!”

“Magdalena cared for my two daughters while I taught summer school. She was responsible for meal preparation and summer activities my daughters were involved in. She took it upon herself to help my children learn new skills in regards to managing chores around the house. This was very helpful to my household! She also helped with academic skills they were required to keep up with during the break. Magdalena is a very trustworthy and caring person with a huge heart. She was always punctual, and I was very comfortable and satisfied with leaving my children in her care. I know Magdalena will be an asset to your family! She is hard working and pays attention to detail, skills no doubt gained from prior experience at a Bucks County clerical job.”

“Sharday worked for me as a nanny for two years, and was responsible for caring for my 2 year daughter and 6 year old son. Sharday showed exemplary work habits in all aspects above and beyond the job requirement! Her Bucks County clerical job background and natural instinct of child rearing skills provided her with the tools needed to manage the job successfully and efficiently. She was by far, the greatest gift given to my family during those years! Sharday's responsibilities included feeding, grooming and providing age appropriate activities for my children throughout the day. On a daily basis, she provided one-on-one tutoring for both children and assisted my son with homework completion. She demonstrated punctuality, responsibility and maturity above and beyond what was expected. She came to work consistently on time daily and rarely missed a day. She was able to establish rapport with both children instantaneously and did so in a positive and loving manner. She demonstrated flexibility and was open to completing additional given task in addition to the basic job requirements. One of Sharday's greatest assets is her natural ability to deal with children! She was a great role model for my children in her mannerisms and language, and remained fair, firm and consistent in her discipline. I was very impressed with her problem solving skills, time management and efficiency. Based on the outstanding qualities that Sharday has displayed throughout the years, I believe that she would be an asset to your family. She is an extremely hard-working and dedicated individual!”

“Angelena has provided care for my daughter from the time that Kenya was one day old! I only had one month to recover and spend one on one care with my daughter. I then started going back to work, and doing a night shift from 6pm to 2am. Angelena cared for my daughter after working her Bucks County clerical job. She is a strong, motivated individual who is very diligent, professional in manner and appearance, and would make a great addition to your family! She has always had patience with children, even teenagers. They all seem to look up to her! As a new mother, and going through the stages of my daughter being sick, I always call Angelena because she always knows what is best for Kenya! Angelena is completely clinically trained and would do well if your child was sick. Angelina’s love and passion for children is so amazing, and Kenya wants to be with her all of the time! I have no hesitation in recommending Angelena to care for your family!”

“Kristin has provided childcare for my three children, Keisha who has special needs, Latifah, and son Kareem for a number of years, and has also worked for me at a clerical job in Bucks County as a receptionist/childcare assistant. Kristin is bright, reliable, and affectionate, and excels at meeting infants’ and toddlers’ developmental needs! Kristin always goes above and beyond to care for my children and other children that she takes care of. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she taught my daughter Keisha, who is deaf, how to say "momma", even though doctors had told me that she would never be able to say a word. Kristin has taught my children how to be independent, proper manners, and basic learning skills. As a daily routine she would make sure my children ate breakfast, lunch and dinner, and made sure they were well groomed. Kristin is a wonderful cleaning, and is very organized. I always came home to a clean house, and it even smelled good! I can honestly say that there is not a person on this planet that I would rather have caring for my children than Kristin. She knows how to structure time well, but is also flexible. She was very comfortable with working at the daycare and teaching children basic learning skills. Kristin would have a weekly agenda that includes one number and letter of the alphabet that the children would sing, draw, and dance to. She made sure that every child in her class was on the same page, and when one child was not, she had the whole class help-out as a team, assuring the child that he or she could do it! I would definitely say her classroom was full of music, dancing, warmth, joy, and happy children. Kristin was big on respect and made sure her classroom was reinforced respect and care for others. Kristin provided both my children and the daycare with all the life, learning, and discipline skills necessary to thrive in pre-school. I highly recommend her to care for your children!”

“I believe that GraceLynn has the experience to be a wonderful nanny to your family! She is a close friend of the family. Through my rough times pertaining to my busy work schedule, she always has no problem taking care of my two boys in addition to her clerical job in Bucks County. GraceLynn is a lovable person, and I know I can call her right up and ask her if she can care them. She always had no problem king care of the boys for me for a few hours, and she even sometimes has them stay with her for the weekend! Stephon always tells me that they were doing something different, like going to the parks and having fun! They were astonished when she took them to the zoo for a whole day! GraceLynn also knows how to prepare nutritious meals, from breakfast to dinner. I thought that was also a plus, because growing children do need their veggies and fruits, as well as a healthy meal! GraceLynn is dependable, and I recommend her to anybody who needs outstanding childcare!”

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