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Each ABC Philadelphia Nanny Has

  • CPR Certification for Infants & Children
  • Passed 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passed Criminal Background Clearances
  • Passed Social Security Verification
  • Electronic Fingerprints on File
  • Motor Vehicle Report on File
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Prior Verifiable Childcare Experience
  • A Love for Children!
Nanny, Philadelphia
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You already have the patience and compassion to care for those at your Delaware County elderly care job. Working with children requires those same qualities, and is highly rewarding - apply for a nanny position today!

Delaware County Nanny Job:

Full Time: LIVE IN: Monday through Friday (7am-7:30pm)
Children: 9 years old and 10 years old
Salary Offering: $700-$800 per week, Based on Experience
Note: Mature, outgoing, and upbeat nanny needed
Children's Activities: lots of sports and after-school activities
Position Description: Getting the children to and from school, helping with homework and after-school activities, grocery shopping and healthy cooking (at least for kids and preferably for all of us), managing children's schedules (maintaining calendars, making appointments, making sure they are at the right place at the right time, etc) and generally managing the details of their lives (filling out forms, making sure the lunch money has been paid and the books have been bought, buying new shoes etc.)


"We need a mature, outgoing, upbeat and cheerful nanny with both patience and energy to happily and calmly see our children through the (at times complicated) logistics of their day. Its critical that she (or he) know how to handle, talk to and engage pre-teens with that perfect mix of authority and respect. Someone with experience at an elderly care job in Delaware County would be great, as their level of tolerance is highly admirable."

Apply Today!


A Delaware County elderly care job can certainly guide you on the path to a local, satisfying nanny position. Your qualifications are respected by many families, such as those speaking below about nannies like you:

“Ana Maria has always displayed a high degree of integrity and responsibility. I first met her when she was working at her elderly care job in Delaware County. She is loved by my children and has demonstrated several occasions that she is willing to do more than is required. She has a caring and nurturing nature that is apparent in my children’s response to her. My children are excited to see Ana Maria and are disappointed when she has to leave. Ana Maria is dependable and punctual. For all these reasons, I can highly recommend Ana Maria for the position of Nanny. I know that she will perform well and be an asset to your family!”

“Holly has proven to be a kind and compassionate individual, which did not surprise me as I hired her from a Delaware County elderly care job. Just as she was well received by the clients in her care, she is wonderful with my children, both of whom love her and spending time with her. She enjoys playing with them as much as helping them with their daily responsibilities and has taught them both many things. She is able to handle any situation with the children and I have never seen her become overwhelmed! She is able to multi-task, is very organized and extremely reliable and so trustworthy! She has never missed a scheduled day of work and always arrives happy and excited for the day! Holly has become part of our family. I know that she will always succeed in whatever she does. Once she decides to do something, she will work very hard until she is able to accomplish it. She is a wonderful person and it has been my pleasure to get to know her!”

“Although I hired her to care for my children, what prompted me to hire Zoe was the way I saw her interact with my father at her Delaware County elderly care job. When approached about potentially caring for my children, she was happy to oblige, and I was grateful that she idd! Zoe fulfilled/provided all job requirements that included daily care, appropriate child development, transportation, light housekeeping, entertainment/playtime in a manner that was consistent with my expectations. She took care of my twin boys from the time they were about 2 months old until age 10. Her roles obviously changed as the boys grew up. As newborns, she provided daily care, feeding and nurturing. As they started school and out of home activities I relied on her to drop off and pick up. There were times when she chaperoned activities with the boys as well. She was very responsible - always punctual, reliable and flexible. She was patient, kind and genuinely enjoyed interacting in playtime or reading with the boys. Zoe took part in helping them to learn the alphabet, numbers, reading, and writing. Overall, as a working mom I trusted that my boys were in good hands every day! I still rely on Zoe to stay with our boys for extended time including overnight when my husband and I are out of town.”

“Angela has been both an observer and volunteer at my Montessori school. I first met Angela when she was on a day trip to visit grandchildren with some clients from her elderly care job in Delaware County. I liked her immediately! She was dressed in a professional manner and asked several intelligent questions of both myself and other instructors. Angela seemed to be very interested in what she was observing and engaged the children with her smile and conversation with them about what they were creating, reading, etc. A few days after Angela came to observe our classroom she called to ask if she would be able to volunteer a few hours per week as part of her requirement. I agreed and was very pleased with her ability to communicate with the children and other teachers in the classroom! She was always on time and came prepared with materials such as arts and crafts and storybooks. It has been a pleasure getting to know Angela and I know she would be an asset to any family looking for a full-time caregiver!”

“Lindsay was my co-worker at a Delaware County elderly care job. She is a devoted caregiver who follows directions and creates a well-balanced environment for all of the people she works with! Her passion was always to care for children, so it was natural when she became a nanny. She does an excellent job in motivating children, especially at this critical stage in their development. Her enthusiasm and passion brought excitement to every workday! She is naturally quite popular amongst the children! With her experience and dedication she can expertly handle children in the worst-case scenarios. One of her many admirable qualities is how she resolves issues amongst children. Instead of right away punishing a child she actually takes the time to make the child understand the impact his/her action had on the other child. This, I believe is extremely important. When a child reflects on the action it leads to active thinking of the problem and how else the issue could have been solved. “It is only human to make errors, but to learn from them is divine.” Lindsay makes sure a child learns from the action. Along with mentoring children with schoolwork, she also takes active interest in making each day successful. She often brought to work ideas for many educational activities that creatively expand the knowledge level of the children along with the excitement of doing the activity. She is a major sports fan and can impressively play quite a few sports that keep the children amused. She always participates in activities with the children. This strengthens the bond between the children and her. The children look up to her as someone who can guide them and are quite comfortable around her. She was always looked up to as a role model for children! She can also communicate very well with parents and guardians and does a wonderful job keeping them updated of the activities/events taking place. I would also like to stress upon Lindsay from the view of a co-worker. She has an amazing personality and character! It was a pleasure to work with her! She is very easy going and maintains a wonderful environment with other co-workers. She is honest, trustworthy, and reliable. Her work ethic and passion are commendable. On the whole, Lindsay is an amazing young woman who can have a major positive impact on the children she works with. I whole-heartedly recommend her for a nanny position! I am sure she will do an incredible job working with the children and helping them become better citizens of tomorrows world!”

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