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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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The kind and gentle nature you display at your Center City elderly care job will be warmly received in a local nanny position!

Center City Nanny Job:

Part Time: Monday through Thursday (10am-6pm)
Children: 6 month old baby girl
Salary Offering: $14-16 per hour
Note: A soft spoken person is preferred
Children's Activities: Tyra is always happy to play with her toys in her play pen; she also enjoys sleeping and eating
Position Description: Provide a safe and stimulating environment for our daughter. All attention should be focused on her at all times


“We want only a gentle, patient person to stay with our daughter. If the individual has experience working at a Center City elderly care job, that would be beneficial, and they would have the exact personality that we are seeking.”

Apply Today!


If your elderly care job in Center City is not providing you with the complete satisfaction you are searching for, then apply as a nanny today! Families like those speaking below will be appreciative of your gentle and serene presence:

“Ingrid started with our family by working in our Center City elderly care job caring for my aging grandmother. She was very dedicated and willing to learn. As time went on, she became part of our family and I learned that she loves children. She really is a role model for young adults. She works very hard, is always happy, and a joy to have around. I am so proud of all she has accomplished these past years. I feel as if she is a daughter to me. She is an excellent worker, dependable, dedicated, and loving. She is firm, but very nurturing to all children. The children respected her and loved having her as their teacher. Parents and other staff also respected her.”

“Greta was always on time and flexible for whatever hours I needed, which was critical to my work schedule. She was kind to my children and mother in our Nanny and elderly care job in Center City. She was also a good driver and followed instructions as to what needed to be done. I knew she would always keep an eye on my children. She was flexible with whatever I needed her to do for the children. Greta is a mom herself so she understood any of the goals that mattered to me: safety, potty training, etc. and offered opinions when solicited. I would not have let her go had I not lost my job!”

“Linda is a wonderful person to have looking after children. She is absolutely reliable, dependable, capable and loving. She is a good role model, well-educated and fun!! She picked my children up from school, helped with homework and drove them to after school activities. We had a very positive experience with Linda. You could not find a more reliable, loving, capable person to have looking after your children. She is absolutely dependable, always punctual and always there for us. Linda has involved my children in learning activities. She cooked for us, taught my son to play chess, and enriched my children’s lives. She even spent time with my mother when I was looking for someone to fill my Center City elderly care job. She made my life as a working mother and daughter stress- free as I could always depend absolutely on her!”

“Ellen presented herself as a professional from day one of hiring her. She was the most reliable nanny I've ever had. I don't believe she ever called out sick! She was diligent in making sure all her duties - watching the children, helping with homework, getting them to eat dinner and getting them ready for bed, taking them to activities during the week - were executed with efficiency and grace. And she was a good communicator, keeping us abreast of any challenges or concerns that may have come up during the day, always calling to let us know she had picked up the children and that they were home safely. She would also plan surprises for the children, taking them to amusement and water parks or to the movies, out for ice cream or to the park, which broke up the monotony. Ellen is also very artistic, and she shared her love of art with the children, getting them to express their creativity with painting and drawing. Overall, we had an exceptional experience with Ellen. I am happy to give her our highest and most enthusiastic recommendation, as I am ecstatic that Ellen left her Center City elderly care job to work with our family. Ellen was a terrific nanny for my two children! My son has ADHD, which can be a challenge to deal with, and Ellen was able to accommodate his special needs, especially in helping him with his homework. She was extremely reliable - always picking up the children on time and getting them to their various activities without incident. She not only was willing to prepare meals when I left instructions on what was available for the children to eat, she also made sure that the kids didn't eat junk food, made sure they got out of the house and into the fresh air with outdoor play and exercise, and made sure they were bathed and ready for bed before she left for the evening. She'd even put dirty dishes in the dishwasher each day, even though I didn't require this. Ellen has an understanding manner, and is firm but kind with children. She knows when to rein in behavior, and when to let children have a little freedom. She expects respect and our children gave it to her. And when they challenged her, as children always do, she was able to assert her authority in a way that was firm but non-threatening. If I had not decided to change careers and work from home, Ellen would still be working for us!”

“Mercedes was working at a full time elderly care job in Center City for a family when I met her through that family. I am a full time at home mom who has a p/t business so I used her on a part time basis when she was not employed at her regular job. She filled in for me whenever I asked without question and was dependable, trustworthy and very loving and accommodating with my children and my ever-changing schedule! Mercedes is more than equipped to work with children of any ages and is extremely well organized and adaptable to new situations.”

“Beverly and my family have developed a relationship during the twelve/thirteen years that we have known her. She was hired as a nanny for my nephew who just turned 14. She has been a wonderful caretaker and FRIEND to all of our family, which includes my nephew's aunts, grandma, etc.! She took exceptional care of Tommy. But she also "pitched in" with temporarily filling in our Center City elderly care job. To this day, she just heard that Tommy's grandma was in the hospital. She asked for her house key and went over and cleaned her house so she wouldn't have to come home from the hospital to a dirty house. She is amazing!”

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