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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Why file in a Chester County clerical job when you can have fun in a local nanny position?!

Chester County Nanny Job:

Full Time: LIVE IN
Children: 6 month old twin girls and 3 year old boy
Salary Offering: $625-$700/week, plus room and board
Note: Must balance fun and structure
Children's Activities: Playing, reading, library, park, swimming, and movies
Position Description: Tend to the twins for the majority of the day, while making sure 3 year old is fed, changed and entertained. Make sure the light housekeeping is done in a timely manner each day. Stick to the schedule.


"We are seeking an individual who is trusting, caring, loving, responsible, reliable, a problem solver, independent, follows instruction, is timely, motivated, and energized. We understand that these are all traits found in someone who currently holds a clerical job in Chester County, and indeed would prefer someone with that structured professional background."

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Structure and organization are key factors in both a Chester County clerical job and a nanny position. Local families like those below sincerely cherish the proficiency you can offer to their households:

“I highly recommend Vera for a Nanny position! I have known Vera for about two years and she has proven to be a responsible, reliable, and attentive individual when caring for my daughter. When Vera began working as a childcare provider for my family, she was excited to transition from her Chester County clerical job. During our interview, she presented me with a detailed outline that illustrated the activities she would be performing with my child and a schedule as to when those activities would take place. I was impressed with how the activities that she implemented enhanced my daughter's motor, sensory, and auditory skills. A few of the activities that Vera employed were tying shoes, zipping and unzipping, opening and closing objects, picking up and holding onto small objects, sound recognition etc. Also, since my daughter has been in Vera’s care, my daughter has been able to complete short sentences, follow commands, sing nursery rhymes, count up to the number twenty, recite the alphabet, as well as recognize shapes and colors. In addition to Vera completing educational activities with my daughter, she also includes physical activity as well, that include free play and games such as "Duck Duck Goose, Ball Toss, and Follow the Leader.” Vera has contributed to my daughter being a well-rounded child and I firmly believe that she will be an asset to your family.”

“Kerri went far and above her job requirements. She cared for our children from the time my oldest, Nicholas, was 4 months old, through the birth of our second child, until last year. Needless to say, over ten years, we had many, many opportunities to see Kerri in action. I really cannot say enough good things about her. She is an amazing person and a wonderful caregiver! My children (and my husband and I) love her dearly. She is a very smart, creative, kind, and honorable person with a real gift for caring and raising children. Her talents include: (1) Kerri has a deep understanding of caring for young children. She has a great deal of experience, and a special sensitivity to the needs -- both physical and emotional -- of very young children. (2) She is incredibly safety conscious. (This was a particular paranoia of mine.) She focused 100% of her attention on the children when she was working and has impeccable judgment on all matters related to safety. (3) Kerri is so much more patient than any other nanny we have had or I have ever seen, frankly. My children benefited enormously from her kind, gentle care and guidance. (4) Kerri is really creative, and particularly good at both teaching children and just playing with them. She is artistic and funny. The children loved the games she came up with, and the silly and fun things they would do together. (5) Kerri always followed our instructions. Kerri and I were partners raising Nicholas and Grace, but that does not mean that I ever felt that she did not follow my wishes. She always carefully, specifically followed our guidelines. We had very open communication and discussed the children all the time and she would suggest all kinds of great ideas. Many times she would come early, or even call me at night from her home, so that we could discuss the children (their diet, their behavior, or anything else that might be going on with them). Although her prior position was a Chester County clerical job, I had no idea she could be so organized with our household! (6) Each of my children is very different, and Kerri easily understood their unique needs. She is very sensitive, and loving. She would make each child special foods they liked (they still complain that I cannot make chicken the way she does), make sure they had special toys they wanted, or played with that special friend. She loves my children and they love her. (7) Kerri is amazingly dependable and reliable. She was always punctual. She saved us numerous times when our plans changed and we needed extra help. She is very smart, and can manage things like the children’s busy schedule as they got older. She was wonderful with helping them with their homework, and coordinating whatever complicated daily schedule that our lives imposed on her. Kerri is from a lovely, honorable family. I have had the pleasure of meeting her family over the years. She is a great, moral person and a wonderful, talented caregiver! Please be assured that I give Kerri my very highest recommendation!”

“Polly served as nanny in addition to her clerical job in Chester County for approximately one year. We have two children still at home, one of whom was in middle school while Polly worked for us, and one of who was in high school. Polly shopped, cooked meals, did laundry and light housework, chauffeured the children around, and generally made sure the household kept running. She was terrific, always pleasant, always reliable, and always doing more than was asked of her! She did not hesitate to take the initiative and look for areas where she could contribute. The children loved her, and so did my wife and I! I highly recommend Polly to any family fortunate enough to have the opportunity to employ her!”

“Lee was with our family for four years. During that time, she became much more than a nanny to us! She really was our house manager, and the skills she brought from her Chester County clerical job. Not only did she care for my son, but also she was invaluable in all respects and played a vital role in keeping the household going on a daily basis. Lee is one of the kindest, honest and most trustworthy persons we have ever dealt with! She was always punctual and responsible. She respected our home, our schedules, and us. She was always willing to go beyond what was expected of her and always did so with a smile! I received many positive comments about Lee over the years from neighbors, other family members, and anyone else that ever came to the house while we were at work. I left every morning with peace of mind because I knew I was leaving my son and my home in good hands. I cannot recommend Lee more highly! The family that receives her will be very lucky! I consider myself very fortunate to have had Lee with us for the time we did! Due to a shift in my work situation, I am reluctantly giving her up. She will be missed greatly by myself, my husband and my son, not to mention the family pet as well!”

“We hired Alina from a Chester County clerical job to take care of my baby, but she also had no problem helping out with the school-aged children. She was also very accommodating with taking the baby to her house while work was being done at ours so that the baby would not be in the mess. She also took care of the children when they were ill. She would help prepare the other children for school, feed and dress baby, take him out for walks every day at the park, and arranged play dates for him. Alina also took him to doctor’s visits. She prepared breakfast and lunch for the children. They were always happy to be with Alina! She stopped working for us due to the fact that he is now in school 4 days per week otherwise she would still be with us!”

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