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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Experience and knowledge gained at a Chester County Daycare Job will be most appreciated in a Chester County Nanny Position!

Chester County Nanny Job:

Full Time: Monday – Thursday (7am – 6pm)
Children: 1 year old boy
Salary Offering: $600 per week
Note: Previous experience with toddlers a must!
Children's Activities: Playing with toys, music class, gym class and art class
Position Description: Nanny would arrive early in the am and be responsible for feeding Edwin breakfast and lunch as well as basic childcare during the day. We would expect the nanny to drive our son to any of his activities as well as attend any scheduled classes with him (music, gym, art classes).


"We would like our new nanny to be caring, laid back, responsible, honest, trustworthy, loving and be willing to get on their hands and knees and play with our son. We are really looking for someone who also has previous Chester County daycare job experience and therefore will be great at managing their time. We want her/him to love our son like he is their own, but also respect that we are the parents and we would like him raised with our rules and schedule. We want the nanny to feel like a part of our family."

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Your previous Chester County daycare job experience is extremely beneficial when working as a nanny! Please feel free to read these reviews from families that recommend nannies with backgrounds just like yours!

“Virginia is a wonderful person, and it is very comforting to have her care for my daughter! Brianna asks to see Virginia every day when we get home. I believe that her previous Chester County daycare job really helped teach Virginia the best way to care for children. Virginia is very attentive with children and is excellent at meeting all of Brianna’s needs. She is very good at understanding the different wants and needs of all the children I have seen Virginia care for. I really appreciate that Virginia is sure to have the children use their manners like please, thank you, bye, and hi! I have also noticed that she likes to teach them new things. Virginia is kind and loving to our family and is very respectful to myself as the parent. If she is unsure of something, she will ask permission to make sure that it is okay before going ahead with it. Virginia is clean, kind, loving and very reliable! I think that she is highly qualified for a nanny position!”

“I have known Kathleen for several years. She has been a big help to my children and I. Kathleen has helped me a number of times when I needed someone to help care for my children. I always knew that I can count on her! She was very trustworthy around my children. She always gave them her undivided attention and made sure that everyone was safe and happy. My children love and respect Kathleen a great deal! Kathleen was so flexible and you can tell she really enjoys caring for my children. When she wasn’t working at her Chester County daycare job, she would make sure she was available if I needed her! Kathleen is nothing short of a miracle! She will make a wonderful Nanny for any family that is looking for a highly competent, compassionate childcare provider.”

“Carolyn is as a lovely young woman with an endearing love for young children! Carolyn served for a few years in our Chester County daycare job and I have seen her interact with toddlers and preschoolers many, many times. Carolyn exudes a confidence that encourages their obedience and commands their attention. Children love it when she comes into a room because of her warm personality and ability to understand their needs. Carolyn has great classroom management skills and has a great deal of experience in caring for children with special needs. One of Carolyn’s qualities that I find most endearing is that she can spot a need and then take steps to meet the need. She has done exactly that with a local family that is raising 4 young children, all under the age of 6. I have specifically watched her care for the 2 youngest; twin girls who suffered retinal cancer from birth. Carolyn has helped this family through all the medical procedures they have had to endure and seems comfortable providing even the most personal care. Carolyn can be counted upon to care for children individually and in groups. She has excellent classroom experience and experience as a Nanny! She will be perfect for any family that is in need of in home childcare. Do not hesitate to consider Carolyn. You will not be disappointed!”

“Pamela fulfilled all of the job responsibilities. She has a wonderful, natural ability with the children in her care and seems to connect with them on many levels. Children seem to be drawn to her! She is quick to be flexible when needed to perform different tasks within her job description. Pamela never complained about being assigned to a specific task, no matter how unappealing that task may have been. She was always willing to help out wherever necessary. Pamela would be an asset to any family looking for home care. She is highly classified to work with children of all ages. I have been Pamela’s direct supervisor at her Chester County daycare job and I am closely involved with her employment and overall experience. I highly recommend Pamela!”

“Martha has always reached out and engaged my children as well as other children at her Chester County daycare job. My children really like her and I have had her care for them in my home on many occasions. She is always dependable and is very attentive to the needs of the children! Martha spends time playing and interacting with them, often incorporating educational aspects into the activities. She would also some up with creative art projects for the children to do on rainy days. She also always cleaned up in my house, which I certainly appreciated! I never asked her to do so, but yet she always found time to clean the dirty dishes, do the laundry, and vacuum the carpets! She is amazing! Martha was always on time and would stay until I was able to catch my breath and get settled after walking in the door. I have observed her interact with other children as well and could immediately see that she has a really great connection to children and she makes them feel individually special and cared for.”

“My children were always happy to hear the Janet was coming over to care for them! She played fun games with them, would sing to them and read books with them. She would even have them each take turns reading so they children could improve in that area. My children always enjoyed the time they spent with her. They would go on and on about all the fun activities that Janet has done with them. Without a doubt, they would have art projects to show me, and new songs to sing. When I came home from the evening out, my house was always clean and the dishes put into dishwasher! It always amazed me to see that Janet had somehow found the time to accomplish all of this. Her success at her previous Chester County daycare job was extremely evident! Her time management skills are top notch! She would always make sure that the children were bathed and ready for bed. I highly recommend her to you as a nanny!”

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