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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Professional Identity Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License & Vehicle Registration
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
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If You're Looking for a Nanny Job in Philadelphia, Call ABC!

Our nannies are happily placed with area families. See what they have to say ...

Media Nanny - Kelly:
"My nanny position is working with three adorable children in the Main Line area. Oftentimes, other nannies ask me how I managed to secure such a wonderful professional nanny job. My answer is always the same: I tell them that I couldn't have done it without ABC Nanny Source! I recommend all professional nannies register with ABC Nanny Source if this is their career! Knowing that the agency you are with truly cares about the outcome of each and every match makes ABC Nanny Source a "win-win" solution for everyone!"

Philadelphia Nanny - Natalie:
“ABC Nanny Source takes pride in supplying the best service not only for families but for their nannies too. This company maintained great communication with me throughout the process until I secured a position and was given an official offer of employment. From the start I was a bit hesitant to apply because there was so much to do just to be accepted; the drug test, CPR requirements, fingerprints, coming into the actual agency and being photographed were all very new to me even though I have been a nanny for many years. However, I thought I would register and I am so glad I did! It was extremely worth the extra work involved because the families I met with were all very serious about hiring a nanny. They were just as much looking for a professional nanny as I am when seeking a long-term position. I would recommend any professional to go through this Philadelphia nanny agency; you will not be disappointed!"

Jenkintown Nanny - Cheryl:
"I am quite impressed with the efficiency and speed at which I was placed with a my family! My ABC Nanny Recruiter and Scheduling Coordinator were very prompt at returning my initial calls and setting up an appointment to meet with me. During my ABC interview I found that all my questions were answered, from general nanny industry questions to more specific issues about families in the Jenkintown area currently seeking a nanny with my qualifications. This agency was very responsive to all emails and phone calls. I also noticed when being presented with potential positions available through the agency the counselors were well prepared with details about what the families were really seeking. Clearly this agency is about making the best fit and providing both parties with what is needed. I would highly recommend ABC Nanny Source to anyone I know!”

Newtown Nanny - Mona:
"I am a Nanny in the Philadelphia region who was placed by ABC Nanny Source with an amazing set of eleven month old twins! The family that I was a Nanny for previously moved out of state and had to relocate out of the area suddenly. Initially I felt a bit frantic because even though I secured my last position through ABC very soon after being accepted; I really was not in a position to go a long time without employment. After talking with a Placement Counselor at ABC Nanny Source they relieved all my worries and assured me my profile would be reactivated as soon as they verified the reference from my current family! Literally, within 24 hours, I was offered to interview with a new family only ten minutes from my home and was given my offer of employment letter by the end of that week! Just like before, the staff at ABC also followed up with me after I got started to be sure everything was transitioning well and offered to be of service if I need anything in the future. The twins are growing rapidly and I have been welcomed as a part of this family. It is so much fun and a real joy to watch them grow and learn. I wholeheartedly thank ABC Nanny Source for matching me this family!"

Allentown Nanny - Jessica:
“I really didn’t know there was a nanny agency in Allentown or the Bethlehem area even though I have been a nanny for over 15 years. I accidently met an ABC Nanny at one of the local parks who initially told me all about her great experience being placed with this agency. Although at the time I had no need for a position because I was already working with a family I had met through word of mouth, I kept their name in the back of my mind for the future because I knew my charges were soon to both be entering full time school. Sure enough come the fall, as I had thought, the family I was working for decided they needed to reduce to a part time schedule now that both their children would be in a full time program. I of course let them know that I needed full time employment and offered to stay with them until they found someone new. I immediately submitted an application to ABC Nanny Source and was offered a face-to-face interview with two counselors that same week. As soon as I completed the drug test and my references were verified; I was offered to meet with two different families. Both families were a great fit for me and I was offered BOTH positions! I accepted the position that was a better schedule fit for my personal circumstances, but either position would be a dream for any professional nanny. I feel very at ease knowing I have this professional local nanny agency to count on!”

New Hope Nanny - Meredith:
“ABC Nanny Source made the entire process clear and simple. I am actually amazed there is a company that is as detailed as they are. All my paperwork regarding my offer was clear and concise. There was no question about how I was being paid, what my hours were going to be each day, what position duties were expected of me and what my vacation, sick time and holiday benefits were. I recognize that this agency is looking for the best nannies in the industry to represent their company and if you are a professional you can expect to be accepted and placed with an equally professional family. They made me feel comfortable from the very first phone call and word is getting around fast that this IS the agency to go to for a professional nanny position!”

West Chester Nanny - Rachel:
“I have gone through a few Philadelphia Nanny Agencies throughout my career as a nanny. I found that the agency I had been going through for years really wasn’t very receptive to my need to find a new position when my most recent family had no further need for a full time nanny. Bearing in mind, I had been with this family for over four years; I really felt that this prior agency would be very anxious to assist me in a new placement knowing how dedicated I am. Instead, I was practically ignored for weeks on end. The only two calls I received about possible positions were over 45 minutes away from my home and not even full time? So, reluctantly, I decided I needed to consider other options and applied at ABC Nanny Source because I had heard through several resources that many nannies were being placed through this agency and found them to be quite good. Still I was reluctant because I am a very loyal person and really desired to stay with the agency that last placed me with my family of four years. Anyway, when I filled out the ABC application I received an amazingly immediate response the next day. This was very different from the time frame I was used to with my prior agency. I spoke with a very professional Scheduling Coordinator who went over all the details regarding ABC’s process and the qualifications required to come in for an interview. I was scheduled to come in for an interview within only two days. First of all – I had never even met the staff of the Philadelphia Nanny agency I had been going through previously, so it was very refreshing to actually meet the people who I was counting on to assist me. ABC Nanny Source was impeccably professional in all respects. Their staff is dressed professionally; their office appears meticulously organized and very childcare oriented with many inspirational sayings regarding nanny care. They had a corporate video for me to observe before meeting with my recruiter and placement counselor that outlined the clearances and structure behind the agency. I was stunned! Everything flowed just like… well, just like an agency should. Within a week and a half and after meeting three different families I was offered an amazing position with a better salary then I had ever been offered before. The family lives literally only five minutes from my home and I anticipate I will be with them for many years – especially now that Mom is expecting a newborn next month! Due to the dedication and earnest care I received from ABC Nanny Source I will only to go through them when I need another position someday and I am doing my best to educate all professional nannies to do the same. The one on one attention this Philadelphia Nanny Agency provides to each nanny is a rarity and yet very appreciated and recognized. ABC Nanny Source showed me that it is still possible to receive personal attention in a business environment.”

Philadelphia Nanny - Kristen:
“I wish to take just a few moments to recognize your agency! You may not believe this, but some other agencies in the Philadelphia area are not as professional as ABC Nanny Source. Each ABC employee has a positive attitude, polite manner, and great telephone etiquette which makes it such a joy to communicate. I feel it is a privilege to be accepted into your agency and will continue to make you proud through my dedication to the family I have been matched with!”

King of Prussia - Lauren:
This Philadelphia Nanny Agency is simply topnotch! From day one, I felt empowered working with the ladies at this location. They have such dedication and commitment to everyone. They helped me find a terrific family whose needs were met by what I had to offer and vice-versa. I cannot say enough good things about my experience, and I see now why they are revered as one of Philadelphia's Best Nanny Agencies.

The mission of ABC Nanny Source is to recruit, evaluate and offer only highly screened, highly qualified and loving Philadelphia caregivers to our clients, while also providing
the highest level of service that each family and nanny deserve!

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