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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Families in your area are looking for experienced caregivers for their Bucks County Live In Nanny Job!

Bucks County Live In Nanny Job:

Full Time: LIVE IN
Children: 3 month old baby boy
Salary Offering: $500-600 per week, plus room and board
Note: Live In Nanny experience highly sought after
Children's Activities: Baby will only be 3 months old, so personal interaction is extremely important right now. He is just learning how to play and it will all be indoor play time with his activity gym, tummy time and toys. He also loves to go on walks in the stroller around the neighborhood.
Position Description: The sole responsibility for the nanny will be to care for the baby. Mom and dad want all of the focus to be on their son. The only other duty will be to take out the dog once or twice during the day in the backyard. No other household duties will be required.


"We are hoping to find a nanny that will become part of the family and will stay with us as our son grows up. We are hoping to find someone willing to fill our Bucks County Live In Nanny job for years to come."

Apply Today!

Have you previously worked as a live in nanny and are seeking your next live in nanny job in Bucks County? Read what these families have to say about nannies in positions just like yours!

“I am a mother of two children whom Grace took care of for our live in nanny job in Bucks County. As a working mom, it is hard to find a person that can provide a comfortable and secure environment for my children. My children were with Grace from as early as 3 months old. They have learned everything from their ABC's, numbers recognition, opposite and same game, shapes, and music. They also learn life enhancement skills like sharing, understanding and love. The love and patience that Grace put into my children makes me realize how lucky I am. Grace is a wonderful, nurturing and loving person for the environment for the child. ”

“Lisa was in my employ as a Nanny for two years. During this time her duties included taking the children to their daily activities, picking them up and dropping them off at school, light housekeeping, cooking, and laundry. Lisa always made sure that the house was clean and tidy, the children’s rooms were picked up and dinner was prepared and on the table when we came home from work. Lisa was very dependable, working Monday through Friday as required for our Bucks County live in nanny job. My daughter, who is now six years of age had a great rapport with Lisa and truly grew to love her. My children enjoyed the crafts and games that Lisa worked on with them while under her care. She has an excellent disposition and works very well under stress. She was able to manage all three of my children with ease.”

”Alysia did a fantastic job taking care of our two young boys! She kept them absolutely safe always, and we never had to worry about their wellbeing when she was on the job. Depending on our variable schedules, she often worked long hours, yet she has the energy to keep attentive to the constant needs of small children! When our first Nanny left us to pursue a business opportunity our first boy was only 6 months old, and we were very anxious about finding someone for our Bucks County live in nanny job at the spur of the moment. Thank goodness we found Alysia! She is fantastic with babies and truly loves being with them. She was great at taking care of our little guy all the way through toddler hood (at which time we had to relocate out of state). We had a second boy later, and she handled taking care of the both of them without batting an eye - she has the energy and love of children to manage it! A great thing about Alysia is that she would not simply watch over the children; she would actively involve herself with them and engage them in activities and play, truly being with them!”

“Vicki would make a great Nanny! She has a good head on her shoulders to make responsible decisions. She is personable, organized and attentive to details. She loves children! She has cared for my two children for the last several years. She was always polite and courteous. The first time Vicki came in our house she told me about the childcare course she had taken. I was impressed, not just with the fact that she took such training, but that she knew it well and walked me through all the key points of the program. My wife and I left, confident that our children were in good hands. Vicki was also fun! She did things with the children outdoors, played games inside and taught them songs! They were glad she came and eager to have her back. You cannot get a better recommendation than a satisfied customer! I am sure that other families will appreciate Vicki’s many talents also. She is the kind of person who brings value wherever she goes, not just someone who is present, but who makes a difference! Any family will be lucky to have her for their Bucks County live in nanny job.”

“Betsy has been a childcare provider for our family during the last 4 years. She was responsible for watching the children at night when we went out and she would pick up the children from school and watch them until we arrived home from work. She drove the children to their sports practices and bringing them home afterwards. Betsy is a favorite of the children! She always plays with the children and any of the activities in the house that they want to play. Betsy always has control of the children. It is great to be able to go out or be at work and not have to worry about the children being taken care of! She has been a wonderful asset to our family, and we were extremely lucky to have her for our Bucks County live in nanny job! We very highly recommend her!”

“Carly’s character, dedication, compassion and drive contributed significantly to her Bucks County live in nanny job! What makes her work really special is the response and respect that she gives to each child. Her wonderful combination of energy, self-confidence and approachability attracts children to her. She exudes charisma and is a natural with children! Carly connects well with children and always seems to bring out the best in them. She really takes the time to listen to their needs and responds appropriately. Our children always look forward to the time they get to spend with Carly. She has become a treasured member of our family and often spends holidays and vacations with us. Our children just adore her and we are very thankful for everything she has done for us!”

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