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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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FAQ's About Philadelphia Nanny Jobs through ABC Nanny Source

What kind of Salary can I expect to make as a Philadelphia Nanny?

That depends on a lot of factors. Each family is going to have varying degrees of needs, which will certainly play a role in the salary range being offered for the nanny position. Also taken into consideration will be your prior experience and/or childcare and educational credentials. The number of hours you will be on duty and other domestic duties such as household upkeep will all be taken into consideration when negotiating your salary or hourly rate. One great aspect of working with ABC Nanny Source is you will not need to negotiate with the family at all, the placement counselor you are assigned to will negotiate the best salary/hourly rate possible, vacation benefits, paid sick time off, paid holiday plan and major medical benefits. You are able to avoid the sometimes uncomfortable discussion regarding salary and benefits; we will take care of making the offer official and competitive! Most of our part time permanent Nannies are earning an hourly range of $13-$18 per hour and full time permanent Nannies are typically offered a weekly salary verses and hourly rate that falls between $600-$800+ per week. In nearly all cases the position will also offer vacation, sick time, holiday pay and sometimes major medical insurance. However, this is to be used as a guide and each particular situation will vary.

What do I need to do to apply for a Philadelphia Nanny job?

Initially start by completing our online Nanny Registration form and an ABC Placement Counselor will contact you for a preliminary telephone interview. We will discuss what requirements we set forth in order to be considered for a position. We will ask several questions to determine what kind of position you are looking for and if you have the credentials that our families are looking for. Then, you will come meet us for a face-to-face interview. Once it has been determined that you will be an asset to our database and you are ready to get started, you will be requested to fill out a lot of paperwork! There will be forms releasing ABC Nanny Source to perform necessary Criminal, DMV & Background checks. We will also need to make copies of your driver’s license and social security card along with taking your photograph and fingerprints. You will also be required to pass a drug test within 72 hours of being offered to join ABC Nanny Source. If you are not already CPR certified, we will also schedule you to complete a Child and Infant CPR course. Once you have completed the training and we have your clearances verified, we will immediately start looking for an ideal nanny position. In most cases, you will likely begin interviewing with Philadelphia area families within the week!

How much experience should I have?

Our network of Nannies consists of caregivers with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to offe. Some are mothers themselves whose children are grown or in full time school, some are previous pre-school teachers, many are certified elementary or high school teachers, and many are professional Nannies who have been serving in this industry for several years. All who apply must have prior verifiable childcare experience. In order to be considered for a position with ABC Nanny Source we will also need to verify personal references and education credentials.

Will I need to drive for my position as a Nanny?

In most cases you will need to be available to drive if requested. Some families need to have their Nanny to drive on a regular basis to take children to and from activities, get extra groceries, go to the post office, escort the children on doctor visits and to outside activities. Then there are other families who might rarely need you to drive depending on the age of the child/children. This is something that will be discussed prior to commencement of employment. If you will be required to drive, it will also be discussed as to whether you will use your personal vehicle or if one will be provided. However, it is a requirement of ABC Nanny Source that you are an authorized driver with a valid driver’s license, as well as an insured vehicle to be accepted into our database.

Will I be an employee of ABC Nanny Source?

No. We are a Pennsylvania State Nanny Referral Agency, so although our agency will be doing all the initial interviews and screening, you will actually become employed by the family that hires you.

What about taxes?

ABC Nanny Source does not dictate to families how taxes should be handled. However, we offer several references of agencies that can help with this process to our families and they typically hire an outside source to handle payroll.

How long will it take to find a nanny position?

Typically you can anticipate beginning interviewing with families within one week from your face-to-face interview assuming you comply with the drug testing and all that is required to become fully registered. All our Nannies are placed within a 30-minute radius of their home. So, once you have become fully registered and entered into our permanent database, your electronic profile will begin being submitted to families who are seeking a Nanny in your area. Our families will review several profiles and choose which candidates they think, based on the profiles, would be best suited to their situation. When families request to have an interview with you an ABC Placement Counselor will call you to tell you all about the position regarding when they would like someone to start, what the typical hours will be, what days they need care, a complete job description and the salary or hourly range being offered for the position based on experience. If the position sounds like one you would be interested in, we will agree on a mutually convenient time for you to go to the family home for an interview. Your placement counselor will provide you with the name of the family, their address and phone number in case you get lost and the approximate travel time it should take you to get there. Your interview with the family will be approximately one hour. After your interview you will be requested to call the Agency to provide a summary of how the interview went and if it appears to be a position you would like to be considered for and if you have any questions that were left unanswered. After the family has completed interviewing candidates you will be notified if the family has made an official offer to you or if the position has been filled. Typically families will interview anywhere from three to five candidates and you will have an answer within the week. In the meantime you will likely interview with several families which will allow you the most exposure and highest chances of securing a position fairly quickly!

Why should I register with ABC Nanny Source verses another Philadelphia Nanny Agency?

Great question! There are so many reasons it is hard to know where to start! ABC Nanny Source is a prestigious agency in the Philadelphia area that has earned a reputation for offering the highest caliber of Nannies. We are committed to providing lasting matches for Families and Nannies so you are able to find a position that you can count on. Many of our Nannies are able to find extended long-term positions through ABC Nanny Source and also find they are able to command and excellent salary and benefit package along with finding truly wonderful families that will appreciate your hard work and dedications! We place a high value on our qualified candidates and will do everything we can to be sure we find the ideal family you are seeking!

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