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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Love spreading your cheerful disposition to those on the other end of the phone at your Chester County administrative job? Just think of how happy you can make children in a local Nanny Position!

Chester County Nanny Job:

Full Time: Monday through Friday (7:30am-5:30pm)
Children: 1 ½ year old boy and 9 year old girl
Salary Offering: $550-$700/week, Based on Experience
Note: Position requires managing the household
Children's Activities: Motor skill development (Seth is just learning to walk!); Megan has dance and music class, and will be entering drama club and the swim team
Position Description: Upon arrival, prepare the oldest child for school. This includes assuring she is dressed in clean clothing, breakfast is eaten, lunch and snack are packed in book bag, and her teeth and hair are brushed. After seeing her safely on the school bus, spend the day interacting with Seth. When he is napping (typically one to two hours mid-day), children’s laundry, keep tabs on groceries, update journal for mom, keep the family calendar up to date – this calendar shows all of the family’s activities for the month. Mom would like Nanny to orchestrate activities and keep everyone on task.


"Our home is in need of organization! Both of us work outside the home and with our two children so far apart in age, it is hard for us to keep up! Our daughter has so many activities, and our son is growing and developing so fast – we need a Nanny to help keep us in order! Background with an administrative job in Chester County is ideal. We want our nanny to be familiar with the area, and also know how to bring regulation to our family."

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Administration to Nanny Position sound crazy? It’s not! Many families are in need of Nannies/Household Managers with backgrounds like yours, due to their hectic schedules. Families like those speaking below truly appreciate the way their nannies have turned their chaotic households into tranquil homes:

“I have known Viviene for almost 4 years dating back to when she was working at a Chester County administrative job. Throughout the prior 4 years, I have asked Viviene to watch our children for a little as a few hours or for a week here and there when our nanny was on vacation or ill, and I highly recommend her based on our experience! She has always easily been able to take care of our 3 children (two aged 4 years old and one age 2 years old) recently and also when they were younger. It is no small task to manage three toddlers at that these ages and Viviene did it with very little guidance from me. She would walk in the door, know what to do and start working without me asking her to do something. She didn't hesitate to pack up the children to go to the park or outside when it might have been easier to just play inside. The children have always liked having Viviene watch them, which is why I continue to call her when we need a fill-in. As recently as yesterday, I was asked in the morning" is V coming today or Diane?" The children enjoy her and she has good parenting skills! She truly is remarkable!”

“I can highly recommend Chelsea as a nanny and childcare provider. She first cared for my oldest child when he was two weeks old and I had to go back out to work. I have had her care for my child for the past nine years and when she was available. She is wonderful to my child! She is extremely knowledgeable about children and has a wonderful rapport with him. Chelsea is so experienced and such a calm influence. She was also a tremendous help to me when I had my oldest child - just in reassuring me when things were a little hairy. She is a consummate professional - punctual and hard working – traits surely gained from her prior administrative job in Chester County. She is also a very warm and loving person. When I left my child with Chelsea, I knew he would be on my schedule and adhering to my rules. It was so nice to have someone that I could have left my child with and not think about it when I am out and about. I knew he would be safe and cared for as though I was there. My son loved her, and my husband and I both hold her in the highest regard. Choosing someone to care for our child was a very important decision and not one to be made lightly. Chelsea is a wonderful choice. She is absolutely trustworthy, intelligent, experienced and a warm and caring person.”

“I would highly recommend Maria for another nanny position! She is very safety conscience and has the children’s best interest at heart at all time. She was very outside oriented and kept both our boys active. There was a good communication style between Maria and us as parents. She always was engaged with the children. She also kept our home tidy and everything under control. We were very thankful for this especially, as we hired her due to her background at a Chester County administrative job. Maria kept the boys scheduled and respected our requests and valued their input as well. She is very competent, caring, and extremely good at what she does. My wife and I both that having Maria as our nanny was an exceptional experience for our sons and for this reason we would like to give her our best recommendation!”

“There is one word that would sum Jackie up and it’s AMAZING! She has become a part of our family and we are so sad to see her go. Whoever gets her is going to be extremely lucky. She is reliable and dependable. She is thoughtful and just wonderful with my children. She not only took care of their physical needs, but their emotional and educational needs as well. She’s always on time; she never takes a sick day. I remember when I spoke with her previous employer from a Chester County nanny job, Jackie’s punctuality and professionalism was emphasized there as well. She’s very smart and she’s a very nice person. I trust her like a sister. I give her unbelievable reviews because that’s the kind of person she is. She is a very special person. She needs minimal direction. She is always in a good mood! I’ve never seen her be short with my children; she is always having a good day. She is very well versed with medical needs and has been amazing with my middle child who has specific medical needs. I give her my highest recommendation!”

“Gail took OUTSTANDING care of our children and our home. As expected due to her background at an administrative job in Chester County, she was able to instill a sense of order with our children, worked independently and used excellent judgment. Our children arrived at their activities on time and prepared. She was able to plan outings and structure so my children were not sitting on the couch watching TV. She took them to the playground, zoo, and on play dates. She was a lifesaver for our family who took excellent care of my children during a difficult career transition, which required me to travel extensively. Gail was able to manage my household with minor supervision and direction. At all times, the children were secure and well cared for. Anyone who hires Gail will be lucky!”

“Tara showed up every day on time with a warm smile on her face! She learned quickly how to juggle two infants in diapers as well as keep my home spotless and the children’s laundry clean! She always gave me a good report at the end of the day and had a genuine interest in the development of the children. This organization was important to our family, which is why I chose someone with a background in an administrative job in Chester County like Tara. She also makes delicious brownies! Tara was also very flexible on those days when traffic gets you home a little late. I would recommend Tara to anyone needing a Nanny!”

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