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  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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Would you love to find a position where you can incorporate your passion for teaching with caring for children on a more personal level? How about incorporating a nanny position with your Chester County education job!

Chester County Nanny Job:

Part Time: Monday – Friday (7am – 9am, 3pm – 7pm)
Children: Catherine – 10 years old
Salary Offering: $15-$17/hour, Based on Experience
Note: A teacher/tutor is desired, as education is imperative to mom and dad
Children's Activities: Catherine like to play the piano and tennis.
Position Description: The nanny will stay with my daughter in the morning, feed her breakfast, and take her to school and then pick her up after school and help her with her homework.


"“Our nanny will hopefully be loving, kind, and have a genuine love of children. She will preferable have a teaching background and have worked at a Chester County education job. Our daughter is dyslexic and will often need help with homework assignments and projects. We are excited to welcome the nanny into our home with open arms!”

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As you are well aware, academics are a crucial aspect of the growing up years. Many families with school aged children seek nannies with backgrounds at an education job in Chester County just like you who want to reach and teach more children. The following is some commentary from families who appreciate nannies just like you:

““I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda in the preschool program under my supervision. Every day Amanda came in with a smile on her face and was ready to work! Her love of children was shown in every aspect of this Chester County education job. Amanda always goes above and beyond her duties as a Teacher's Aide! She is more than reliable and has an astounding work ethic! I could always on count on Amanda to be professional and proficient with each age group. I have seen Amanda work with several age groups and each reaction was the same. Children love her, and are drawn to her! She has a wonderful way of relating to children and anticipating their needs and wants. When a difficult situation arises, Amanda always handles it professionally and with a calm demeanor. For example, there is a child with behavior problems in our program. Amanda has bonded with this child and is working very hard with him to make him successful in our program. She is the only one who has made a connection with this young child and strives to help him. When a child is upset, Amanda always has the kind words and warm compassion to make them feel better. You can tell in an instant that Amanda truly enjoys working with children and always has their best interests at heart!”

“It has been a delight to serve as a cooperating teacher for Josie throughout her second half of her student teaching assignment! While carrying out her student teaching requirements in my kindergarten classroom, Josie demonstrated an exceptional ability to create a student - centered classroom environment where active learning takes place. She took the time to familiarize herself with our school routines and curriculum and planned appropriate grade-level lessons that were implemented with enthusiasm and extreme confidence. She participated in extracurricular activities by attending teacher in-service sessions, faculty meetings, field trip, and sitting in on parent conference's after school hours. It is unmistakable that Josie possess a wealth of knowledge regarding the development and needs of children! While teaching, she exuded confidence, patience, fun and love toward every student in my class! All students were treated equally, fairly and with the utmost respect. She was open to any suggestion I gave her, and implemented those suggestions to improve her teaching quality and style. She fulfilled all her responsibilities with outstanding professionalism! Josie displayed many skills that are analytic of an outstanding teacher, including patience, flexibility, initiative and organization. I was very impressed at how she took over the classroom, she would come in and set up for the day and keep lessons organized and running smoothly throughout the day. She had exemplary discipline skills and developed a great rapport with my students. She also displayed excellent interpersonal skills with staff members. Personally, Josie is a well - disciplined individual with a pleasing personality and a great sense of humor! She comes across as mature beyond her years, and is extremely conscientious and motivated. She gained the admiration and respect from faculty, administration and students. I completely believe that Josie has the skills and knowledge to be an effective and excellent educator at any Chester County education job! She definitely has what it takes to succeed in any childcare profession! Josie has touched my class with her professionalism, care and understanding of each and every student. Throughout her assignment, there were occasions where she was exposed to working with a substitute teacher; one in particular whom is a retired staff member could not stop applauding her teaching skills and professionalism! Any child who is lucky enough to have Josie as a provider will definitely benefit from the experience! I know my students have. I would definitely feel at ease to place my own children in Josie’s care. I promise you she will be an asset to you! I would highly recommend Josie for any childcare position!”

“I am writing on behalf of Grace who is my son’s toddler teacher for the past few years. Grace is an intelligent and motivated individual. Her dedication and care to my son was beyond expectations. Grace allowed my son to grow and become more independent. Some examples are making his bed, setting/clearing the table, verbalizing his thought instead of acting out and potty training. Her daily lessons were creative and educational so that each day my son would come home and let me know what he learned. My family feels extremely fortunate to have had Grace as my son’s Toddler teacher at this Chester County education job! My son was excited to go to the school each day and we felt so comfortable having our son in the care of Grace.

“I am pleased to recommend Lisa for employment under your services. Lisa is a dedicated, model educator who has made a difference in the lives of the children in her care. She demonstrates a true commitment to providing quality care for young children promoting their development. Lisa supports families as valued partners in the education process and is mindful of each family’s diverse needs and interests. Throughout her time with us, Lisa has served as a primary teacher in the toddler classroom at our Chester County education job. She plans an emergent curriculum and classroom environment based on the children’s interests and developmental levels. She interacts with the children on their level with affection and understanding. She scaffolds their learning by setting challenges just right for each individual while assisting them as needed. Lisa models appropriate language as she helps her children learn to communicate with each other effectively. She genuinely cares about the children in her care and strives to provide care that is educational, as well as fun! Lisa has also built strong relationships with the faculty at our center. She is an active member of our center’s Better Together Committee. She helps plan and implement fun events for the staff and families to maintain positive morale and builds a sense of community. In addition to this, she is the point person for the classroom NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) binder. She maintains and organized samples of children’s work, and teacher-parent communication to adhere to the NAEYC guidelines set forth at the center. Her efforts continue to build her leadership skills. In conclusion, Lisa is an exceptional candidate for a childcare position. Lisa has a particular love for children. She has a commitment to providing the highest quality of care for young children and has helped ensure a great foundation for leaning. Lisa has positively impacted the families of the children that she serves, as well as her co-workers!”

“I have known Andrea for the past year. She has been my daughter's lead teacher in the two-year-old classroom at her Chester County education job. Andrea is organized, patient, conscientious, dependable and honest! She runs a structured yet fun classroom and has taken the time to build excellent rapport with the children, faculty and parents by utilizing excellent communication skills both verbal and written. I have had my daughter in the daycare center where Andrea worked since she was born. Both my husband and I took time to seek out the best classroom. We asked around to other parents as well as other teachers and they all couldn't speak highly enough for Andrea's work ethic and teaching style! We approached Andrea's manager and personally requested that our daughter be placed in her room! The management instantly agreed that we had made a great decision and that we would be very happy and she would exceed our expectations! And frankly, they were absolutely correct and we have been thrilled with our daughter's progress. She transformed our daughter into a child who is eager to learn, knows what is expected of her and understands that there are consequences for her actions. Our daughter instantly built relationships with the other children, and she now has amazing social skills. We often get compliments on how well behaved and polite she is! I believe that is due to the structured environment that she has found in the classroom in addition to the warmth that Andrea has demonstrated. All in all, Andrea has a unique ability to make learning fun, runs a structured classroom and encourages the children to learn and focus on all sorts of different age appropriate skills. She takes the time to communicate and foster relationships with the parents and new children to make them all feel comfortable. I highly recommend Andrea to you, as she will be a valuable asset for your family!”

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